How to set up your Udemy account

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How to set up your Udemy account

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We will now have a look at how to set up your Udemy profile. We will cover how you can sign up to become a premium instructor as well. 

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In this video I would like to show you how to succeed on Eudemus dot com. So first of all what you want to do is you want to create an account on you to me that I already created one so what you have to do is click here and sign up. I now have to click on lock in. So basically I'm going to lock into my account right now and then afterwards I'm going to show you how to become an instructor on you to me. So this will now take of course a second and we'll now be locked into our account. All right. So this is an account actually for marketing here which I'm currently launching also a huge account about marketing and what I want you to do. Well first of all let's change this to English right here so that you can understand this well what we want to do first of all is we want to go up here and we want to go onto our profile. So when you create a YouTube account of course it makes sense to add a photo or you can add the photo right here. Then of course you want to write something about you. It's always nice to have a nice headline this headline will be shown your official profile tried and his biography. And of course to link for instance down here your Web site. If you have a Google Plus account Twitter account Facebook and LinkedIn account and or a youtube account. Now what I can do with you is I want to show you how you can become an instructor on your team. So we click up here on instructor and then we go into one of the courses that we want to create. So basically I won I already created a course that is now basically a course of it just started creating So for instance when you want to create a course you just go up here on instructor and scroll down to create a course and now we can do this we can for instance then name this test course test course one and then we can click on Save and go. And we now created this course. Now if you want to become an instructor so-called premium instructor on this platform what you want to do is you want to go to Price and coupons and then you want to scroll down here and says Please complete the Priem instructor application here in order to set a price for your course you can set your price course price. As soon as your link payment method is approved so we want to click on here. And now what you want to do is we want to basically write a description we need to write at least 50 words. Sexually it's just type something in there. So in order for you to just see how this works. So this might take a second. It really doesn't matter right now what we are right in there we can change this at any given time. So now do you want to basically type in the billing address the city the zip code and then down here to add the country. So actually let me do that very quickly and then we'll see each other in a second. OK. Now I filled in the first part. I now filled in the information right here the personal information. Now what you want to do is you want to upload a logo or you know a photo. So in this case now I'll actually look for the photo marketing hero. This is the photo for marketing hero. And now I'm going to upload this. And then there we go. We got the profile photo right now. We click on Save and continue. And now what we need to do is we need to agree to the instructor's terms and conditions. Please read that especially one part is important and that is scroll down. This is actually the text part. So this right here. So this is not Texas. And then up here it says like the if you are in the European Union you definitely want to read this. If you sell to other courses to other countries and the European Union then definitely you have to read this one here as well a very very important. So we want to agree to those. And then when I click on Save and continue and now those are now the marketing boost program so basically what this is it is that to me is allowed to do marketing for you. It's allowed to do marketing for your courses and it basically says OK we are also allowed to discount your core as we are allowed to you know sell them for like 10 bucks. Nineteen bucks 29 bucks or something like that. It definitely makes sense for you to be part of that. So to be honest when I created Count I have that all the time. I really want people to really want you to me to to market my courses all over the platform. And that gives them the opportunity to do so. So my advice to you is leave all of these checkmarks in here and then down here click on Save and continue. So now what you want to do is we want to lock into our PayPal or we want to connect with Pioneer. Now I give you a recommendation to use paypal if you want to use pioneer that's fine as well. So what I would do right now is lock into my paypal and then we will see each other again in just a second. Okay. Now I locked myself into pay Paul and I will return to you to me. Now we have our account finished. So this will now say you missed new pricing and promotions are in effect. That is fine. We can click and got it and then we're done with the application process. So really it's not very difficult. The only thing you have to do is just simply go to like literally any course that you want to create and click on price and then go through this process then this at the end we'll be there and you will be officially an instructor here on this platform. So when you go back now and you go into one of your courses which you can see is that you can now change the pricing. So let's go to Price and coupons and now it won't say this anymore. This has gone and now we can select the price for our course. All right. This is it. On how to create a dummy account and what we now want to do is I want to show you how to create a course on you to me. So what we want to do is click up here on instructor and then we want to scroll down to create a course and then we can for instance say we want to create a course about business so we call it business development course our business development master class the complete course the complete course then we click on Save and go and this course will appear in our so called instructor dashboard. So if you want to go to the instructor dashboard just simply go up your instructor and then go down to instructor dashboard. So this is now the first course that we want to create or it could be this one could be this one doesn't really matter. We click on this one for instance and then we can create a so-called course goals. These are the three questions that we have to answer. I give you as a recommendation to ride as much as possible down here because this will be shown at the top of your course landing page. So when you have your course finished and published then this will be the question and the answers that students will see as the first thing this question up here the students won't even see the answer. This is just for you to me. And then over here this question or the answers to this question will be shown also of course landing page but most people never even look at these answers. So now I hear a curriculum this is probably the most important part. This is how you can create lectures inside the course. So basically this great part right here is a chapter and this why part is a lecture. So a lecture