Leon Chaudhari

7-Figure Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Inventor

I built a 7-Figure Business at age 18, got my PhD offered at age 17 and currently manage the Institute of Applied Education, which sells and translates the world's best online educational resources. 

I am an expert on business development, sales management, global marketing strategies, book publishing and building passive income. 

In 2014, I received the Special Scientific Award from the Max Planck Society and appeared on national television in the United States, Poland, China, and Germany since then.

"I'm impressed! This course is really great! This guy gives me the chance and the motivation for me, that I can find out, what I really want to achieve for my life! I'm just a young student, but I feel way more confident thanks to this course and also the personal support via message from Leon! Thanks for spreading the word Leon, so that everyone feels far better in personal and career achievements and also in committing to our future! I would highly recommend you this course!"

- (David W., New York City, USA) about my "Success Masterclass - Become Successful At Anything Quickly"

"Leon's course is amazing. I have been looking for this "EXACT" course for awhile now and am glad I found it here. Easy to follow teaching style and very knowledgeable in the subject of Start Up that I can't wait to check out his other courses."

( - Ben R., USA) about my "Startup Masterclass - The Ultimate Guide For Young Startups" 

I love teaching and you will love what I teach! 

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