Bitpay API Integration : Bitcoin Payment Gateway (with Source Code)

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Bitpay API Integration : Bitcoin Payment Gateway (with Source Code)

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Build a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin Using C# , Asp.Net Core , Web Api and Mobile Wallet app using Xamarin

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Let's go to test doc B pay dot com and click sign up is scrolling down. This is sign big business account. Click sign up here need to fill up all the information to create an account. Let's verify then click Create account account create it lapse video fly through e-mail address. Let's go to my e-mail click this one click on from e-mail. Seem already very fine. Let's verify other information business name. Let's find out addresses because my address will not work so I will use américa and dress and going to any link to contact us at this address. I will use capitis this one pasted here and in filling out all other information here software engineer industry for a number name but day if I saw her DVD. Let's create a banking account. He would need to specify a bit an address. Let's generate quite an address so go to generate an address find code pay at tressed generate this one please. This one bit address dot or. This is the real bitcoin address generator. But we want tist net to generate alerts. Delete this portion and type just met equal true and hit enter. This is just a little test net and move over your mouse cursor to generate 100 percent to generate the tested quantities. And this is the address. Copy this one and just name and paste the address here is calling down. Click save. So now click ADD is toting Bitcoin click payment tools PAME and buttons. Giving a prize just for testing is calling down this bit Quine but don't implement. This is the pay address in a voice we implement in our application and DCs is tatic price and we will work with the EPA version. This can be scanned for mobile device laughs. Copied this QUIEN but don't does a piece of code. We will insert in our court. This is our Web site. This is the payment page. Here we specify a bit Quine button go to the list to do your under disease type name and Button. We are inserting bit and button here. It is a major and close slash here and it will be inside the anchor tag. So and then call tag here the front ankle tag and each day if this is that you are able be quite controller and the pedometer course ID will pass. Go to this site refresh this and this is the kind payment. Bottom let's implement the Bitcoin controller. Go to visit the studio is top debugging cool. This one is crawling up copy bit coin controversy right button click add play controller embassy consulate empty ad pasted here clique at here we need to write some code to get the Course by ID so that over the course context courses. And this is the course we will get from that course. And this is the you that I will get and this is the course price this is dynamic so different cars different price order is of course Id and copy this poor number and pasted here because these after payment that you that it will lead to this link. So this will lead to courses and action that will be in roll here. This one copy and paste here. And slash and ID. Paramita need to pass. So here of course. Course ID and notification you are in here. This is the EPA EPA the BP will notify us the system. So this need to be real don't mean the production server and these portable must be if DP s and here are the real payment will be applied after this. These are the real payment will execute. And then you can enroll the course. So I just keep showing the email address and post it I use that Id lets add a forwarder API here. We will implement our EPA controller and this will be the notification and controller we BPA MT EPA controller and and hear notification then click and and here specifying the route and the extra action. This is the type laughs import all the dependences copy this one and paste it here. This need to be messed import import. This one and done lets implement if we get notification index this X-Wing method will be hit from P Web site. Let's copy this payment to actual implementation. This is the real payment happening and we can tell you that with the court so that you can enroll this course and we can break down okay that 200 success is TOTUS. Delete this one and import this folder that sit lift's download page wallet because we need wallet. Because to be Bitcoin is cooling down. Kick these windows we are using Windows and be paid to exist. This software needs to be installed in your mobile device or your desktop application to pay the invoice and go to pay testing web site is trolling down this one need to find out the faucet so that we can get Bitcoin so we can pay this one. And here we need to give your address laughs around this program and close this one. We already have open tab. This one wraps this page OK. Go to answer some basic point to take here it comes and this is of course id it will fust time get except Shaun is tip out. It will put the thing and the first time it will generate the key is cool is tip out. This is the address we need to paste at the initial time. Copy this address and make sure you are already signed in in pay website and pasted here and hit enter. And this is the Appu button. Please click this one. We are done. The API took in key is generated. This is the ID we registered already. Now rephase this page is tip out now we will able to see the invoice page of B. This is. Let's write the email click continue. Quiet click. This is the QR code you can pay to your HTML while diverse. You can scan or copy the payment you are able. Let's download pay wallet because last time the dumb that was made don't look complete they'd click this bit pay don't eat the left install the wallet OK next. Next and need to create a stop shocker. Check this one and click Next click and install. It'll install after the install finish and it will open up the wizard of Bitcoin wallet. Click get started got it. Makes sense. Trade Bitcoin wallet. We don't need a password I'm sure. Because