Kafka Streams API - Quick Start

Prashant Kumar Pandey
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Lecture description

In this lecture, I will help you create your first Kafka Streams Application. The example is the most simple streaming application. However, it helps you understand the basic API structure and it's usage.

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Apache Kafka - Real-time Stream Processing (Master Class)

Processing Real-time Streams using Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams API - Start as Beginner to Finish as PRO

10:55:58 of on-demand video • Updated May 2021

  • Apache Kafka Foundation and Kafka Architecture
  • Creating Streams using Kafka Producer APIs
  • Designing, Developing and Testing Real-time Stream Processing Applications using Kafka Streams Library
  • Kafka Streams Architecture, Streams DSL, Processor API and Exactly Once Processing in Apache Kafka
  • Auto-generating Java Objects from JSON Schema definition, Serializing, Deserializing and working with JSON messages without Schema Registry.
  • Auto-generating Java Objects from AVRO Schema definition, Serializing, Deserializing and working with AVRO messages using Confluent Schema Registry.
  • Unit Testing and Integration Testing your Kafka Streams Application.
  • Supporting Microservices architecture and implementing Kafka Streams Interactive Query.
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