How to Release Emotional Pain

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How to Release Emotional Pain

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In this lecture we will explore the Vasomotoric Cycle (a Somatic Psychotherapy model) to understand how emotional energy becomes stuck and depressed in the body. You will learn how to discharge this energy effectively so that it no longer feels stuck and heavy.

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So far we have looked at how the mind creates our emotions and how emotions generate thought and how to break the feedback loop between the two by anchoring awareness in our body. In this case I'm going to discuss how emotional energy becomes trapped or stuck in the body and how the body internalizes the emotion and become structured around that I want to explore this from a semantic psychotherapist perspective by looking at the very amatory psycho psycho is a model developed by ungeared that boy is an it explains how we process incoming energy physically and how this energy becomes stock blocked again depressed. It consists of four phases charge tension discharge and rest and relaxation. All stressful events generate a mental charge which is then processed by the body a charge is generated if a situation is perceived as a threat by the mind. Examples of charges are someone yelling at you aggressive play physical trauma or abuse. Being locked in a room and feeling scared and unsafe for example a charge creates tension in the body and tension may be created by a single traumatic event. By day to day pressures or by long term stressful experience says tension created by long term life experiences cause a habitual contraction to occur in the body that is tension is held or stored in the body and we all hold tension in different parts of our body. Over time the body changes to reflect longhouse tension. The posture may become stoupe the shoulders may be rounded and the chest collapsed in a protective passion. Muscles tighten and pain is experienced in the body and the breath becomes constrictors charge and or tension can be discharged either physically emotionally or cognitively. Examples are running dancing painting crying daydreaming etc.. Discussing the issue journaling or yelling cetra anything that moves the attention away from the body by resolving it in the moment. An example of this in a real life situation is as follows. Jack is dealing with a difficult colleague who constantly undermines him at work. This charge the undermining from his colleague makes him feel stressed and tense. He feels the stress in his abdomen and his shoulders. At the end of a particularly bad day at the office where he has had to deal with this person all day when he gets home he decides to go to the gym. He takes out his frustration on a boxing bag. Afterwards he feels better because he has dispelled some of the tension from his body by doing exercise but because he is still feeling tension he decides that he needs to deal with the situation by talking to his colleague and telling her that her behavior is unacceptable and unprofessional. The next day he does speak to her and afterwards feels so much better. He has resolved the issue and this child all of the tension relating to the Seshadri disturbed is an individual's way of expressing and dispelling stored energy and tension and is usually more effective when feeling an expression come together. So in a nutshell tension can be discharged by participating in any activity that allows you to replace the tension the next phase in the best maturing cycle is rest and relaxation. So I have to tension is this trash the individual experiences relaxation and recuperation to allow the mind and body to relax. We need to express discharge and then relax and recuperate to allow the mind and body to return to a state of balance and equilibrium. For perfect emotional and physical health all phases of the vessel motor cycle must be completed. Most of the time however we only experience part of the vessel Machar's cycle which leads to chronic stress and tension a full expression of as much heart cycle always returns the body and the emotions to a balanced stays. So what happens if we have an incomplete amatory Sithole. So let's imagine that a person experienced emotional trauma as a child and wasn't able to discharge this energy appropriately at that time over the years the tension relating to those events builds if tension builds in the mind and body and is not discharge. This can lead to a disconnection from the body that is it is difficult for an individual to feel and connect with what is happening inside the body. It also relates to write down headaches nausea anxiety and depression. It also relates to read jitters in the body and the muscles and can lead to a state of chronic stress and illness one explanation of illness and depression is that the vast majority psycho has not been complete has that as tension builds up and is not discharged or discharge is not followed by rest and relaxation. The body attempts to cope with attention by tensing the muscles to contain the unexpressed emotions within the muscular system and bodily fluids if emotional tension is not discharged the muscles eventually become chronically tensed. This reduces the free flow of energy throughout the body and limits the feeling of life. Nurse It is also important to note here that it takes an enormous amount of energy for the body to hold tension and this is often why we feel tired. For a person to be able to make lasting changes in their life their psyche personality body structure behavior and thoughts they experience and expression of emotion and stress is necessary. The experience of depression is caused by energy that is depressed pushing down denied rejected or ignored. It is emotional tension that is stored in the body where the unconscious mind resides. Energy that is not expressed and discharge becomes heavy and contracted tension created by long term experiences cause this contraction in the body and mind as I've already mentioned over time the body changes to reflect this long tension often the experiences that lead to this contraction generate layoffs that influence the mind and mental programming. This has a direct effect on the emotions as we now know. And so a similar situation that is similar to the original charge may trigger the original tension or trapped emotional energy in the body and this then triggers negative thoughts. It becomes a vicious cycle particularly when depression sets in. And there is a corresponding feeling that there is no way out of this so apart from working with the mind and the emotions and engaging in spiritual integration practices on a regular basis it is important to learn how to discharge stored energy that is trapped in the body and the mind. So apart from your daily yoga practice which you definitely help conscious relaxation is an excellent tool to enable you to learn where you are holding tension. You can then acknowledge the tension and the emotions associated with it then gently soften into the tension and allow the feeling to flow. Feeling your emotional pain is important because it gives it a voice that blocked unresolved energy can then be bought into that line. The conscious mind and balance can be restored. Many people are afraid to feel the emotional pain trapped in the body. Remember that feeling is just a feeling. It is only when the mind attaches a thought or feeling that the mind creates fear. It is important to always observe feelings with detachment observing them as opposed to attaching thoughts to them and it is also important to stay anchored in the present moment with your breath. So let's engage in a little inquiry. I'd like you to reflect on the following questions and if you like you can write these nights so you can write your notes in a journal. So think about the challenges in your life. What causes you to worry stress feel constricted and less then what activates your wounds when your wounds are activated. Do you actively discharge the tension or do you store the tension in your body. Do you get sick at large. And is this related to a stress. How do you discharge tension. Think about how you could consciously discharge tension to come back to a place of balance. Do you take time out to consciously relax in the next election. I want to continue our discussion about in boyed awareness and relaxation and how these are powerful tools to discharge stuck emotional pain. Remember the reflection. You can always find the reflections again in the corresponding Paty year. So don't worry if you miss the questions. I look forward to seeing you in the next lecture series in.