How to Promote Your Skillshare Courses on Facebook

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How to promote your Skillshare courses in Facebook groups

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In this video I would like to show you how you can promote your skills your courses on Facebook. So the first thing that you want to do is you want to go into a course that has already been published so let's go with this one here again cryptocurrency active ICL is an upcoming ASIO's how to monitor them. So let's click on this one. And then what we'll do is we want to go to Edit class. So I want to click over here and then we want to go down and it won't click here on promote. So right here we got a free link. This actually it's the pre-New link right here and down here we got the free link if you want it add another free link. Just click down here and create a new link and what you want to do is you want to go into Facebook and you want to type in up here in the search bar skil share. So they actually do that. And let's look for group. So when we type in skill share we click up here on groups and now what are you going to do is we're going to open the most relevant groups so this one for instance is a skill share and you to me coupon group this one is. This one is and this one is. So we open all of them right now. Let's open Actually this one and this one here perhaps as well. And now what you want to do is we want to go into one of these groups so let's say for instance this one right here and you want to click on start discussion. And when we do so we want to transfer our premium link in here. So we click on start discussion and we type in premium and then the link and afterwards then what we are going to do is we're going to go back into our account. So let's go back to this account and let's take the link down here. Let's copy this one. And let's go back into the group and then we're going to ride down here free. And now we edit this link and we say for instance right up here free or hurry up crypto currency of course and then what do we call this course or what is it called. Let's click on class in Valone here and let's copy this right here. So let's go back into our Facebook page and when you do that right now and as always as you know like to add some emoji is. So let's do that as well as actually you know put those in here. I always like the flame to be honest. And now we take all of that and we clicked down here on post and now we posted this into this group. So now we go to the next group and we do the same thing again. We take the post that we just created and we copy paste it in here and then we click again down here on post. As soon as this photo has loaded if we want we can also do it already in the other groups. That goes a little bit faster. So let's actually do that. Let's put our post in each of these groups. And then what you want to do is we just want to go back to the groups and then we want to click on post. So for instance if you have a internet connection that is not super fast or you have too many taps opened then this is one way to go. So for instance now I click on post I go to the next one and click on post click on post. And this is how you can save little bits of time especially when you post for instance your course in 2030 groups or something like that. This could actually result in let's say three or four or five minutes of time saved. And really if you do that every single day this this could really be a lot of time a week let's say like half an hour 40 minutes or something like that you like save every single week. So now we can just close all of that. And this is basically how we can promote our course online where we can also do of course is we can go to our page. So let's say we are going for instance to my official companies page. So teaching euro so we click on that and then afterwards we're just going to take the link and or the post that we just copied and we put this in here as well. And then we click on publish and afterwards then we are going to have this link published on this group here on this page here as well. So let's actually do that let's click on publish and then there we go. This is now a published post and people can see it. So this is how you can promote your courses via Facebook. It's always you know it always makes sense let's say to promote your escucha courses via Facebook groups. They are the most effective ones and that is basically the place where many people are and where many people tend to enroll in your courses so just do that and believe me very very soon you will have your first 10 15 20 students in your scholarship courses. All right. Thanks so much watching and we'll see each other in the next video.