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How to Insert a Slide Zoom?

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So ladies and gentlemen let me finally show you how you can insert your slides zoom. So let's just go to insert tab and here you will see this button zoom. So just click on this button and here you will see a set of several options some a resume sections zoom zoom. So for now we don't have to think about some resume and section zoom. I will explain them later on in the course and for now just click on the slide zone. And as you can see now we have only one slide. So basically we can insert this slide into itself so it really doesn't make any sense which means we actually have to create a second slide at least we have to have two slides or more so that we can use just like them. So let's just create quickly a blank slide and let's just insert you know just a text box some text ok lets make the text bigger like 150. Let's let's align it to the center of the slide. And we can change the font maybe to something like this. Yes. This is some text game. And now when we go back to our STARTING slide. So now we can go to insert click and zoom slides zoom. And now we will see this second slide. We can click on this second slide and click insert. And this is the slide zoom. So as you can see we have these round bubbles so we can grab any of these bubbles we can adjust the size of the slide zoom. We have the rotation handle so we can rotate the slide zoom. So let's actually position this slide zoom here on this little book and let's see what do we get in action. So let me start to slide show. So this is our starting slide. And when I click on the slide zoom we zoom in and let's see what happens when I click again. As you can see the presentation ends. So let me show you what you have to do in order when you click the second time. So you come back to this starting slide. So just select your slide zoom. Go to format and click this checkbox return to zoom. So when you will click on the zoom you will return to the second slide. So let me just demonstrate. We click once we zoom in click again we zoom back. Wonderful. OK. In the next lecture lecture we will create some more advanced slides zooms. I will even show you how you can remove this white background so your laser is transparent. So can't wait for the second lecture for the next lecture I mean. So let's get going.