Unity Game Development Build 2D & 3D Games
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Unity Game Development Build 2D & 3D Games

Learn Unity game design & 2D & 3D game development & make your own C# games in Unity 3D
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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What you'll learn
  • Build 2D Unity games & work with sprites
  • Build 3D Unity games
  • Write programs in C#
  • Apply for Jr. Game Developer jobs as a Unity 3D developer
Course content
Expand all 116 lectures 35:14:35
+ Intro to Unity course
7 lectures 01:07:00

Learn how to download and install Unity and dive into the world of game development

Preview 06:39

How to download and install Unity on Windows

Preview 06:45

Build your very first simple game in Unity which will teach you the basics of the Unity editor and kick start your career in game development

Preview 42:02

Unity 3D is FREE, but learn about the different options available to you in the paid plans

Preview 03:57

Learn about the system requirements for your computer and Unity

Preview 00:12

Get a discount on 3D assets for your Unity games

BIG discount on Bitgem 3D assets on this lecture
+ Learn to code in C# in Unity 3D
6 lectures 02:16:58

Variables are incredibly important to learn in Unity 3D game development as well as any programming language.

C# variables in Unity 3D

Learn how to work with numbers and perform simple math operations in C# with Unity 3D

C# numbers in Unity 3D

Learn how to get your code to make decisions so you can build awesome Unity games

C# conditionals in Unity 3D

Learn how to store collections of data in C# arrays and learn how to loop through those arrays so you can have collections in your games in Unity

C# arrays & loops in Unity 3D

Learn how to use and design methods (functions) in Unity

C# functions & methods in Unity 3D

Object oriented programming in C# for your Unity games

Object oriented programming & inheritance in C# for Unity
+ Haunted Zombie Rush - Unity 3D game
18 lectures 03:55:39
3D Game Assets for your games in Unity

Get the basics of the Unity interface so you can get ready to build your first full game

Unity 3D interface overview

In this video we will talk about how to create a new project with Unity 3D as well as how to import 3D models into the project to prepare for use.

Project creation & importing assets into Unity 3D

We learn how to turn off the default Unity 3D lighting and skybox and how to work with materials

Working with lighting & materials in Unity 3D

Learn how to change shaders in Unity 3D and how to work with shaders that are not affected by light

Altering shaders in Unity 3D

You will learn how to switch platforms from PC to iOS or Android or any platform in Unity 3D

Switching build platforms in Unity 3D

You'll learn how to move (translate) objects in Unity 3D and then how to reuse objects

Moving objects in Unity 3D

We will build an obstacle that moves up and down using Unity 3D coroutines which allow us to wait for periods of time before performing an action

Coroutines & wait times in Unity 3D

We refactor our code using object oriented programming inheritance so our obstacle and our platforms can use the same movement code in Unity 3D

Inheritance & reusability in Unity 3D

You'll learn how to import a rigged and animated mesh into Unity 3D and then you will learn how to use Animation Controllers and Animation Clips to animate a character

Importing & animating a character model in Unity 3D

Learn how to work with physics in Unity 3D. You will learn how to use Rigidbody and how to apply force to Rigidbodies.

Unity 3D rigidbody & adding force with physics

You will learn how to play music that loops and how to play sound effects in Unity 3D

Working with audio in Unity 3D

In this lesson we'll cover how to detect collisions between two rigidbodies and also how to become a defensive programming using assertions in Unity 3D

Detection collisions & using assertions in Unity 3D

Learn how to create a game manager that manages the state of a game. You'll also learn how to properly use the singleton pattern

Game state & singletons in Unity 3D

Learn how to use a 2nd camera for a main menu screen and how to show UI on the screen in Unity 3D

Creating a 2nd camera & how to make UI in Unity 3D

This is where you will go on your own and add features to the game so you can really get the basics of Unity 3D!

Exercise - Extending your Unity 3D Game

In this video we'll teach you how to stop using the yucky MonoDevelop and how to install a much better IDE - Visual Studio Code (For both Mac & Windows) for Unity 3D

Switching to a better code editor (VS Code)
+ Devslopes Defender 2D Game in Unity 3D
22 lectures 08:23:22

An intro to our 2D game in Unity

Preview 00:59

Learn about the 2D assets that are in our Unity3d course

The 2D Game Assets for your games in Unity

In this lesson you'll learn how to import textures and sprites and how to turn on grid snapping in Unity 3D

Importing sprites & grid snapping in Unity 3D Part 1

In this lesson you'll learn how to import textures and sprites and how to turn on grid snapping in Unity 3D

Importing sprites & grid snapping in Unity 3D Part 2

Learn how to create animations from png sequences and how to work with colliders in Unity 3D

