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At 1st Choice Project Management Training we simply have one goal in mind, and that is for you to pass your PMP® exam the first time! We don't just teach you endless hours of course materials but instead we really focus on what is important for passing the exam including how to overcome the tips ad tricks that PMI® try to throw at you in the exam. Many students are unaware that just knowing the course material is not enough to pass the exam. You also need exam technique to be able to pick out key words and phrases and be able to answer correctly the many ambiguous questions that make up the PMP® exam.

Our unique fast-paced teaching style will lead you through all of these techniques and you will rapidly pick up the skills necessary to pass the exam the first time. We focus ONLY on what you need to know for the PMP exam, breaking down practice questions to show you all the challenging situations the PMP exam can throw at you.

In addition to these videos we provide in-class PMP training to students worldwide and in particular specialize in on-site classes. We can come to your office and train your staff right there. Please visit our website or contact us for more details.

The owner of 1st Choice Project Management Training, Asad Haque is the instructor on all these videos and has been a PMP instructor since 2010. He has helped hundreds of students to successfully pass their PMP exam over the years. He works as an independent instructor for some of the larger and well known PMP training companies, as well as running 1st Choice Project Management Training.

In the past, Asad has managed projects for several large companies including IBM, Hewitt Associates and HSBC, amongst others.

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