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Before working on the tool, we must understand the purpose of the tool. We will be discussing the need for ServiceNow in current market trends.

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  • Get knowledge on configuring processes
  • Have Knowledge on ServiceNow platform to complete the ServiceNow System Administrator Certification Exam
  • Comprehend the Admin activities in ServiceNow
  • Understand Basic ITSM Processes
  • Understand the Basic User Interface and Navigation in ServiceNow
  • Create Tables, Fields, Form Layouts, Views
  • Create and Administer Users, Groups and Roles
  • Understand Different Types of Dictionaries/Fields
  • Import Data into ServiceNow Tables
  • Configure Application Menus and Modules
  • Understand Basic Configurations - UI Policies, Client Scripts, UI Actions, Business Rules, ACLs and SLAs
  • Build Service Catalogs, Record Producers, Order Guides and Workflows
  • Create Reports and Dashboards
  • Knowledge Management
  • Trigger Email Notifications and Events
  • Migrate Customizations from one instance to Other through Update Sets
English [Auto] Before understanding the original platform first of all we need to understand why exactly so recently is being used. So that's what I call the basics of so is not for this let's take an example a real time example we'll be talking a situation wherein there is a company and we're just providing certain services called networking services or 400 books services and that is a customer. And he's facing some issue related to his company like related to the service provided by the company not in this particular case. What would the company do if a customer is facing an issue with the data. How would the company resolve the issue at high level. What are the basic things which will be going on. So let's say there is a company called a bit just providing network services the customer of this particular company is facing some issues. It could be related to the network or it would be related to some billing or some other things. Now what the customer does is he will reach out to the service desk person or the executive and he will inform the issue to this particular service this person this business person acts as a bridge to the company between the company members and the customer. He will inform the customer issue with the company members who will actually resolve the issue. Whenever the customer comes in and he informs the service desk person about the issue what the service desk person does is he will create a ticket number. Basically a reference number through which they can track back to this particular issue so customers can come back again and he can ask his current ask his status his status by giving his reference number. This particular issues reference number what the service desk person does is he was informed that the members of his company to resolve the issue that the members will pick up the issue and they will try to resolve it if they are not able to resolve it. They informed the same issue to the appropriate Remagen and they will try to. So this goes on. Now the major thing is how were the service desk people contacting the company members usually if there is any not to this business person he will contact the members via e-mail. So he will drop an email regarding the whole issue with what the customer is facing and he will send the email to appropriate depending upon the issue. He did send the email to appropriate be. So this particular team what they do is they will try to resolve that particular issue if theyre able to resolve it. Its fine as they inform the team who is actually appropriate to resolve that particular issue. Meanwhile they require any approvals for that particular know to resolve that particular issue. They will again contact the opportunity to get the approval. This is also done where any minute. So as you can see the whole process of how of resolving a particular issue for one particular customer is going through this email. OK. Now the major setback of this particular e-mail process is to before talking about the set backs of the email process what are the other ways that this a business person can call the kid to call the team members and inform the issue. Are the service desk person can basically walk into the numbers at a desk and he can inform me. The first thing is as we are known as the world is growing there are many many companies now a person if the person is facing issues in India. There is this person cannot reach us execute to try to resolve a person from us to resolve the issue. So there is geographical gap for that. So contacting the people directly is real. The second thing is way off on the major problem with this is there won't be any tracking. So we cannot record each and every call of each and every issue. So that is also. The only thing is for now we can say even now the setbacks of this e-mail process is access to these tickets. Are these issues is very. As you can see the emails are sent to only certain members of people. It is not being sent to each and every one. Right. So there might be many cases there might be like the emails are not being properly sent to the correct persons. So in that case what happens is the team who should actually resolve the issue they are not getting any information regarding this particular issue. So they use this access to these particular tickets is very less. The second thing is this is one of the major things are reporting on these issues is not at all possible because our. All right. No I'm just talking about a single user. If we are talking about a big company there would be some hundreds of issues within a week or even in some companies within a day. There might be cases when they'll be receiving more than 100 issues right. So in that case reporting on emails is not at all a possible thing. No that's where ServiceNow rule has come in. What Saddam is known as is it is simple it is a good thing to say is no is used to record all of these things like these issues so that it can be accessed by anyone in the world. Basically So it is a cloud based tool which means it is hosted in the cloud and people who work or whoever has access to the Internet and if they have the right authorization for the particular instance then they can access the instance and they can see all their tickets. That is the first thing now ServiceNow everything in Zoes know is in the form of tables and reports. So each and every record is actually reportable. Now the major setbacks in these in this particular e-mail trend is resolved by now. So now what exactly. So we know it isn't ITSM tool which automates all the business processes ones that could be raised as a as I said earlier this is this person has to manually tatay. I mean he has to manually redirect the issue based upon the category but instead inside was no one's a ticket is raised on certain categories. It can be automatically viewed edited to appropriately. Now it is a de-mining Amendment. It is purely sace platform software as always. As I said it is purely software. You can just access it if you have a web browser. And if you are connected to the internet it is a cloud based platform. The upgrade process of business is very easy. There is nothing that we need to do as an oddments we just need to contact the regional team and they be take care of the upgrade. They your way or the user interface or ServiceNow is very friendly. People who don't even know the coding part even they can actually cornflour the ServiceNow platform and then the major thing reporting it has lots of flexible reporting features of which the business processes will be actually automated and also reported properly. Now as we have seen like what exactly is no can do. And what exactly is a reasonable ease. Oh let's see how this is not looks.