Animations & 2D colliders in Unity 3D

Learn how to use a Game Manager singleton to manage your game and how to spawn enemies in Unity 3D

Game manager singleton & spawning in Unity 3D

Learn how to work with pathfinding in 2D games in Unity 3D

Enemy pathfinding in Unity 3D

Time to code. Learn how to work with generics & singletons in C# and Unity

Generics & singletons in Unity 3D

Learn data encapsulation, spritesheets, and how to work with buttons in Unity

Data encapsulation, spritesheets, & buttons in Unity 3D

Learn how to use raycast to place towers in our Unity 2D game

2D Raycasts, tags, and placing towers in Unity 3D

Learn how to work with 2D projectiles and colliders in Unity

Projectiles, colliders, and more tower placement in Unity 3D

Learn how to create distance based attacks in our 2D Unity game

Registering enemies & distance-based attacks in Unity 3D

Learn how to shoot projectiles in our 2D Unity game

Shooting projectiles at enemies in Unity 3D

How to kill enemies and play 2D animations in Unity

Killing enemies & other animations in Unity 3D

Adding more UI and finishing touches in our 2D Unity game

More UI & finishing touches in Unity 3D

Connecting labels & buttons in our UI in our 2D game in Unity

UI Labels & buttons for GUI in Unity 3D

Creating the game logic for our game in Unity

Building your Unity 3D game logic part 1

Building our game logic part 2 in our Unity game

Building your Unity 3D game logic part 2

Adding sound FX to our game in Unity

Adding sound FX to your Unity 3D game

How to spawn random enemies in our 2D game in Unity

Spawning random enemies in your Unity 3D game

Exporting your Unity game to PC & Mac

Exporting your game as a standalone platform in Unity 3D

Download the 2D assets for this game in Unity

Unity 3D Devslopes Defender Assets
6 questions
+ Legend of Devslopes Fantasy Game in Unity 3D
21 lectures 08:18:45

Intro to our 3D fantasy Unity game - The Legend of Devslopes

Preview 00:54

In this lesson we will build our very own 3D level in Unity

Prepping the Unity project & building the level

Learn how to import the 3D models into Unity

Importing character assets into Unity

Working with animation controllers in Unity

Creating the character animation controller in Unity

Learn how to animate the player in Unity3d

Animating the player in Unity

Setup enemy pathfinding and navigation in Unity3d

Enemy pathfinding & navigation in Unity

Working with physics, rigidbodies, and weapons in Unity3d

Rigidbody and weapons in Unity

Creating enemy attack systems in Unity3d

Implementing enemy attack systems in Unity

Create player health systems in our game in Unity3d

Implementing player health in Unity

Enemy health systems and getting the player to attack in Unity3d

Enemy health & player attack in Unity

Creating a heads up display (2D GUI) in Unity3d

Heads up display / UI in Unity

Creating amazing particle effects in Unity3d

Particle systems in Unity

Creating enemy spawn points in Unity3d

How to create spawn points in Unity

Creating a manager to manage our entire game in Unity3d

Game manager singleton in Unity

We make some minor adjustments to our 3D animations in Unity3d

Adjusting animations in Unity

Creating ranged enemy arrow attacks in Unity3d

Creating ranged arrow attacks in Unity

Creating a health powerup with logic in Unity3d

Health powerup feature and logic in Unity

Creating a speed powerup with logic in Unity3d

Speed powerup feature and logic in Unity

Creating a 2d game menu in our Unity3d game

Creating a game menu in Unity

Adding the finishing touches to our 3d adventure game in Unity3d

Legend of Devslopes finishing touches in Unity

Download the assets for our 3d game in Unity3d

Legend of Devslopes Assets
7 questions
+ Devslopes Devcraft Game (MineCraft Clone)
15 lectures 05:13:03

Intro to the Devcraft Unity game you will be building.

Preview 00:45

Learn how to use Voxel Vertices And Triangles to create your first plane of cubes in Unity

Creating your first plane of cubes

Learn how to create multiple voxels in Unity

Create Multiple Voxels

Learn how to create multiple chunks of voxels in Unity

Creating multiple chunks of Voxels

Learn how to add dimensions with Perlim Simplex Noise in Unity

Adding Dimensions

Learn how to setup your textures for mobile and animated characters in Unity

Setting up textures for mobile

Learn how to setup the camera with Unity to follow your character in your game.

Camera setup for our character

Learn how to add movement to your character with Unity.

Adding movement to your character

Learn how to build and destroy blocks in your Unity game.

Building and destroying blocks

Learn how to spawn your character destroy map chunks in Unity.

Character Spawning

Learn how to rotate your character with Unity

Rotating your character

A quick walk through of some current bugs and how to fix them in Unity.

