How to End a Speech Using a Conclusion and Next Steps

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Ending with a Conclusion & Next Steps + Call to Action (“ASK FOR THE BUSINESS”)

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-: Please keep in mind, while you create the content for ending your speech, the purpose of a presentation and who the audience is, when ending your presentation. And we did exercises on the purpose, or goal, of the presentation and the audience in journal exercises one and three, in case you wanted to revisit them before completing the exercises in this act. So here's a few words to use to end your speech. And you can always use these as a crutch, right, go to way to end your speech if, for a reason out of your control, you have to end your speech right away. So here's five examples. Number one, the bottom line is. Number two is in conclusion. Number three, and so the best solution or recommendation is. Number four, our next steps are. And number five, we talked about topic 1, 2 and topic 3, or whatever structure you use, and the best approach is topic 1, or whatever it is. Your conclusion, of course, has got to be relevant when thinking about the purpose of your speech. So let's now chat about a call to action and next steps. So quite often sales people, or other executives, forget why they are presenting. It's often to sell a product or a service. As obvious as it sounds, sometimes people forget. And so we have to make sure that we mention this call to action, or next step, by asking for the sale right at the end of the presentation. And it might be as simplistic as this: please see me right now if you're interested in purchasing, or just learning more about our product. And you can get rid of the word purchasing if you want, as well. Just say please see me if you have a question about our product, right? And if you aren't taking orders for a product, right, then be sure to have a business card, or a bunch of business cards, or pamphlets, or better yet, USB tokens, little drives, in your pocket in case an enormous potential customer approaches you after your presentation. And I personally think that ending the presentation with your contact details on the screen, as your last slide, is a great idea, right? And you can even actually have your LinkedIn details and you can say connect with me on LinkedIn on the slide. It's really important, okay, especially if you're in sales. And we're going to discuss how to create our slides in act four, and we will discuss many different presentation examples in act number 11. So whatever you present in business, it's an incredible networking opportunity for you. So please make sure that you're approachable after the presentation as well.