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So in this video you understand the meaning of Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

The above definition is obviously is a bit difficult to understand so keep watching this video to understand Augment Reality is details

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Build 15 Augmented Reality (AR) apps with Unity & Vuforia

Augmented reality (AR) tutorials on Markerless tracking, Cloud AR, 3D Object detection, + more with Unity & Vuforia

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  • Understand different forms of Augmented Reality and their applications
  • Build 15 Augmented Reality Apps from scratch for Android & iOS
  • Developing and ARBook app which will detect multiple image targets.
  • Creating an interactive business card using AR Virtual buttons
  • An AR greeting card app, which plays sound, and animation once opened.
  • Detecting a real toy car using 3D Object tracking and superimposing a digital car on top of the real car.
  • Tracking of cylindrical objects and placing digital models surrounding the cylinder
  • Placing a life size Lamborghini car in real world using Markerless tracking
  • Placing a life size drone in air using Vuforia Mid Air feature.
  • Play / Pause video's in real world.
  • Cloud recognition and best practices.
  • Understand the basic difference between Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • Students will create AR apps by writing codes in C# programming language
English [Auto] It what's up guys. Welcome back. In this video I'll explain you the concept of augmented reality. So according to Wikipedia definition Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes computer generated images on a user's view of the real world thus providing a composite view. Now obviously the above definition was a bit difficult to understand. So let me explain. Augmented reality already in simple DOPs the word augmented is basically originated from the word augment which means to add something. So in augmented reality technology we are augmenting something or we are adding something inside the real world. That is we are adding a computer generated graphics or 3D objects inside our real world. Now for using these computer generated graphics you either require an handheld device for example or a smartphone on and heads up display. For example Microsoft tolerance or medical devices like Olens would augmented reality object straight in front of your face. The hollow lens and my two heads up display are way too costly when compared with smartphone devices. Halo lens is currently priced at $3000 and my doctor who is priced at fifteen hundred dollars. The best example of augmented reality is the ball game Congo game. In this game you first have to move to a particular location. The Boogeyman is located and upon reaching that place you can see a ball come on image inside your smartphone through the smartphone's camera for experiencing augmented reality inside your smartphone. Your smartphone must contain a camera and so GPA and so extremely doesn't sell and compose and so on top of this your smartphone should also have significant processing power. That is it must have good you GP you ram except for the heads of devices like Hollonds also consist of all the sensors. So of the explaining you augmented reality and Simberg comes next. Let's look at the different types of augmented reality. So augmented reality can be classified in four types Markopoulos augmented reality Markels augmented reality projection based augmented reality and super imposition based augmented reality in McCabe's augmented reality system. You have to keep a mako in front of the smart phones gunmetal the mochel can be in the form of a queue or hold on to the image. Then this market is recognized by the camera. We can see our digital 3D object or virtual object on top of this mochel market based on my reality system is also offered as image recognition augmented reality as we are basically recognising an image over here. Next we have the Markels augmented reality Margulis augmented reality as the name suggest do not require any Markle or image for talking but instead a detect the self explain that is the floor and on top of the surface plane we can place augmented objects Mokka less. Augmented reality is also used in location based applications Willkie Mongul is the best example of Margulis fail as the book Mongol takes input from the GP and so off your smartphone. And when you reach at the place of the book and want to show in the map you can see the digital image. Next we have the projection based augmented reality so prediction based on reality basically requires a small projectile. And this is acto projects light on any Sofie's Google Glass is example of reduction based on Google Glass consisted of a mini projector which for Project light on a small prism and because of this we were able to see augmented data like time but that information and even location data in front of our eyes as a couple of years back. I'd written an article on a website covering the walking off the bus. You can check the link in the resource section to know more about the rocking of the Google Glass. The Ford type of augmented reality is super imposition based augmented reality super imposition based augmented reality is also Barnetts object diking augmented reality in superimposition based augmented reality. Replace the original view of the object that a new augmentative B for example projecting a continuity model on top of an actual object. So guys I hope from this video you would have understood the basics of augmented reality and in the next video I'll first explain you what is what's your reality. And then we will look at the differences between augmented reality and literally anything.