Installing Tensorflow and Prerequisites on Windows

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Installing Tensorflow and Prerequisites on Windows

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This video includes installation of Deep Learning Framework Tensorflow and its prerequisites. Python 3.5.3, Anaconda 4.4.0 and Tensorflow 1.2.0 respectively on Windows 7 64-bit OS.

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Hi fellas, today ... we are going to get tensorflow framework up and TensorFlow is one of the most common machine learning library provided by Google The following prerequisites should be handled before begin Firstly python environment has to be installed properly. Secondly, anaconda platform should be installed on your environment. Because, we are going to install tensorflow with anaconda. Now, I am using Windows 7, 64-bit OS and there is no pre installation for either Python or Anaconda in my computer Let's start with installing python first. The latest version of python is 3.6 as seen in this table But tensorflow cannot work with this version. The installation documentation proposes to install python 3.5.X versions. That's why, we'll install the latest version of 3.5 which is 3.5.4 and I will download 64-bit executable installer Let's start the installation Now, python installation is over. Now, we can install anaconda platform it is 3.6 version for 64 bit OS Again we would apply standard installation for anaconda platform Anaconda installation is over, too. Now, we can install tensorflow framework. all we need is ... ... to run the ... ... following command. conda create -n tensorflow python and its version 3.5 conda command created tensorflow successfuly secondly, I need to activate tensorflow it is activated and thirdly, I need to run this command because my computer does not support GPU. I would like to use CPU only. so, tensorflow is instaled successfully now we can validate the installation I will a hello world file whichs extention is .py it means python scrtipts and I will run this file its command: python helloworld.py as seen our message is dumped, "Hello, TensorFlow" it shows tensorflow installation is OK and our environment is ready to use. so, we have gotten tensorflow environment up in this video thank you guys for watching see you next time