Installing & Downloading Logic Pro X

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Installing & Downloading Logic Pro X

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So let's say that you don't even have Logic Pro X installed on your system right now. If you don't know where to start I will show you the step by step instructions on how to get logic and install it the proper way. But before there are some requirements that you need to know about. First you need to use a Mac computer that runs Mac OS 10 or 12 where at least 10 or 12 which is the which is the version called Sierra by the way. I always recommend you to use the latest operating system for a Mac that is available to the public right now as well as looking for the latest update of Logic which if it is available you will find it in the updates section of App Store. This way we are making sure that we use the latest security measures that Apple works very hard for us so we won't get in to any troubles. Logic is compatible with older Macs as well as the new ones. So if you have a MacBook Pro from let's say 2008 and in support of Mac OS 10 or 12 or later then you will be good to go. Of course logic pro-tem updates itself a lot nowadays and therefore this information can get outdated anytime. I still recommend you to use the latest version of Mac OS and the latest version of Logic Pro X at any time. If you see that you can't download Logic from the App Store then you either need to upgrade your Mac OS or your computer is too old for running the latest Mac OS and therefore it will not run Logic Pro X at this time. You can check what type Mac OS your computer is running on. If you go to the Apple icon right here then about this Mac and this fellow box here is popping up and as you can see I'm running the latest version of now which is version 10.13.3 it is called Mac OS High Sierra. So my computer is good to go as you can see it's from late 2013 so this course is recorded in 2018 so my computer is already what like four, five, six, seven, eight years old so you can.. I think you can use a computer from around 2008 or later. For the latest version of Logic Pro X that is available right now. You also need to make sure that your processor is 64 bit and not 32 bits. If you have a Mac that is an Intel Core Solo or Duo. And these are these processors are very old now. Then your computer will most definitely not run Logic. If you have all other processors including Intel Core 2 Duo which also is very old. Then you will be good to go. You actually don't have to worry about this if your Mac is from around 2010 or later. So just to be clear here. To purchase Logic Pro X the only thing we need to do is to go to the app store and buy it with a credit card. We don't have to purchase any physical product so we don't have to go to the Apple store or any other store to purchase a Logic Pro X box or a CD or something like that. And by the way there's no Apple software with physical disks available anymore. Mac does not even have optical CD or DVD drives anymore. And let's be honest here purchasing software directly from the App Store is a lot more convenient. So how do we purchase logic from the App Store? Let's search for the App Store by pressing command spacebar. This is my best method for opening up any apps on on my Mac. You may go to the application menu or somewhere else but I love to use the spotlight search and you open it up and close it by command spacebar. So let's write AppStore and press enter to open it up. So as you can see here we have all of the recommended apps right now from the App Store. So let's go to this little search box here and write in Logic Pro and press enter. They will have it. The first result here is Logic Pro X. So let's click on the icon here. So the product information says Logic Pro 10 is the most advanced version of logic ever. Sophisticated tools for professional songwriting editing and mixing are built around a modern interface that's designed to get creative results quickly and also deliver more power whenever it's needed. Logic Pro X includes a massive collection of instruments, effects and loops providing a complete tool kit to create amazing sounding music and you can get more information by clicking on this more here. So now we have every, where all the information that Apple says about Logic Pro X at this time. And here we have a little more information about when Logic is updated, what price it's at, how large this software is and it's actually saying it's around 1. 46 gigabytes. In reality logic is a lot bigger in size when you start to install the sounds and presets that it comes bundled with. You can also see if it allows you to use it on multiple computers in your family and you really need to set that up with your iCloud account. So if you go to settings go to iCloud then you can set up a family and you can share this software with anyone from that family that you create and it also shows what languages logic is available in and a bit down in this section we also see compatibility and this is just what Mac OS Logic will run on at this time. So as you can see as I said before Mac OS 10.12 or later and I also talked about the processors the 64 bit versus 32 bit processors. And if you're a little bit confused whatever, whatever processor you need to have just click on this link here. And you will get a more described list from Apple itself of so you can see only two kinds of processors with Intel, that doesn't work with logic Now once you have decided to purchase Logic Pro X just go to the upper section of the App Store and click on the amount which says $199. So if we click on this one that will tell us to buy app and your card on file will be charged that amount if you press that button again. When you created your iTunes account you most definitely put your credit card information so that is what Apple is going to use when you purchase software from App Store and Logic Pro X of course. If not, a window will pop up letting you know that you have to add a credit card on file and also an option to do so. When this is done and when you bought the app the downloading off Logic Pro X is starting.