Toufiq Elahy

Software Developer

 have a strong working experience with following technologies:

1. Visual Studio 2017, C#, Asp-NET-MVC, Linq, SignalR,ASP.NET Identity 2.0, S.O.L.I.D principles
2. MS SQL Server, Entity Framework,AutoMapper, Design patterns, Dependency Injection, Unit Testing(TDD), Selenium,SpecsFor
3. Web Services(asmx),WCF(SOAP), Web API 2(RESTful services), JSON
4. JQuery(consume api), Ajax, JavaScript, Angular 2(consume api),node.js,react.js,mongoDB(noSQL)
5. HTML5, CSS ,Bootstrap
6. Bitbucket , Git,Agile project management and bug tracking tools (JIRA), slack
7. Expert in developing [Single Page Application(SPA)] using jquery ajax or AngularJS
8. Desktop app development: winforms , WPF(windows presentation foundation) with MVVM
9. ASP-net core with Entity Framework core =[The FUTURE]
10. Mobile app development: Xamarin, Cordova(ionic 2+)

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