Why Selenium?

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Why Selenium?

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Learn why Selenium WebDriver is preferred for GUI automation over other tools

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***** At the end of this course, you will have detailed understanding of Web Automation Frameworks
You will be able to EXPLAIN, DESIGN and IMPLEMENT structured AUTOMATION FRAMEWORKS using Page Object/Factory Model
*** In-depth understanding of Selenium WebDriver CHALLENGES with real time examples
You will be able to implement CONTINUOUS INTEGRATION TESTING using JENKINS
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You will be able to perform CROSS-BROWSER testing using SELENIUM GRID
You will be able to create GREAT LOOKING REPORTS using the best advanced REPORTING TOOL
You will have complete understanding of TestNG Framework
***** You will have excellent command on Build Management using MAVEN
***** You should be able to lead any Selenium Automation Project from scratch on your own
***** You will have understanding of Behavior Driven Testing Using CUCUMBER, Gherkin language
***** You will be able to understand and write efficient testing code
You will have required skills to automate any web application
You should be able to verify Data Integrity with the GUI of the application
Additional Knowledge of running Performance tests with Selenium WebDriver Automation
With all this knowledge gained, you should be easily able to clear Selenium Automation interviews
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Hello, all, welcome back. In this one, we will discuss the features of selenium and answer the big question, why selenium? Why not any other tool? Let's go ahead and dig into the details. It's an open source tool that can be utilized to test Web applications, basically any application which runs on browsers for beginners who might want to know what automation is, basically as a user, test an application by manually clicking on buttons and typing some data in the input fields. Automation can help us perform these things with the help of selenium and a programming language so that we don't have to sit and manually perform those actions. So what does it mean to be open source? It means literally there is no cost attached to it. This is the biggest advantage, guys. We can just download the jar files and start using selenium without paying thousands of dollars for a tool. Tools like Urabe, they're very expensive. The next one platform independent selenium is platform independent, which means it can work with multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux. It supports multiple browsers. You can automate your test for Chrome, Firefox, I add Safari, Opéra. The above two points mean that we don't have to write separate code based on the browsers and platform. The same code we write will work on different browsers and platforms. So this is one of the very big advantage. And the next one is programming. Languages are supported. We can write a test automation in Java, Python, theCIA up to our script, Ruby, PSP. Whichever language you are expert in or feel confident about, you can write automation using that language. But just to provide you the market and Java and Python are the two most used programming languages with selenium, and they have the most job opportunities. Now let's discuss the components of selenium, the first one is selenium idee, it's just a record and playback tool in real time organizations. People don't use silly anonymity because it does not allow us to create a full fledged framework. It is for people who don't have a use case to create a big framework. It enables us to quickly record a script and like run it on demand. So in case we just want to record a small workflow and run it, if we don't have to create a full framework, then this thing can be utilized. It can also be useful if you want to record a bug reproduction steps. But since it does not provide the ability to create a full framework, it's not widely used. The second one is still in MRC before selenium. Everywhere, Selenium came up with our see, the full form is selenium, remote control. We can say selenium everywhere is a successor of RC. RC is deprecated and since it's deprecated, there's no need to learn that because no one is actually using that in industries by the brigaded, it means it is not supported by the selenium community and it will also not work with the latest browser versions. So there's no point spending a lot of time on this. Then comes the Selenium Web browser, which is the current and future of selenium. This is the tool that we're going to be focusing on in this course. And this is the one which is used pretty much across all the organizations. The next one is selenium grade. It is used for running automation on remote systems and also in parallel on different browsers and platform. So a quick example is imagine if you have like two systems to run automation and you have to run the test cases using selenium grid. You can divide hundred test cases for both the systems and it is not used separately. So don't worry about it. It will be used along with selenium cabdriver and we will discuss this in detail in the course. Just a quick interview type. These can be questions for a beginner interview. They can ask you about difference between selenium idee, selenium, cabdriver, and you can also explain the benefits of selenium tools. Most likely these questions will not be there for senior positions or advance interviews. These are only for beginners. And let's quickly discuss who is this course for? If you're a manual tester, if you're looking to change your career and step into automation, they'll be great content for you guys, starting from the scratch. If you are already in the automation and you are a software test engineer, but you are looking to refresh your skills, then also this is a great cause for you. It is great for career managers and instead managers also, because then you can clearly understand what you are automation team is working on and stay with them on the same page. And if you are a fresh graduate just out of college, looking forward for a great career, this is really a very good skill to learn, which can land you a high paying job. Thanks a lot for ending this one and also in the next lectures. Thanks, guys.