Matthew Powell

The scientist of martial art and personal growth

For two decades, Matt Powell's influence has been felt in every facet of the martial art world and fitness world. Training every walk of life, from celebrities to the special forces, soccer mom's to martial art masters, Matt has changed the way tens of thousands of people look at their own capabilities. 

Creating hundreds of instructional videos, authoring multiple books, and building a world-wide organization, Matt has been featured in numerous publications, such as UK Guardian , Chicago Tribune, Blackbelt, Martial Arts Illustrated, The Active Times, Combat Action Network, Recoil, Onnit Magazine, and many others. 

In recent years Matt has turned his down-to-earth, systematic approach on changing the mind and body toward personal growth. Combining his corporate experience, entrepreneurial success, and teaching experiences into new methods of changing the mind, body, and spirit.

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