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TestRail for Test Management

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in this video we are going to talk about testRail. TestRail is a popular test case management tool you can also integrate it with JIRA and use both solutions together to have a solid test process let's start what is test rail ? TestRail provides all the features to write the test cases as per your convenience by selecting milestones test runs test cases and reports the best thing is that it provides the JIRA integration so we can directly assign the bugs in JIRA through TestRail. let's sign up for test rail free trial. With the free trial you will have enough time to discover the test rail and learn the basics now please open any browser and Google test rail it's quite useful tool and personally I use this tool in multiple companies it's important know how it works and at least have a basic knowledge so let's start our free trial click try test rail here we will need to fill the form after you fill the form please click create testRail trial now we need to confirm or email please direct the Gmail and click on the verification mail as you can see I receive mail from Gurock team so click confirm trial registration and we need to wait a couple of seconds here until they set our account. so here we need to write our full name so this is the test trail dashboard it will help you to create your first project let's follow the instructions and create our first project together. We click add project we should define project name and announcement if you need you can post an announcement to project overview page this could include links to the project's issue tracker or knowledgebase for example so I choose use a single repository for all the cases which has a simple view and it's easier to understand so project name is software testing master class so after click add project now you see we create a project the second step is adding test cases to our project so if we hover here you can see how we can add test cases so for that from the top bar, we need to go test cases section here we can see there are two options, add section and add test cases you can create multiple sections and put multiple test cases into these sections it will be easier to understand for you and other testers and perform testing much efficiently for example imagine if you are testing a banking website you can create a section money transfer and another section user login so you can put the user login test cases in the correct section and when you run user login test cases when you finish which means your section is also done so let's create a section first so our first section is user login let's add one more here you can see on the right part we have the add section button our second section is money transfer let's add one more or third section is bank account creation so we have now three section listed under test cases from here we can add case or we can add subsections let's add some test cases for login scenario first test cases is user can login with correct credentials you can see that you can continue adding test case titles and afterward we can define the description and steps for these test cases so let's write one more test case so this one is a negative case user cannot login with incorrect credentials. If you click on this button you can see everything about our test case currently there is no additional details so if you click Edit button we can start writing or test case details here you can see the section template it can be different template types if you are creating test case for regression run you can choose regression or we can just leave it as functional testing priority let's say "high" estimate is a time estimation you don't have to fill it, but if your company is using time estimation you will need to put a value here depends off testing time we add a reference here which will lead you to the JIRA and there is automation type it is integration to another tool but currently we don't need to use it so let's start writing or first test cases Pre-conditions is create the user and have a correct user credentials before you start because this case is a login case you should already have a user data which we will use for this case so afterwards you can see steps and expected results field here under that we can type steps also if we check the right side you can add a table you can insert pictures if you click the question mark it will open the test trail user guide if you don't know how to use testRail, actually it's a really good place to learn it you can go through this guide and learn more about testRail. so now let's add steps our steps are open the website, type correct credentials into login textbox and click enter button and our expected result will be user can login to portal successfully now save this case here as you see now we have test case details later if you want to edit it you can always click Edit button and change whatever you want if you want to delete this case you can click delete button and click OK let's create some test cases also for money transfer and bank account creation sections - as you see I created a couple of test cases when you work in a bigger projects you will have maybe hundreds of test cases listed under one section. TestRail is really helps you to structure your work and report it your leads and managers very easily anyone who has access can just log into portal and can see the progress of your testing I will add a couple of cases for the last section - let's also the subsection our subsection name is foreign currency accounts - and test cases are user can open a TRY account user can open an USD account if you check to the right bar you can see all our sections and subsections together user login money transfers bank account creation and subsection appears under the bank account creation so we created our test cases the next step is start a "test run". If you hover it you can see how we can start test run on the top menu bar, we need to click test runs and results and currently this project doesn't have any test runs please click Add test run you can see the fields name milestone assigned to description include all test cases and select specific test cases if you want you can create a test run which will have all the test cases which we wrote previously or if you have a less time for testing you can select couple of them which has higher risk in your project so let's fill the test run details - so this is a test run for online banking application and we will run all the test cases after that click Add test run now as you see our test run is ready all our test cases appears under the list and they are all assigned to me because and only one who is in the project and their status is untested if you click here you can see it has passed blocked retest and failed status after we will test it successfully you can pass it or if it's blocked by any reason you can block if it's failed you should choose failed and afterwards when the fix is ready you can assign the status as retest currently our passed rate is ZERO. we have nine test case and nine untested here so let's start testing imagine we tested the first one and it's successful so if one changes status click here and say this as passed afterward it will ask you to add some comments and if you want you can also add defects and some other information you can also add charts and screenshots to prove that it was really fast my comment is tested on acceptance environment we learned the different environments in the previous section it's important to comment with some useful information for example now I mentioned environment which I used for testing later on when we'll go through them we will know on which environment we verified this test case so now please click Add result as you see our first test case is successful and our passed rate is now 11% percent. you can also select multiple of them click here add result and you can set status as passed altogether but don't worry you can change anytime the status for example this one let's say it's failed a new bug appeared so now we have a chart which shows the fail rate and the percentage so we complete our test run the next is in might user section so for that we should go to administrator and invite a new user - so now as you see I invited a new user testuser2 under my project after this user accept the invitation I can start assigning test cases to this user I can also select the status here active inactive and the role can be read-only tester designer and lead. let's see the last step setup integration so as I mentioned before you can integrate testRail with your JIRA and create a better testing experience and have an efficient testing flow so for that we should choose integration and click configure JIRA integration here I will use my JIRA credentials which I created in the previous videos after that click enable JIRA integration that's it we learned the basics of testRail during your free trial please practice more and try to create multiple projects multiple test cases and test runs now you can mention test real tool in your resume thank you very much for watching and I will see you in the next tutorial