Safe Wallet-Secure Multi Coin Decentralized Wallet

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Safe Wallet-Secure Multi Coin Decentralized Wallet

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Hi I'm Tawfiq a software developer today. I'll gonna show you a multi currency wallet which is crypto currency wallet. Same like trust wallet. You can see this is the famous and popular wallet which is belongs to bind and wallet so I made this EXACTLY THE SAME wallet. Let me show you my project. This is my Android project which is same like the trust wallet so let me show on my device. This is my device. This is the main application. You can see let me in is titled My 1 let's run this application. 1 my device. It will open inside my emulator. You can see this is the emulator. It will run inside this emulator. This is the first interface. Let's swap. Left to right. If you click Create new wallet you will cease. This interface. Select this one. Continue and you will see it will wows main monarch phrase. This is unique to save this one click Continue. Copy to clipboard. Click Continue. And let's do it. This one let me open this wallet which is safe wallet. You can see this one. This is the first interface. Our wallet is not backed up. Click OK so they want us to back up from this interface. Anyway I do not want a backup right now. Go back this is a fast interface. You can see an dabs Dex settings collectibles and the wallet connect anyway. You can play around this and you can add coin from this interface or delete client from this interface. Go back and you can see I added and deleted that ethereal. Let me close this one and let me show you in my real device. Now let me run on my Samsung device. Click run and it will go on and install here left See get it finished. I believe it's installing and here you will see the app. Let's wait here you can see app is installed. So here you can see from my mobile let me click this I already have the wallet and I'm going to select multi coin wallet. And you cannot see this screen. I am pasting my twill words paste and click import and import completed click done. And here you can see the list of my coin. So this is my safe. Wallet go to settings. And click wallets. Let's add another wallet. Click plus I already have a wallet. Now click multi coin wallet and I'm going to paste and other twill works and click import done. So this is my second wallet. Go to Settings you can see two wallets wallet one wallet to click this one. You can see the record of friends and the public keys here. Go back. Back back and you can click the password. Let me close this app and let me click this one zip wallet. Now it's asking you for the password let's go to settings. Let's take this one OK done so let's exchange a few clients to my second wallet. So go to Settings wallets select a wallet to go to terrorism and copy the address of my second wallet. Go back and click settings go to wallets and go to wallet Number one let's click ethereal let's click send and paste the address here and let's send this amount to the again wallet address click next and you can also change the guest fee click this gear icon and let me reduce the gas price I want to set it for click save and let's click send OK here you can see this is pending right now and click the spending and click more details you can see it do take time to mind this one just wait two minutes go back back let's go to Settings go to second wallet and copy that another wallet address dash let's click dash copy the address go to Settings go to wallets go to wallet one and click dash now let's click send and paste the address here and let's move this amount to the second wallet click next click send so here you can see the pending click this one click more details you can see in the real block chain what is the status of this payment you can see this is still unconfirmed it all going to take time let's go back so to transaction is pending right now let's transfer another coin anyway I tested everything. Let's taste Bitcoin copy the bitcoin address from the fast wallet Bitcoin copy this one copy go to settings and click wallet to and find out the bitcoin the first one and send click paste and 0 0 0 1. Let's send this amount to the foster wallet. Click Next and click send so it will gonna send this amount of BTC to the fast wallet. You can see it. This is our second wallet and quantities click this one. More details you can see. This is unconfirmed. You need to wait maximum 30 minutes and let's just for another coin which is is Taylor go to his dealer copy. This one go to Settings go to wallet number one and go to his Teller click send and receive it addresses the second wallet. How much amount. Let's send a one click next and click send so this is Taylor and now the number is three. So three transaction pending. OK. Is Taylor already sent. You can see sent click more details. You can see from the block chain it is OK. It's already sent. Go back and go to Settings go to second wallet go to is Taylor you can see already received one is Taylor in this way you can transfer from one wallet to another wallet any coin. Let's test this collectibles Kili collectibles. You can see this wallet already. I already bought two collectibles select this one. Let's buy another one click open on open see Dot. I'll this link is opening incited dat browser. So let me buy something click this one rankings. Let me click filter and I'm gonna click click this keep crypto kitties I already clicked and let me's select low price I'll gonna select lowest price. This is auction. Let me find out something. Let me buy this one. Click this one and is cooling down. Click by now I need to approve let's change the grass. Gas price. I want to pay for click save and now I am to approve it is currently approving. Let's wait two minutes to get approved and go back back back back click this one to go back and collect tokens go to material. You see this first one is pending which is belongs to our buying to keep the Kitty let's wait this kid took it is I already bought you can see this is a smart contract and transaction. Go back go back go to collectibles. Here it is. Keep the kiddies. You can see I already bought this one and here is it. I see you. I am Lulu this terror technique. OK if if killing this one and open on keep the kiddies. Yes you can use that here you can sail also let's click this one took Ms go down try to find out Di kiddies die. You can see I have one point nine nine nine nine die. Let me by dye using depths. Click this one click Dick's click find trades. I want to buy one dye using my tedium find trips click buy now OK if I click approve I'll buy one dye coin head is the trade click this one this is the transaction I need to wait three minutes Oh it's done you see here is the dice table client I already bought. So this is done go back back back and let's find out di you see all really received point nine nine. Di so this is increased already. Okay. I already showed two cans collectibles dabs. You can add new coin and delete client here if you cannot find a specific goal and then you can add your custom took in in all other block chain like this for Itanium you need to select ethereal if you want other one then you need to select other one go back go back. Let me show you the binaries dicks click this one click while it connect allow Okay let me if can go to bind is Dick's right click this is the binaries decentralized exchange click unlock wallet and click this one. So using this QR code you need to scan I already scanned here you can see and it's asking me to have proof if I approve click through what will happen I see this interface which is immediately changed to this one that means you see this address exactly same. This one this address so you can buy other currency using this wallet so let me buy another coin I already have been B so I want to sell twenty five percent of B and B cell you can see it's asking my confirmation in my mobile device if I click OK then I will level to buy that coin using being Bitcoin. So that time this transaction will be successful anyway I want to cancel this one I'm not interested to buy right now but you can order it or order already canceled. So this is how you can connect to your mobile wallet into this finance Dick's trading exchange. OK. Let me show you another function. Go back click Dick's here. You can swap any coin to other coin a using Kiva network means select this one select deuterium and second coin is in June. So here you can buy one Indian client using this amount of ethereal click Next so if you click send then you will able to buy one in inclined and this amount of Ethereum will be deduct from your wallet.