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Download and Install Jira

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So let's get started and to see how to install data, just start with searching Jerrard download in your browser search and this is their official website to download the data software. So right now, these guys are asking to try this software on the cloud machines like Ableist and Microsoft Azure. So instead, let's do one quick thing like this. Check out our download Archim. So here you can get the latest version available. So from here you can download to your local mission. Previously they were asking to host it on a cloud servers like Microsoft Azure. But we just need data in our local so that we can practice. Right, so select the latest version, whatever you have here. OK, so your operating system and click on submit so that will give you one installation file. You can see that it's getting downloaded. So this is the step one. So once file is downloaded, you can open it and you need to just do some click next next few buttons and then data will be set up for you. Just follow me. I will show how to set up this very quick in our system. All right. So welcome to JIRA software installation VSR. Click on next and just go with Xpress installed with the default settings and select these checkboxes. Allow access and your data will start at eight zero eight zero port. OK, and this is your installation directory. Do remember this in program files Atlassian Angello so install. So this Zila software will be installed as one service in your system and that will start export number eighty eighty. So give seconds, it will complete that installation process. All right. You see that there is something prompting after the installation. Yes, it now says Staab Deran software. Now when you click on Next, this will try to launch the software on your system. Just hold on a few seconds to complete the setup based upon your operating system configuration. It might take some time. OK, so launch in the browser, click on Finish and then you will immediately see this. You are in your browser localhost column ADHD. So for first time it looks like this because Saagar has not yet started and this is trying to hit there in browser immediately. So give two minute break, go and bring some water and come back and then again open the browser firstly. And here to see what you will see, that server will get started here. OK, it's taking some time to start the server on this A.D.A report immediately. It will not show up here. OK, I'll just pass the video for one minute. Here you go. So now it has loaded successfully. After two minutes, you can close your browser and open again and hit localhost colonnaded. And this is how it looks. So select the first option, set it up for me and say continue to my Atlassian. So that will take you to the login page. So if you have already login, then enter the details. If not, go ahead and sign up a new account. So for me, I already have it. So continue it, Lacson. And here you can see your server idy. This is the key. So basically you have to generate license based upon this idea. OK, so here you just need Dira Software Data Center, OK, you really need not have cloud at this moment. So just select Deira software as an option which is already selected by default. Yeah, you can give any organization name that is up to you, you can give your own name and that as an organization. So it's asking that you want to install licencee on the following server, which is your local system. Yes. So that will create a license. You see Derat Relicense has been successfully installed. So I think Jira trial is for 15 altitude's. I'm not sure. So make sure you complete this section in the next two weeks. If not, you will lose access to this Jita. OK, right. So it says that administrator account set up so you can give the same details like user name, whatever you want to give password. Make sure you remember this. So it will take some time, guys, so it will try to configure the database for your local system and initialize the basic plug ins and then it will set you that DNA environment. Finally, you will be able to access the data from localhost. And AT&T with that relicense what it generated for us. OK, and do remember that for 15 days only, I just pass this video and I resume one installation is done. All right. Set up is complete. And it almost took seven minutes for me to complete that setup. And here you can see data is ready to go. You are instances now set up and you can log in with that email and password, what you have used in your previous page. And this is what you are. OK, so let's select that you Aurel. And that will take us to the default login page. Let's see. OK, so we are in this space to choose the language, what we need. So select your preferred language and then you can choose an avatar by providing your display. If not, you can simply skip and go to the next. That's it, guys. So you have already loved them because you gave your details earlier. If you log out, then you should log in again. So this is how you can get started so you can create a new project. And in our section we will mostly focus on the scrum software development so you can go ahead and create one project, select and give the name of any software project like RSA and submit. So that's how you land on Scrammed Dashboard page with a new project called RSA. OK, so that's how you install JIRA. So two things you have to remember here. If you log out and shut down your system and when you restart your system, you may not be able to access this. You are again. So in that case, you have to go to C program files, Atlassian to start the server again. OK, until you restart this your system, you are fine. You can directly access the data from the localhost. But in case if you have shut down your system, then you need to restart your server. In that case, go to Atlassian, go to Jira and here where you will have a file to launch this one start server. So double click this and give five minutes time and then you hit the wall of localhost colonnaded and your data will start again. All right. So that's pretty much about the selector of setting up data in your system. Thank you.