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Introduction to SEO

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You're very welcome to Section 8 of this course up to now you've done market research. You've created your own web site. You've put email capture forms in your web site. You've done copywriting. But there's one thing that's missing and that is visitors and that's why in this section of the course we are going to focus on search engine optimization very simply search engine optimization is a way to give visitors from these search engines like Google to your Web site. The way that you are going to achieve that is by using this as SEO checklist that I put together for you. It's got 26 points on it and essentially in this section of the course the outcome for you what you will have achieved by the end of this section of course is really completing each of the 26 points on this checklist. And essentially that will help you get targeted traffic from the search engines to come to your Web site. I want you to get your hands on this checklist right now so I've linked it up in the resources section of this lecture. Go ahead now. Get that book marked out because we're going to be returning to this again and again and it's got a recap of everything that I'm explaining for you in these elections. Got a link to all of the tools that I mentioned. And not only that I might just give you this. I'm actually going to be walking and giving you an example. And performing all of these steps from my own Web site here so that you can really see a tangible real life example of someone implementing all of these steps and the reasons behind doing that. The importance thing that's going to give you an fantastic tangible example to follow. So I really look forward to getting stuck into all of this with you. You can see that the checklist is broken up to a number of different sections. There's technical stuff making sure that people can access our Web site keyword research finding out what your customers are searching for online creating perfectly optimized SEO content and then building authorty around that content so you can appear at the top of the search results. Now don't worry owning splain essay on a lot more detail in the next lecture. So for now just make sure you've got this checklist you bookmarked it and then the next lecture I'll see there for an overview of SEO.