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In this session, we will get introduced with the types of Scripting in ServiceNow.

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  • Build Service Catalogs, Record Producers, Order Guides and Workflows
  • Create Reports and Dashboards
  • Knowledge Management
  • Trigger Email Notifications and Events
  • Migrate Customizations from one instance to Other through Update Sets
English [Auto] In-service snow all this clippings can be divided into one news server side scripting and planes. Basically the difference between these two is the place where this particular script is getting executed. If this is getting executed the client side it Diskworld plain text clipping. Descript is getting executed or the satellite side then the script is called sodded Woodside scripting what these claimed. And what is said was let's try to understand that in this particular session. First what exactly is it like. The client is nothing but let's say for example if a user or it could be any user idea or admin whenever we're accessing or for instance from the web browser we're actually sending certain requests to the server. Once the server gets the request response back so the client is nothing but our browsers the server is the place where all the data regarding our instance like it could be problematic. It could be it could be changed to or incident. All the data in that instance is stored all the data is stored in the. So it's nothing is actually stored in the brothers in our particular desktops laptops. Everything is stored in Sudworth. Whenever we're opening the application from people that it actually sends a gritty to the server it does nothing with the request and then said well run certains clips and will respond back probating the data which the client has requested. But this is the basic process what happens whenever we are opening a particular record. It could be instant record of any record. Are you ready for opening any list of records. Even then that basically what happens is blank sends a request to the server that I want more and more data. The Sarber response back giving the date let's try to understand this in our side with no instance in our service no instance if we're accessing any pitch. Let's say I'm searching for the incidents here. What exactly happens is it actually queries this or we're like please provide me all these details all the incidents recorded is but that is what we get or what here and at the bottom if we click on this then it will show the data the data and the data related to the quitting time. This lets straight to understand different timings over here. The first one is network. So network is the one. Basically the plane descending Guergis request and SARWARI is responding bandwidth responding back with data. What is the medium. It is the Internet and the network currently my network is taking Hopp second to send and receive the data. And the said word No sorry it is taking one enough second to complete its scripting and provide the data. So this is in milliseconds. If you are converting it two seconds it will be one out of seconds and the browser is taking around 10 seconds to load the data from this obvious not this is how we can define like where exactly the time is being spent on. Now if as I said if the script is running on the blind side or my browser then that is called the plain text. I think if the scripts are getting executed in the server side then they are sort of outside scripting different application different configuration things running in different places like plain scripts running plain sight policies around in plain sight business rules. Script includes UI actions. These are not the same. You actions can also running in it. Let's talk about all these things in our next sentence.