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This lecture will provide an overview of the sheer potential in how much money can be made with this course. Alibaba is one of the biggest websites in the world and has hundreds of millions of factories and supplier listed, ready to distribute their products.

We will cover some of the products available and look into the profit margins that you will easily be able to take advantage of once you get your teeth into this course.

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E-Commerce Business Guide to Alibaba for eBay & Amazon

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English [Auto] Hello everyone. Thanks for checking out this lecture. We are going to do a bit of a comparison here and just kind of showing you the power of how much you can actually make using the system. And he's going through this course. We're going to compare the prices of some products between Amazon and Alibaba right now on Alibaba. And so there's you know Ali Baba is enormous. I mean it's huge is if you're an Amazon and eBay next to it it was still cast a huge shadow over him and probably both for lunch and have as I said it is a baby Web site to show you just color and faster so it will go into all categories here. And this is all a Castries that everybody has factories selling. And as you can see it's absolutely insane this huge amount of product they have so high now. Now what's really interesting is. Yes. Home and Garden. And then it has a number next to it right here. And that's the same with every kind of a category. And that number is a number of factories and suppliers that are selling in that category. Some of these numbers are huge. And you can really say that you're never going to see everything on the site. Know even if you spend your life doing it I don't think you would see everything on the site is massive and that means very good for us because the selection of products that we can choose to sell to our customers and market and turn into brands is absolutely epic and we'll never get bored. That's basically that what we're going to look at in Alibaba here is we're going to check out a few different products. The first one is hairbrushes and our kind of pre-selecting these already just for the sake of saving a bit time but do feel free to go through and do what we can to do here and check out your sales and you'll see if you compare prices with what's for sale on Alibaba with Amazon. You'll see for yourself that the opportunity once you learn how to import products. The change you have in front of you is truly boxed and you'll be able to make great money very quickly. OK so here we are in the hairbrush hairbrush section warbled section I pulled up a chair and we've got the top section and the F.O.B. price is US dollars between one and two U.S. dollars piece of cake. And these are four by four cents me a professional salad hairbrush and on a side it tells us that this is a four week gold cellar. We're going to miss it a bit and of course I tell you that these guys have been in a certain set of high quality cellar standards with Ali Baba. And as in a ward for four years I go sell our state's FIP and the price is basically it's a product. The factory is responsible for the products to the rail of the ship. After that the responsibility is how we eat the customer. When I say responsibility I mean the price that they're going to pay for their products from their factory to the local poll which he's Gwangju out here. So that will be their responsibility to get to the pool and get it on the boat. And that will be on the plane or your message on your message. Transportation for shipping. Yeah. A service that once that's done the payment and everything goes to you and you will be responsible for it from that to your front door. And easy. You don't have to do anything you have to be anyone up or down a pole or you know start organizing boats or anything like that. It's all done with that delivery companies. Just so you know that's the shipping arrangement that they are interested in doing. Anyway back to the products. This is $2 piece when you order the minimum quantity here which is 1200 pieces you'll be charged two dollars apiece. OK we have got to show you our methods within these cost how to reduce the quantities for those you guys on a budget. So you'll be able to take it down lower but you're still putting time to space maybe a bit more. Is that part of your agreement your range with them. OK so we go over to Amazon and I found that very same products on Amazon but 10 99 like 10 pounds I might not. Now are you saying this is products that roundlets once way. I hate to see these guys down here. They are around. And if we go further down on the Ali Baba thing here you'll see that they do every shape color and everything that you can possibly think of and have our style. So yes this is pretty much the same products for sale on Amazon and they're charging 10 99. So if we go quickly into our currency concerns I'm just using google and we type ten ninety nine and ninety nine into base $16 and that at the time of typing that was $16. So best not bad when you painted all this unit and excluding shipping but $2 unit $16 is the gross profit right there. So that's a great markup and that's per unit. So that's very nice indeed. Okay. Our next one is eat cat scratch up post. I have a cat. I love my little furball cat. It runs around and it didn't have a cat scratch space. My house would probably be in ruins. So I need cat scratch really badly. Anyone else out there who as a cat would know what I mean. Cats love to dig their claws and trap and gets caught. So again hey we're looking we're saying it's five dollars apiece. What is the top change the minimum order quantity. So a thousand pieces for those pacemen going to pay a $5000 initial order. Obviously I cannot tell you how to use mineral qualities and these are all negotiable prices. These guys want your business. I will be able to get these down some more. Anyway a thousand pieces. Five dollars apiece. I found the very same products on Amazon. Here it is and they are doing a $17 44. And that is the same I guess yeah different product photos actually are great products floated every life that they could do with a female that I am enlisting is a pretty average. Pre-poll to be honest and kind of an awful lot into the Amazon listings and how you're listing on Amazon is very very important. It's a ranking of your competition on Amazon. These guys have got a hundred and nine reviews and listings in that. Right. So they really have a good product there and they're making a huge profit they will just check that out. I'm so sick of seeing the boys for that's 25 dollars. Fifty four cents. Twenty five dollars for four cents you get it five dollars apiece. That's a gross profit of $20 taker's shipping from that. So are you still looking for a profit