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MasterClass Software Testing with Jira & Agile -Be a QA Lead

Straight to the point. 2024 BEST job oriented Software Manual Testing course on real time Projects + Interview questions

10:18:16 of on-demand video • Updated January 2024

Crystal clear understanding on how Software Projects are handled in real time with Live examples
In Depth understanding of current Software Testing methodologies with Manual testing tools followed in the Industry
Understand JIRA (Project management tool) and Tester activities in the Jira from Scratch
Thorough knowledge on latest Practices like Agile scrum, SDLC, Testdriven, Behaviour driven approaches
In Depth knowledge on writing test cases in Jira using Xray app on Live Project
Strong exposure on designing test cases and defect life cycle process
Complete knowledge on QA process starting from requirement gathering to Project delivery
Testing types and their real time usages in Projects at different stages
Top 50 Frequently asked Software testing Interview questions with Solutions
Basic knowledge of SQL