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Understanding of Light load conveyors and it's types

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Factory Automation using PLC Logics

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English [Auto] Art now I'm going to explain you like Lord kind words like Lord can I use or light the word applications. All right so let's see what the different elements we have and despite the word call where Scott agree. So we have food we take conveyor belts and we're like look at where we use 180 applications along with a basket where we have to have a 60 table and then this is used. This is a bigger one. So based on your application you're going to like this one. So just take the form we did as of now. Now this formula going to we to have three configuration to Swedish food that's fine is an animal. This is similar to what we have in that version. So this is speedy very quickly once again what is a discreet so we can play it like this TYG and I have this horse here and the discreet. I can move this way in one direction like that. OK. So if I go to the other discreetness minus now I have these kind of areas not going to like. What is this action with the minus one. The positive one. Another direction. Right now the third one is analog analog you can control that using an analog bar here so turning it on this is in one direction and this is another. All right. So the contribution is similar to kind right now and this is where we have one more option to cut very good. OK. So this game is usable in case you have a big cut where like Hades in which you have six but it can release like God. And then it takes me to go and we are like God. And again before we begin we're like that. If you want to give a convenience to the operator to travel across the wires you can connect without without you know stopping the operation. You can connect the spoken Redgate here and you can act in such a way that it is takes to both ends but that's going to let him go like that. So there's also that running the space where there's also the money. It is a. So let's see what other different times we have here for the space where one is open. One is the gate. So if you see this one this is the input tag in boot dock is it has a sensor inside. So is the output tight. So what is that. So let's see that. So you see this belt good where it is closed. So the fact that this is a sensor is just not on the moment I open this one I can open this one from here. This is opening day. You can see that the sensor is here is on it which indicates that the gate is open. If I release it it will close the center is off center is on if the gate is open. Otherwise it's not I to run this country. I can do that from here. This is funny. All right. So this is running in one direction. This is about Lukan where you can also change just to positive and negative. You can do to keep the action and you have no control over it in the speech. So besides that you have some eyeliners here the eyeliners are used to align the boxes in one or another direction. OK. So I'm going to show you one application which would explain to you the different all three elements. Anybody very Who. But before that I want to explain one more thing here. Now if you want to simulate the boxes you want to have your boxes on there. So instead of doing like taking a box and making an upside a right here this is the one we only got but it sounds like a very complex suite. So what you can do is set up a pod. You can go to the all items go to the motto matre. That's a great feature of this victory I'll dig the emitter aligned on that because we're like that. OK. So now this idea can be used to make the boxes. So for example I want to get to the bottom of this small medium large. So it will make all three boxes more medium and large. And you go to find the time of making the boxes the maximum time that may be on the site and how many balls you want to make. You can put it here. I put 10 boxes of them attend boxes for me. All right. So this isn't a matter that you have over Kate. This is what is used to collect the boxes set the boxes of metal from here. This will collect the box. So let's take an example of the meeting of the elements it over so I can place it here in the connector I'll take you to my now I go to the TOG's. You'll find out atonce not exactly. Times are these one run stop and pause so you can take a factory. I was running tag and you can take a motto and ticket been Bulwer more then you have a Belgian beer. So what happened to you know the fact you guys running this will be on this one. I want my kids to be on it can they really be on. I should activate my major. What is it in order to evade the box and to collect the balls you have to activate all these three to get it. So when I go back to the factory I can play and connect. Let me just run it. This is running and you run this for now. Boxes are coming. Opps my bad. I should have it here. Where are you sitting here. Here boy. You find the boxes are coming out of my attic this will click the box. So this is a way to simulate your obligation if you have build the system you can have the boxes coming and to the testing and do with the weight measurement whatever you want to do. You can have it move so that you don't have a clogging of boxes in your factory. This is an amazing way a very clean way to operate your operation using walks and later him over. All right. So let's see an application of the light elements typically the eyeliners belts can those boats can where gate. So I have a pretty big topic you can hear box close on this one. This is the application ballot. This one I love to open mike and tactile logic for this one is box with motion. So that's my logic. So what my logic sees I haven't made a hill and I have a box coming from here which will be traveling by this eyeliners by this gate. I come back to this position. So using eyeliners I have aligned the boxes in the middle position of where I have traveled the boxes from one country to another. Good bye. So let's see that I take on the play and you have got where running automatically is going to be running automatically because I felt you are running. But it is connected to all the it's kind of like that. OK. Now I haven't made it here with a start button. OK. So in time. In fact. You can also take a button. So this is my push button. So once I press this button I get the box coming out. So if I press this one box is coming out. And by the eyeliners it'll be aligned like that. This is a great way to travel from here to here. And again by some eyeliners it to be aligned to this fight challenge the next cut very that's the function of eyeliners are going to light you or box motion. And the best feature of this gate is if I open this gate my box will stop. If that box is not running so close this gate. What's inside again. I hope this makes sense if I by chance open this box it will stop immediately because of the sensor to start again. Similar in this case as well. These all these two gates and I couldn't see these in such a way. This is open operational stuff the again. So this was about how do you get flexibilty create your kind words like the old worse with airliners. But then it made her and I can also have simulation of other boxes coming continuously and getting a light bite. So the moment I press this button I have another box I might add so that we just walk those and can find these all boxes getting light automatically. This is like something a very creative way of flooding I would say. You can see everything happening in front of you and you could have a real time effect of your boxes. If there's any problem and you know later the boxes may jammed and you can see that is out and about the camera that I explain to you earlier if you if I want to monitor this box I can go to this camera. This box camera I click the box now my camera will follow this box all the way and look at where system wherever it is going into the monitor. And if I want to see the slow motion here I click on this one and I can see the slow motion of my box and how it is being kind of what it from here. Is that other than like that what it does is like a great way of running and I could use that. So you can see how this is being a light light. You can you can put it like it by your choices. Here and then this is the gate and again it will be. And again if you go back to this position I can install it over here which is to move the boxes all at once. This is an online application. I hope this makes sense of the next video of it to see some more elements which are related to light load converse. All right. You have any question for me. To you.