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Pattern Recognition Platform

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Do you want to be a Professional Trader?

Do you hate sitting in front of screens for hours?

Are you looking for a Chart Pattern Recognition Software?

In this lecture, I will show you a Pattern Recognition Software suite which works on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Data Science Algorithms.

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Stock & Forex Trading With Chart Pattern Technical Analysis

Master Scanning & Trading Basic & Harmonic Chart Patterns For Stock Forex Options and Day Trading By Technical Analysis

02:43:24 of on-demand video • Updated February 2024

Learn the Advanced technical Analysis Skills to create attractive & consistent profits in the Stock Market
Learn How to Recognize different Chart Patterns both "Regular & Harmonic Chart Patterns".
Learn How to Confirm the pattern's validity
Learn How to Scan different Chart patterns
Learn to Trade High probability trades with attractive Risk/reward ratio
Learn How to win in Harmonic chart patterns trading
Learn a step by step approach of how to trade harmonic Patterns
Hello everyone. Welcome to our next lecture. Chart patterns are very useful to trade if we can identify them at the beginning stage. You can either find out all these chart patterns manually or you can scan them with a scanning software. In the course I will be using harmonic patterns dot com scanning software. But you are free to use any other online scanner of your choice. I was able to arrange a coupon which will give you diamond plan for 45 days for free. You will find that in resources and before you register on this site I want to confirm that I'm not getting any money Nor I'm promoting this platform. I'm just using it because I think this is a good scanning software. So just open the link from the resources and make an account and let's start the course from our next lecture.