margins. That's very nice indeed. They are doing very well. A hundred annoying customer reviews and they're all looking very good as well. Seven to five stars and 15 forestalls wolfing the lone star ratings. Dare they say a general rule of thumb that 10 percent of your customers will leave a review. So 109 customers have left review day. That's only 10 percent of their customers. So they're in the tens of thousands over us. So it will stay at that price. Very nice indeed. And yes it's doing very well without one. OK the next one is that Microsoft five or touts. I've sold these before. I will employ these in and sold them before. It's quite compay market now on Amazon in the UK anyway. They're very cool. They're very cheap and you can get live and they lot factories a very accomplished one in the hospital with the with packaging. They'll help you out with your bags mesh bags and all sorts of things like that and at the logo label on that. And it's it looks really good as you can see when we get down there they do multiple different sizes which is great and a whole array of different colors packaging options should give me choose agues all sorts of things like that. These guys are great good and they look like they're really watching a business with all these different payment options here. And so I was at their factories which is very cold in age. The once get a thousand pieces at $2. Files a piece. Now then if we check out the Amazon these things these range from I guess it's from the size here between four pounds to 14 pounds 89 161 customer reviews and it's all looking good. I'm not sure if this is the actual factory that supplied this one but you get the point. For the sake of example here it say five a bag with the whole Micheel going on that's the same thing that these guys are offering. So is there or there abouts. These guys are all set to eke out supply on Amazon and all. So that's cool. And they do a whole range colors Alabamas and half these guys which is good. So yeah that's great £14 18:9 for a large a large market like a towel. That is one of four to go. Nine twenty one dollars. So it's a gross profit of about $19 for something that you will get -- so very cheaply as well because they are quite light small and can be packed very well into a box. So that's really good. And yet it's something you should look at and like again they are competitive as because they're cheap and they pack well and they don't damage in shipping or anything like that and they're easy to get private label like these guys have done. They've got Sunland in there that's have said you know go camping type deal and they didn't do any good good try. Very nice. Very nice indeed. And the last one we're going to look at both channels now that I own a dog I'm a cat man. All right we're going to challenge house so I will just be rubble. Yes. OK. Always something I watch with great interest on Amazon and I browse with great interest on Alibaba because of spades and kennels. Mean this six They're expensive in shipping like this guy. Hey that's pointedness I know. I wouldn't say that profit margin with that price. Is that right. They are good. No put out fire. So they got another one there two dogs come lying on at the time and she said very good. Very nice. And it's nice but it's heavy. The reason while I look at these is because both houses are on a rail and the money that people will pay to have a fancy nice looking dog house is is just fascinating to me. This one here is like an old barn or something on that fence. This this one here I was looking at early on that it's really nice. I can see that selling well on Amazon. And obviously the why something you really need to concentrate on here. And yeah there's another one that's kind of like a fancy type look very nice very cool. And we have all one here. This one's from the slide calls. Yes. Hey yeah. Something like this one guys doing three dollars it pays like giving loads of images dead dogs cute dogs on them and they say it's a cool thing to have a shiny day tucked away in a house not taking up too much space that they are all there in front of it. I saw area free your dark and $33. PS they are selling 14 1990. Side note quickly check again with all kinds. About a quarter to ninety nine point sixty two dollars side is under 100 percent markup. I'm not sure I would be that one myself. I'd probably charge more. And it's an accomplice Toji reviews there as well. So they both left but they're still. I mean like by any standards that's a great markup nonetheless. What kind of Spain has there. But yeah going down is probably better options here on and Ali Baba. Look at that is actually a house that's not easy. But clouds in the roof that slice there is crazy. This one here is a log cabin boy I know I can find a house on some of these I'm sure you might need planning permission to go there. I 590 us. Wow. That is I want to gain a much higher price. We got nice one down here. Modern a luxury light steel structure dog house will sell we'll have a look at these listing my word they're not giving me any images rights. OK. No images of the is a lot of information there and that is just absolutely crazy that people will find this paper will pay if you're Togadia. PERINO I mean you will pay big fee or you for your pet. And they love to show off their pets accessories as well. See more wooden houses down here. And if you can get it over cheap and get the cheap shipping you can then make it worth your time have look at it seems too much. Too much competition on Amazon. I was so angry. Eighty seven thousand nine hundred twelve results. Oh House. Some of these are like dog house type things others are not many of them are Amazon Prime meat. But yes that's pretty much it. Just to show you a couple of price comparisons that I really have. CORNISH illustrates you just the potential of what you can do. You can see it when Ali Baba and prepare prices and do things like this all day long. Ali Baba is a crazy sight. So much going on on it. I struggle to find something Ali Baba it doesn't sell. I mean it has literally everything I have for example shown here right now. Tight rollercoaster. MC Ali Baba and it comes already in my search here. And there we go. We have rollercoasters and not just not just like the old crappy rollercoasters. We're talking top of the range roller coasters here. So they're going out on look at that. That's something you find your local theme park unbelievable. Although I don't advocate you start shipping you roller coasters. That just illustrates the reality is this Web site is absolutely phenomenal. And there is so much you can do with it. It's just crazy. And there's a whole lot of money to be made on it as well. So anyway I really hope that helps you guys out. And I'm just kind of shows you what's what and what we can or we can do this and see you guys in the next match up. Thank you for watching.