Tinashe Munyaka

Professional Developer, Designer & Instructor

I started my own business over 11 years ago. My name is Tinashe Munyaka and I am a serial entrepreneur.

I love development and started off a few years back as a web developer, within this time I fell in love with design and focused my attention more on digital designs. Being a young entrepreneur, and in the beginning of my career, I was then afforded the opportunity to lecture for 2 years at a local university, lecturing 1st and 2nd year students. I then relinquished this role to focus more on growing my business as the lecturing was taking its toll on me.

A few years passed and I opened up my 3rd company that focuses on mobile applications development, specifically, iOS and Android development. During this stage we managed to developed numerous mobile applications as well as code snippets that we've also sold to other upcoming developers.

Of recent, over the past year, I started mentoring other developers as well as starting up an academy that teaches people mobile application development as well as design.

I'm always constantly striving to learn new concepts, technologies and ideas, and therefore, I'd like to always refer to myself as: A lover of anything creative!

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