Fixing a few bugs

Learn how to add audio to your Unity Devcraft game.

Adding Audio

Learn how to build your game from Unity to an Android phone.

Building your game to Android

Learn how to build your game from Unity to an iOS device.

Building your game to iOS
+ Beginner & Advanced Lighting in Unity
8 lectures 01:29:18

In this lesson we'll learn how to make some awesome fire and aura particle effects in Unity 3D

Creating particle effects in Unity

You'll learn how to adjust skyboxes and directional lights in Unity 3D

Working with skyboxes & directional lights in Unity

Learn how to use point lights to set mood in your Unity games and then learn how to prepare for baked lightmapping.

Using point lights to create mood in Unity 3D

Learn to use spotlights and also learn how a lot of subtle changes in lights creates an amazing mood in Unity 3D

Working with spot lights & subtle light changes

Learn how to use black and white images to create lightning cutouts (cookies) in Unity 3D

How to use cookies in lighting in Unity

Learn how to bake your lightning so your games can have better performance in Unity 3D

How to bake lighting & support mobile games in Unity
Lighting Assets
+ Cinematics & Animations in Unity
5 lectures 01:06:45

An intro to the awesome cinematics we will create with Unity

Preview 01:28

Learn how to work with the Unity 3D animation editor to animate anything!

Unity 3D animation editor

Learn how to create camera cutscenes in Unity 3D with some basic scripts

Unity cutscenes, cameras, & animation events

We'll show you how to connect your camera shots and how to make a sweet cinematic with an animated character in Unity 3D

Animation curves, camera management, & character cinematics in Unity
Cinematics Assets
+ Skeletons VS Zombies MOBA With Multiplayer in Unity
14 lectures 03:23:43

An intro into our Unity multiplayer game called Skeletons vs Zombies

Preview 02:02

Setting up the Unity project

Pathfinding with Navigation Mesh in Unity 3D

Creating the camera controls for camera movement in Unity

Camera controls for MOBA in Unity

Point and click movement in our multiplayer game in Unity

Point & click movement with pathfinding in Unity

Creating fireballs and animations and particle effects in Unity

Animations & fireball particle effect in Unity

Shooting fireballs and bullets in Unity

Shooting fireballs/bullets in Unity

Get an overview of how Unity multiplayer works and how remote and client servers interact with each other

Intro to Unity 3D multiplayer

Learn how to use Unity Network Manager and how to create randomized spawn points for your Unity 3D game

Network Manager & spawn points

Learn how to write code that only affects local players and then transfer that movement across the network in Unity

Networking & player movement in Unity

Learn how to send projectiles (fireballs) across the network in your Unity game

Networking projectiles in Unity

Learn how to get game data variables to always be synchronized across all clients and the server in your Unity game

SyncVars & keeping game data synchronized across the network in Unity

Learn how to have your server make function calls to each client to keep game state up to date in Unity

Rpc & calling client functions from the server in Unity

Learn how to set up an actual Internet game using Unity Multiplayer Services and then use matchmaking to find and join an online game in Unity

Unity Multiplayer Service & online matchmaking in Unity
Unity 3D Multiplayer Assets

Time to test your knowledge of multiplayer. Understanding these concepts are super important when building multiplayer games.

7 questions
  • Must have a Mac or PC for Unity game development
  • No prior coding experience required or experience in Unity 3D

Unity Game Development Academy by Devslopes

This is the most comprehensive course on Unity 3d on the Internet. We are avid game developers and were tired of all the junk out there - teaching students how to make 3D cubes without real world game development.

This Unity course is for absolute beginners & for seasoned programmers!

This course will take you down a guided learning path. You'll learn to code in C# and then go on to build 2D & 3D games.

Not only will you build games, but you will learn how to do it the way the pros do. We'll even cover advanced topics like lighting, cinematics, and multiplayer.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  1. Installation & setup
  2. Physics
  3. Pathfinding
  4. Basic artificial intelligence
  5. Lightning & lightmapping
  6. Camera animations & cutscenes
  7. Character animations
  8. Scripting, scripting, scripting!
  9. Materials & skyboxes
  10. Sound FX & music
  11. Multiplayer over LAN & Internet
  12. Particle FX
  13. Melee & ranged battle systems
  14. Tower Defense Game
  15. Adventure Game
  16. Zombies!
  17. And a ton more....

And don't forget about our FREE chatroom where you can get live help, interact with the community, and find people to start your own game studio.

Now is the time to learn how to code and build Unity 3d games the Devslopes way!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners with no coding experience or Unity 3D experience
  • Programmers with no C# development experience
  • Game developers who want to learn Unity
  • Anyone who wants to learn Unity game development but doesn't know where to start