can be many things. It could be for instance a video it could be a video and slide mashup or it could just be an article. So when you basically upload a video just simply click on video or select video and you can upload the video at any given time. So for instance when I want to upload a video into this course. So for instance I marked them with B-H. Sorry H.B. actually. Then they just simply click on one of these videos and then they will upload right away. So this will of course take some time but then the video will be uploaded and they will be visible. So anyway let's stop that here for a second and let's create more lectures. So for instance when we say OK this is the first chapter Let's call this chapter. Welcome to the Course. Welcome to the course then what you want to do is you want to write a description up here. So basically you want to say OK what is the learning objective. After watching this chapter students will know how to. And then da da da da da basically the things that you want to say in this chapter. Then you can have something like an introduction chapter over here for instance how to introduce yourself to the Course community. This is something that I like to do. Then we have something that I always also like to do is a video about the curriculum. So basically what you're going to learn in this course and then when you say well but I want the curriculum to be shown first then I can drag and drop this just put it up here and then I can edit content to this video. Now if you want to create another chapter just simply click up here on section at section and for instance we could say first chapter and then dot dot dot dot dot basically and we do the same thing here again we write the description what you're going to learn in this chapter. So let's actually name a dot dot dot right now we click on at section and now we have another section. And when we for instance want to add another lecture's we can do that just simply by clicking on ADD lecture. So this would be for instance lecture 1 lecture 2 and so on and so on. And when we now say well I want to have lecture one up here that would just drag and drop. And then will be in this chapter. When you say well I want to have this one perhaps down here you just drag and drop it. So it's super simple and if you say well but I want this chapter to start actually up here already. Then you just simply drag the gray part. So it's actually extremely simple to do. So over here then we get the course landing page and this one is also quite important. We want to ride the course title of course. There is something called the Course subtitle that can be seen that on the landing page written in small letters under the Course title then we have a course description and then now down here we have the basic information. For instance what kind of category would you put in so development business I.T. and software office productivity person personally and all of these different categories. So for instance let's pick one that say its business course then we can decide for more. So for instance the niche entrepreneurship and over here we can select the levels I can give you a recommendation to always choose all levels because you know you to me likes to promote courses that are basically for everyone and then up here which is primarily what is primarily taught in discourse. For instance say well it is business fundamentals. So I leave it like that if I have more than that so let's say we have actually more let's say business development than I can click up here and you know choose one. And then down here I believe this course has multiple equally representative topics that actually makes sense to take this box because then the course will be shown in both let's say it searches. So basically when people search for business fundamentals and business development and both let's say that will be my course they will show it in both. So then of course image you can upload a course image that will be kind of like the thumbnail for your course and then down here is the promotional video. So let's actually click on safe and let's save this course learning page if you want to have a look at how the landing page looks right now we can click appear on preview and then we will see how much content for instance we have in our course of course. Right now we don't have any content but it will say how long the course is right now. We can see OK this is the photo this is the promo photo the course photo behind that photo when people click on it. That would be then the video. So for instance when you look for any cores on you to be let's say you go actually with a business deal of course then what you will see for instance when you click on one of my courses that there is of course this thumbnails so this on right here. But when you go on the course landing page you will see that when you click on this one they will not be just a photo. They will actually be a promo video. So let's go back actually and let's have a look at the other which is that we had at the on the left soan actually over here we can see all right we have price and coupons we have captions and we have them we have automatic messages. Now Price and coupons is what we already did. So basically over here you can change the currency. It doesn't really matter which kind of currency it is because you Timmy is automatically changing it based on where the person is located that could potentially be your customer and then select you can select the price over here. Then down here we have of course the captions. Now you don't have to add any captions to courses to me. We'll actually do that automatically in many cases for you and then down here automatic messages. And this is then you know a welcome message when someone buys you of course then you can type in the message type of message in here and everyone who enrolls in this course will then see this message. Then the regulations mentioned message will be sent to your student as soon as the student completes the entire course and then you can say for instance you know like down here Congress or something like that and then you can write something anyway and if you're finished with the entire course and have green check marks here on the left everywhere basically except you don't need any check marks at captions. Then you can click up here or down here on submit for review and that it will probably take like two days for you to me in order to review your course and to give you some feedback. Most of the time they're quite nice sometimes if the audio is better or something like that they tell you OK you need to redo a video of the lighting spec and you do redo a video most of the time Eudemus quite nice. So my advice to you is you know get the courses out as quickly as possible. You can change anything at any given time. So for instance if you're not happy with one of these lectures you just simply go back to the curriculum and you say friends as well. I wasn't happy with this video up here. I'm just going to delete it. You can go on this one and just simply you know say delete basically. So up here to this little trash can and then yes you sure you want to delete it. Yes I am and then there you go. This video is gone. So anyway this is how you can create a course on you to come. It is again in my mind the amazing platform. So definitely you should spend some time with you to me great courses on your TV. It will definitely pay off. All right. Thank you so much for watching and we'll see each other in the next video.