this is testing and your email and continue click confirm and do it later. No need built up for now. I understand. Yes keep and need to check all of this to make sure everything is OK. Conform and finish hear personal wallet this is the real big crying wallet. We don't need this lawn because we need to generate peak plots symbol and Neil passing on the wallet. And this should be the test not the wallet. We need to generate it give it a name the test a wallet click Show advance option because this is test. So I need to take this one and create in your wallet. Creating wallet. No need for it for now. I'm here. And this is the wallet this need to be removed. Let's remove this one. This is not up settings. It's scrolling down click. Personal wallet and is scrolling down. Click more options. Delete wallet click this one. OK so this will get deleted. And click this lawn this is just testing it. While it currently no balance need to get feel a bit quiet and close this one last clinic receive and copied this public address to this had just we can will get tested and give this at just here and click. I'm not troubled. And very fine this one click verify and click get bitcoins OK. This 1.4 8:7 Bitcoins already sent in our wollop lives. Jake it it to take five to 10 seconds to get the result. They're sweet. Ok this already receiving and not received yet. It will take time to receive like first time 10 to 20 minutes maximum 10 minutes five to ten minutes. So let's say this isn't a virus. Click this one is scrolling down could be payment you are. Let's go to the wallet. Let's click send. All towns are not confirmed yet. That's why I'm not seeing the send text box. Let's restart this bit. Pay wallet click this launch or it takes two minutes to get the bid. Quite an extra cancellation already happened already received. Now we can send Bitcoin. So this is a test match. Let's see it on block chain. Click this long and we can see that transaction and it's already confirmed you can see confirmation this back left click send. And here I need to specify the address need to paste the copied you are ill. Let's see that you are actually pasted here. This is the editors we will specify in this text box. Let's paste it here. It will fetching the payment information and under pretty fast and this is a test product called in from which Ondrea click to pay click this one and gone from. So it will send the client to this address payment already done but transaction real transaction not happened yet because it will take time to add to the block. Mine will mine then you will add in a blotching. It will take for tist net 48 to 72 hours. Because we are giving the mine a very low fee. Let's see the payment is set us open in New Tab unconfirmed transaction. So when it will confirm that time real transaction happened and the beat pay address website we'll call our API so the user are not paid yet. Let's men only pay. Let's go to sugar doc call. We need to implement chugger in our application so that we can better visualize the API struggled through this UI interface user interface. We can easily manage plate with our API so let's install this Schultes buckle dot dot net call this package let's install it tools up you get pack of them into that console. And pasted here and hit enter. So it will install this package laughs. Copy if you code from this documentation. Copy this one it's called dong OK. Copy need to find out. Startup docs. Do register this code inside the service layer. Dependency obviously a configure service close this one is pulling down the configure service here. Plaisted let's resolve the dependency Schwalger using. OK is still getting error or where you are we typed wrong copied wrong last copy again. This piece of code and select and pasted here. Is calling down this piece of code need to specify the configure in Middleware. Is cooling down and here anyway. You can insert inside this configure method. OK we had done let's inserts bake find inside these motivic is Schoener from metod index. Let's run this application lifts right shoulder and hit enter. And it will go through all our code and get the divination. And this is the API already implemented. Let's expand this one click. Try it out. We need to manipulate execute this API because this API will be called from the Web site. Copy this. Course ID and paste it here. And currently we need to identify these want of Leahey at yahoo dot com. This is the current user. Let's go to that hybrid's expand this one Tibbles select few rules. And find out that user that use ID is this one copy this one and paste it here and click execute it. Call this AAPI and this was already paid and transaction already completed. We are doing that. It's really happening. It will really happen after 48 and 72 hours later and the eterne is 200. So you already paid to a transaction already happen and mine are already in mind and it already added to the block. Jane lefse you feed this page so you can directly go to the course content page. The user is not seeing any payment button for this course because this was already paid this course. Let's check other calls here seeing discourse not paid yet. Let's secure the CPI because we just manually hit the CPI because. But we can not call the CPI by our step on only beat pay website can copy this one. So we need to implement something so that only beat pay that can access the CPI. Close this one and scrolling down not here is calling up. He had this out of his lair. He had two entities as fizzy fi policy and need to find out the pay address letters. Find out yes this one copy this. You are ill poor Sean you go to his studio and pasted here so only BP can access will implement. We are studying first in the service live and go to the documentation on is this code we need to copy. This is the middle where they're And in the configurator method can you specify here anywhere you can want and is calling down to find out and filter. This is the actual filter code. And of course and they add policing them. Exactly masked and need to specify Billoo is to get here. Let's import this one. And in this way we can secure our API only BP can access now our API deficit this is our implementation.