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Python eCommerce | Build a Django eCommerce Web Application

Launch your business by learning to build your own eCommerce app step-by-step.

33:04:27 of on-demand video • Updated November 2017

  • Learn the ins and outs of Python's popular library Django
  • Django version 1.11
  • Payment Integration using Stripe
  • Email Marketing Integration using Mailchimp
  • Going Live using the host Heroku
  • Adding a custom domain and implement HTTPs (using Let's Encrypt)
  • Learn Bootstrap Version 4 basics (including Django Integration)
  • jQuery Fast Track Section (learn the basics)
  • Build a REST API
  • Build custom analytics
  • Create a custom user model
  • Guest Checkout
  • Integrate Email for notifications
  • Learning how to use Signals in Django
  • Build an internal Search Engine
  • Learn AJAX and Asynchronous Programing with Django and Javascript (jQuery)
  • Digital item sales and downloads
English [Auto] Hello welcome to getting started with e-commerce and this section it's all about setting up your system and learning about some of the fundamentals we're going to be doing. Now if you're a little bit more advanced you could probably skip this section but for the rest of us we want to go through this in as much detail as possible. Of course if you get lost or have questions feel free to ask them in the video or the lesson itself there is a comment section right underneath the video so you'll be able to you know give your feedback ask some questions or even get answers. So I do encourage you if you find an answer if you know the answer to somebody's question please respond to it because it helps us all. And then if you do have those questions asking and then the video also helps us all so we know how to proceed with any given question or issue that may arise. And please keep in mind this is software. We're doing something that you may have never done before. So yeah things will happen that are unexpected. You might run into issues you might run into bugs. This tool we have is part of the process of learning and it's definitely part of the process of writing software. I still mess up all the time like I've been doing this for years and I still run into issues and bugs. But the thing is is sticking with it until I get it right. So I can move on to whatever is next and I'm going to be here for you to help make sure that that doesn't happen too often and if it does happen we solve it as quickly as possible. And I hope that you'll help to do that with your peers as well especially if you want to get really good answers other people's issues helps you get so much better. Take it for me. I've been doing it for years and I've been helping other people solve their coding challenges has they have them. Thanks so much for watching. But let's go ahead and actually jump in to the next one.