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Downloading & installing Unity 3D (macOS)

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Hey, what's up, everybody? Mark Price here at Def Slope's Dotcom, and welcome to the wide World of Unity, 3D game development. We're going to start off today by downloading and installing Unity 3D. And so, as you can see here, Unity 3D dot com is the Web site you want to go to. And let's talk about a few things. Most importantly, is unity free? Yes, it is absolutely free on the pricing model, on unity is absolutely amazing. OK, and that's for the personal edition here. So if we scroll down here. You learned about all the different features of unity, what comes with it, links to how to learn case studies on unity, why you should use it, but you're taking this course. You're already here. So let's dive in over here to the pricing. OK. Free, no credit card required download. Now, what's really cool about the free version is that it pretty much has most everything that you need to build games. Some of the big things are, can I publish a game? And yes, you can. You can publish a game on the free version, but they will have a the unity 3D logo splash screen on your games. And here's a few frequently asked questions. As long as you have an annual revenue capacity or funds raised capacity of less than 100000 per fiscal year, you can create with personal. So if you haven't made more than 100000 dollars in a year for your company that's making games, OK, you can use unitive free. Does unity take royalties? Unity is royalty free. We don't charge on a per title basis or require revenue share model. OK, and the reason why is because they have a monthly subscription model if you're making more than 100000 dollars a year. So pretty cool stuff, right? So let's go ahead and download now. And it's installed the download assistant. And the process is very similar for PC. I'm just following the steps and mindlessly agreeing to these terms of services here, and this is currently unity, five point four point one F one, and they've got documentation and standard assets is they've also got example projects and they also have support for AWB was. And other platforms as well. Right now, let's just go ahead and install the standard assets that it comes with, documentation and unity itself. We'll ask you for your password if you're on Mac. And I'm going to select the Macintosh hard drive. And we're going to install it now. OK, we have finished downloading here, the installation was successful and in my case it popped up a window here showing mono developer, icon and unity 3D icon. So I'm going to go ahead and close this window here and I'm going to personally drag the unity icon over here and the mono icon over here just so I can have them here on my doc. Cool. I'll close out of this and I'm going to right click to eject the Unity Download assistant and double click the unity icon to load unity and make sure everything worked as it was supposed to. OK, if you don't have a unity account, you're going to want to get one, they are free. And here's the reason why, because one is they'll sink some things offline and offline for you, like project files and things like that. But more importantly, if you buy assets from the Unity Asset Store, you're going to want to be able to have access to those through your account. And so it's important to create an account if you don't have one already. I do have one. So I'm going to go ahead and enter mine now. And I've signed in and here we are looking good, so projects Standard Assets Example Project are getting started and we can go ahead and open up the standard assets example project. OK, click, continue. Oh, I see, um. OK, so you're going to see a window like this now. Mine has a standard acid's example project and yours may not. And that's because I previously had unity on here and I had that project on there. And so what we're going to do is we're just going to go ahead and click plus new. To create a new project here. And you can just give it any name you want, we'll just call this test project just to make sure everything is where it needs to be. You can set an organization name. You can set it as a three day game or two game. This is all looking great here. Creating the project. Fantastic. So Unity three is now officially installed and it's running here on the screen, if you are loading it for the first time like we are in this case here, it may take a while to load these things. Never been loaded a memory before and it can take some time, but nothing to worry about. Just give it a moment to think. I am currently working on an iMac 27 inch iMac, the most upgraded iMac you can purchase, and it's still taking a little bit of time. So just know that you may have to deal with that. And you definitely want to work with computers that have some type of graphical chip besides besides the hardware based ones that come in some laptops. You know, you want some type of Intel powered or AMD powered processor excuse me, the processor and then had that has also graphics card sort of meant to say like an Nvidia graphics card or radion of some kind. So that's it installed. You're are ready to rock and roll.