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English [Auto] OK so let's download data. This data download and go to this link download GDR software server OK. So you have direct software several page and you need to download this OK trade for free self host of it somewhere. It comes for 30 days free thereafter. I think you have to pay. So once you download that it will be dark the excel file which will be downloaded in your mission so click on that data excel file and just say next next next. That will take up through all the installation process and once everything is done it will launch data on your browser. OK. It's very simple don't get that out the excel file and more on by clicking on next. So once you are in to once installation is done it will open like this in your browser. Local host secured setup. So here you can just select set it up for me. You can select this fast icon and click on continue to my Atlassian. And thereafter you will have another piece here. Somehow I did not capture it correctly. It is just giving a license and asking you what the name of your company. Are you at a personal level. Just provide that and click on Next. So that it will generate a license for you for 30 days. OK. And thereafter you will get this green. Make sure you enter properly humiliating user name and password. Because these are the details we are going to use to logging into our data account. OK. So once you fill up this it will take some time to configure database initialized and plugins into automation and then it will set up a zero environment. And finally when you see green ticks for all this. So that means data is successfully installed. OK so by default it will install in the order. You are in local host column 1880 on this boat. This will get installed. OK. So once data excel file installation completed menu click on finish automatically. This will open in your browser. Based upon my default browser do you have it will open and it will start this process once everything is done. Next time if you want to log in into this data. So I have done on that. So I would just say a local host 80 80. You can type that and that will take you to the do the landing page OK. So make sure you provide devour details as well for creating user name and password OK. So this is how it looks nice. So real data. Let me give my username and password and log in. That's it and you will be securely logged in into the data they have made this installation very simple. It's just a RDX in file which you need to download and just click on. Next by following the instructions all right. So next you are into the data. OK. Let me go back to my word document and we have successfully installed data and now before we jump in to the data. Let's talk something about a giant beam and then we will create that agile scanning project and to the right. So when I say a word agile there are different frameworks available for us. So what are the frameworks. So that means different way of dealing. This agile OK so Giles says that ship the product incrementally within every field is OK. Instead of waiting for the project to complete till the end and release it they'll ask us to do on a regular basis. Right. So that's the basic high level definition for but to do that process as I came up with some frameworks some set of process to achieve this internal goal. So there is a framework cause there is a framework called come on board. Right. That has several different frameworks like that but an overall scrum is the framework which is very famous and commonly used across all the organizations. OK. The scrum has been successful in reaching the agile goals successfully. So in most of the projects we go with a scrum framework right. So in this section on so we will see about the scrum framework. And then I'll also show how to work with common framework and I'll just give you all view about that as well. Don't worry right. So when the tools the scrum project scrum framework how many people an ideal agile team should have. So typically people will suggest that around six to seven people max. You can have fun you want agility and people generally don't follow this rule. But ideally there will be five developers and two testers in the team. But again if you go to a scrum project people typically should not call anyone with their roles like their QE or development. Everyone in a team are calm with Agile team member. You don't have to their specific hat to tell that I am developer. I am EST. That is strictly not a load in a giant scrum process but still people will have their own roles. Okay so people followed the scrum process but I am pretty sure that no company will strictly follow each and every point of this framework. Right. So agile treats that everyone has to contribute for the success of the product and everyone is a team member. No matter you are developer Tester are a business analyst but typically that would be fine developers and to testers in a team and thought they galas as all team members. The rules our day tools is looks like that face to 2 ratio. Okay right. So that constitutes Agile Scrum team and you will have one business analyst and product on it. Okay. And this business analyst is optional these days. We are hearing that people are hiding fighting sorry people are filing business analysts for cost cutting purpose. So we will understand what is this business analyst role and how would that affect our team and what happens if we don't have that role in our team. All that. I will beat you later okay. I'm just giving your overview of how Team constructs of developers testers analyst and product owners. This is most important. Okay. Then I said product owner he's the responsible for talking to the business and bringing all the features to the team to work and there are still more and more responsibilities. This product owner have with a land that in our coming lectures. Okay so on high level right now just understand that when you go into any agile scrum teams you will have one product team. And of course one Scrum Master to layer you a whole team. And we generally see agile team members but you again differentiate if the dev audio test doesn't matter. But ideally you should not call them with their rules. As far as a rule but I just put it in brackets do QE be a business analyst right. So all these people constitutes one agile team and product team and as our team members are common and closely and have some master to go to. Okay. And these agile team members can also be called asset development team and that doesn't mean that developer the team who is responsible to develop a fetus. Okay we call it asset development team and that doesn't mean development team is nothing but a developer on a desktop a team who can contribute to the goal of the product. All right. So all these people together come as an adult team and in the coming lectures I will definitely explain you the importance and roles and responsibilities of Product Owner. I'm sorry and Scrum Master and the development team will look out into all of this and understand how a project can be done in real time based upon this agile okay. So let's say now we have this team we have one product on it. We haven't StairMaster. We have one development team. All right. It's all an assumption. So you are lending this glass online. Let's assume that there are a few folks that are with us. And you are one as a part of development team. Okay. You could be dev out of QE no matter what. I assume that while watching these videos you are part of development team and also assume that you have Scrum Master and product owner of deal so. But assuming all this let us go into our next lecture and let us complete this project okay. By assuming that we are as part of one scrum team here today in this course and that the people around us and keeping this in mind keeping this environment in the mind let's go and complete this project with all this time and desire to use it. All right. So in the next lecture let's first start with creating a project in data and we take it from there. Okay. Don't worry there are many topics like direct terminologies and how to use that for Agile and how to write stories of what is you the story. What are the big components really questions and what is backlog refinement grooming. Okay I'll does that part of Agile Scrum. These terminologies belongs to Israel. So you have no definition of this grooming backlog refinement and how it is done in one current project. What is acceptance criteria. How do we decide this as a part of team okay. How do we define surpass for story. How do we size the story by talking and collaborating with our scrum teams based upon its complexity. What is spring. How to do spring planning with you what I don't scrum team what is Scrum board daily standards. All these I will explain you by showing a zero 2 because we track all this in one tool which is zero despondently used every bit so we will lend lender definition we will lend the typical concept of it and we will also see how to implement this by tracking this in detail. OK. And Sprint scrum and how to generate reports on sprint this completed. How to report the bugs retrospective and different frameworks like 10 one word that a lot of topics will come across. Just stay patient and follow me and you will reach your goal by end of this section. All right guys so let's jump into the stone project and data and make our hands dirty by jumping in to our actual core topic. Okay. Thank you.