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English [Auto] Longer than you do the next story you'll love it as fractures and invested very well. Talking about the boundaries of history and it's very important for the Levys. So it's a special kind of this is also the movie. But this special kind go by and that allows for the addition and removal of items. So as we saw in the previous data structures in this century as structures for example this is a sequence of structures and it makes it difficult to sort of circle around. We have to sort of sequence really starting from personal and second and so on. But again something on the new structure for example this is a binary search tree. It makes it easier to search items if the key is balance it makes it easier to search again and see a lot of time talking to them doing the complexity and there are a lot of it. One that is which binary to use. Rather than using the sequential structure then sort of follow up it allows addition and removal of items and time and of time better than the linguist or you can see other data structure or those who control their structure. So in this case you're talking about the binary search tree. And this is my binary search tree this is the metric by usage. OK. So what are you this right here. If you notice this by is surgery each node is larger than you need on the left set. OK so if you see it right here it's larger than all of it's left so. Guess it's 3 1 6 or 7 it's all less than 8. And it is. Right. So all this for the you don't know which is all greater than it is in my research. You can do things to remember. So for instance each node snarkier an eight nafs This is the fourth stop and the second thing you get is it's. Is the smaller and need an X in the slot right. Yes. OK. So these are two things to is in this order here. And this is essentially my binary Sims. OK. So you can look at different notes for example because this is right here is we noticed right here at the left so you see the left circuitry on this particular and or this is smaller then we can see. One is smaller. And if you see the right of this particular know it's old meter and see this is one thing you notice in this research. So this is what this really indicates. Each node is larger then they don't get to three is greater than all the lesser of three and three. And this stuff is smaller than all of these. So this is one thing you'll notice is the next thing I want to discuss is the surgery Rongji game for example. The tree of this all the new right here. So I have the three gunmen. This is a very entertaining way here and it is so real and it will all be smaller than that. So I have five to. All the smaller stuff. And on the upside. So this right here goes right here. So with less than five so those right here and you write some feel and all of you write part of the reader than there is or do you write with your game if you see this part this part right. We're here to greater than the right part of the interview. OK so I have right here five years and left 14:30 will be less than what the issue is right here. So this is my vine research gay and that's how I want to search. You want this binary search. OK so this is right to address right of the function. This was from the function of the moon. And do I just need to find do this by means and using this idea a binary search using this this particular Rouleau by an associate. I will give you my list of things on this if you will so when the option. OK so let's see how so we'll start with you. We'll start with you first and we will compare that to is less than there is do this and then use less than 10 which means it will have to follow this sign this last game. Right. Because if you notice the rights of three it's all created and again we don't want to search the item we want to search the item less and then we just want to be absolutely. So some is ok will compare with why you do. It's less than five. You do have the number would have been greater than five we would have also the right to do is less than Y. All of the laughs. So all of this orbicular last spring. So we find do right here is who you are. We will see you do. So we're essentially wind you doing your strategy and this is the option we do. So it's a particular item in my research. So this example shows that every time he moves down to child and in one of these up in Morgan or so you could also have U.S. forces data needs. For example we could also use the larger story in order to search a particular item to explain you the durians back but that would require us to traverse large quite large parking by degrees which would result in these wars. So that's why we're using this type of search for this FREE to ERs. Yep. And this Freeville look unbalanced. So this is why this is right here is fine. Again this is the right to work your. This is an this is even more that this is my own that is. But this is still a binary search because you new game because let's of three or five. So that is fine and rights of trees and other way to think about this is you know that this beginner no biggie and this load is larger than every in the left subtree and we don't get this right. So pretty. And then he notice this. This is less than every other keys in the right. So this is less than the whole idea around supreme. And this is larger than every use in the absence of. So this is the other way to think about the by yourself. And the keys. And so the next thing we'll discuss is the abstract data type of binary search. So let us is that. And for us to think that I just revised other concepts the concept of finding a particular note in the binary tree. For example we found right to where we are. So to find the doing this particular binary search what are we do we start from here. We compare we start comparing do with this stuff is less than 40. So all of this or so we know what to do with you. So this is the way to sort in do binary search. Let us look at the astrogator right by users so abstract it or I can simply say the OK. So I just write off my new you searching. Yes he answered all right in different operations by research. You want wanted to see he bind you to use in much detail. And so we can make the loss of my research true. In creating the binary search tree. And what you can do is you can read the abstract classes why you do that and you can use the inheritance you inherited by Nietzsche and green by researching so you can inherit in inherit by the tree. OK you can inherit the by degree my research because you know that there are different types of binary. This is one of the. This is one of the title of I. This is by research there are expressions that are not a lot of types of binding. So really abstract data type abstract Dybul by Newton. And then we inherit. So we are using the inheritance concept. And so we list down the operations right here. So you can have different operations right here. So most of the operation will be inherited directly funding by by. OK so we have this search operation again. So the search we need diet this diet could also lead into your diet devil diet primitively to add up any kind of needed we get this. This could also be the user defined the type items so I'm just writing you writing down the digest all in an easy time. And so on then you have other operation warrior insert insert into the binary search guide unhappy I didn't write here. And the other operation is war the guy is our operations. We will discuss more and again in games guy it'll be long. This is the all these are the operational by these users. And then the next tutorial we got who a box surgery or B who are I don't mean the monsters who you will have the idea that we can search the my research and I will encourage you to write all on yourself before moving on to the next door.