The role of the 7 Archangels - Overview

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The role of the 7 Archangels - Overview

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The role of the archangel's over a few angels are interwoven within the culture of mind regardless of religion or belief system. Stories of Angels are a part of our heritage all the fabric that makes up human history. Recent surveys say that up to 85 percent of American adults believe in angels often references to angels refer specifically to archangels. Archangels are considered to be very powerful spiritual beings that have captured our attention for centuries. The prefix ark if you remember from your previous training means a ruling or chief in Greek. Religious texts refers to archangels as being as a high level in the celestial hierarchy. While the exact number of archangels is unknown. Many traditions and faiths reference seven angels who the seven all is also a source of debate varying from faith to faith many scriptures tell of the Archangels great abilities as healers and guides intervening with assistance in many of life's challenging situations. Various religions cultures and belief systems have named Archangel's in addition to the seven that we will work with. But each of these that we have chosen in this course has its own unique focus. Angels are a fascinating aspect of our history as a culture. Whether you believe in angels or are a skeptic the angels are there to assist you whenever you call on them. Angels are extensions of the God Goddess assisting us and carrying our prayers and messages back to the source. They understand your life's mission and want to help you accomplish it. Many have found connecting with an archangel who specializes in the area of their life where they would like to see improvement. Has had accelerated positive progress and changes and we will learn a procedure in your advanced angelic healing to do just that. Incorporate a connection with the divine by connecting with the angelic realm to experience more peace and light in your life today. What are celestial choirs. Archangels are a group of heavenly beings in the celestial choir hierarchy. And now you've met the celestial choirs before. We will briefly go over. So what are the celestial choirs the nine celestial choirs or groups of beings who do the god goddesses work and sing his her praises archangels or just on the second rung a fierce hierarchical ladder. The celestial choir of angels on the first rung of the ladder. Then just to pop them all the archangels the third wrong is the celestial choir of principalities. Then there is the choir of virtues above them is the celestial choir of powers and then Dominion's next is the choir of Thrones. And then there are the Cherubim the highest choir is the Serafin who are in the closest proximity to God the Goddess. You may remember learning about them in the Angelic practitioner course it is likely that we hear more about Angels than any other choir because their job is to help us so they are closest to our earthly level. The choir of angels is divided into bands groups if you like each with an archangel in charge. As you may have noticed Heaven is very organized. So the seven archangels you might be surprised to know all have a specific job to do. Each of these magnificent beings serve on a certain ray which means an aspect of God. They also have spiritual retreats all homes in the ferric realm above certain powerful places on Earth. Here's a summary of the seven that we will be working with that all mall but these seven asked to be included in this healing modality we will meet Michael. He is the captain of all the angels and archangels. He serves on Gods blue ray which is the ray of protection. You can ask him for both physical and spiritual protection. This includes protection from accidents crime and psychic aggression. Angel number two Archangel number two is Jawf who serves on the yellow ray of illumination. He helps you when you're studying and when you need wisdom. CHMELA is our third archangel who serves on the pink KHRAIS of spiritual love. Ask him to help you resolve relationship problems find to drop and also to locate a lost object. Gabriel is perhaps the most well known and or fourth Archangel. Christians teach that He told Mary she would give birth to the baby Jesus and Muslims believe he dictated the Qur'an to Mohammed. He She serves on the white rate of purity. Ask him to help you establish discipline and order in your life of faith Archangel's Raphael who serves on the green ray of divine healing. Ask him for the healing of your body mind sold and spirit. He is all so helpful when you need to have your physical needs met such as food clothing shelter and tools of your trade. Your Vael number six serves on the RIF piece. This re is purple and gold flecked with Ruby. Next time you have a disagreement with someone why not ask him for help in creating a peaceful resolution. And last but not least is number seven that kill. Who serves on the violet fray of forgiveness. Ask him to help you. If you are having a problem with this and also with tolerance and diplomacy he will help you bring back joy to your life. If you ask him.