Create Your First 3D Model With Blender & Import It To Unity

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Create Your First 3D Model With Blender & Import It To Unity

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Basic workflow between Blender & Unity

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Hider welcome to this video. This is Rajha from Charger games. And welcome to the very first video of Blender 3D modeling for unity game development. Now like other videos this is not gonna be a complete stuff or this is not going to be tall for you. Turrell video on Blendr but instead of that this is going to be an overview of the process that you can do whenever you want to build anything on blender. So I'm going to show you quickly how to build a really pretty basic model in blender and how you can. Exported from Blender import it to the game engine and whenever you want to change anything what are the steps that need to do. So this will give you an idea of the complete blender to unity of workflow are blinded to any other team Indians workflow. So with that being said let's get started. Now I don't ask you to learn anything about Blendr before falling this so you don't learn anything. And if you can't follow along don't worry I'm just going to show you the overview process in the next bit use We're going to learn in detail each and everything about blender OK. So let's get started. So the very first thing to do is begin to download and install blender. So I'm going to go ahead and write to blender and we're going to go to the official website Blendr dot org and from there we can click on this download button. Now are you going to download the latest version. You can download the zip version as well as the installer. I'm going to download install it right here. So I'm just gonna download the 64 bit and if you have a 64 bit you should definitely download the 64 bit version and from here I'm going to click on any of these links. I'm going to click on USA and it's gonna download for me. OK so once you have downloaded and installed blender you just want to launch it. In my case I have that here. So as you can see here is Blendr and I have opened it and minimized the Google Chrome because we won't need that anymore. So as you can see blender is opened in my computer and depending on the version that you're using you may see a different type of screens right here in this case in this version. We have the screen right here. So you just click on anywhere here and the screen will be gone. So now we have this blender interface. Now you might feel intimidating when you see this interface for the very first time. But don't worry I'm going to show you everything in little videos. But in this video we can just see the overview or just see the basic process of building something again. So right you can see we have a cube at the center of our scene. Now in Brender if you want to select something you do right click over it. So if you like this reichlich you won't like this reichlich if you select this right click OK. So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to quickly delete these. From here. OK so I'm going to press Esky on my keyboard and we can delete it. OK. Now one more thing I want to do is I'm going to show you what are the keys that are pressing right here so that you can actually see what I'm pressing. And you can follow along easily. So you don't need to do that. I'm just doing this for all your help. So I'm in Nabel screencast and I'm going to use that 22 seconds. So now you will see that you will be able to see whenever I'm pressing any key right here. OK. So now what are you going to do is we going to create a simple sphere and we're going to use it as our ball. And again to then import it into unity. OK. So to create any game object what it can do is we can go to discreate they have on the left side right here and from here we can create any of these objects. Also what you can do is we can press shift a and from Masche we can create anything from here. So from here what I'm going to do is I'm going to split this. His fear. OK. So what can it do. Is it going to create a sphere for us at the center of the screen. OK. Now you don't need to change any settings and you can zoom in to the sphere by pressing the period key on your number pad on your keyboard on your number pad period. Dot or point whatever you say you just press it. You will see that it zooms into the ball or the sphere whatever you say. OK. So once it's done what you need to do is as you can see it has a very lower number of polygons. OK. So that is why as you can see it is not fully polished object. Now if you want to make it smooth what you can do is you can go to this option and from here as you can see here it is shading. And from here if you click on this mood what will happen is it will become smooth. So are you ready. Three two one go. So now as you can see it has become smooth. But if you look closely you will see that it has become smooth but still we can see some kind of up and down over it because it hasn't really created any more vertices or any more polygons for it. But instead of that what it has done is it has created some effect of lighting due to which we are seeing it's not OK. So though it looks smooth it is not actually smooth. Ok so I'm going to get unflat to go back to the previous piu and what I'm going to do is I'm gonna Eckstine this panel a little bit on the right side and from here you can see if you have this stab right here. OK. This is known as the material stamp. So using this Dabbashi can do is using this Dabb we can actually Gip colors and materials to our objects. So if I click on that while selecting this object as you can see here we have an option to create a new material for this object. Now before doing any of these mission you were in the blender render OK because it can see from the top. Here we have a few different options. So from here we can use the blender render option because this is what we're going to use for the P-Six. OK so Blendr render. Now here I'm going to click on new to create a new material and I'm going to name this material ball because we are using it for our ball eyin down below. Here we have this diffuse option. OK. So this diffuse is the basically drop the ball. So if we click on this as you can see here we can change the color of the ball. So let's say I select this yellow light color you can obviously use any color you want but I'm just using this one. So yellow. And now what you can do is now we can make the ball really really smooth. OK. To do that they're going to do is we're going to go to this range like I can which is also known as the modifier step. And we're going to add a new modifier Now if this seems really complicated You don't need to understand anything and just showing you the overall process. We're going to learn about all of these things in little videos in complete detail so you don't to worry about that. So just click on Add modifier and from here we can do this subdivision surface modifier which is also known as subserve modifier. So if you click on that you'll see we're already seeing some smoothing effect over the ball. And if I just decreased it as you can see in the view we have one. So if I just decrease it to zero as you can see we get back to our previous option our prettiest model. That's because since age 0. So the subdivision service is not getting applied at all. So if we increase it one two three you will see three or four we will get a very smooth looking bar. And it is perfectly smooth. But you need to make sure that you don't give a lot of subserve subdivisions because that will create a lot of new polygons and it will take hard time. It will take it will become hard or it will take a lot of time to render in your game engines or will bring you any missions or anything. Ok so I'm going to keep it at three and now from the shading I'm going to click on smote sonand. It has become completely smooth. And you can see we have two things view and Ranger along with the view we going to make the Render to three as well. OK. Now I'm going to go back to this material step and we're going to give some new material to the board. So before that I can do it as you can see from the bottom we are correctly in the object mode. Now blender has a few different modes to create objects. Now currently we are in the object mode but we if we want to edit any object it is the vertices faces or make different shapes. Then we need to go to this edit mode. OK. Now you can go to the mode by pressing tab key or you can also press here and go to Edit more. So if I go to Edit mode as you can see now we see all the vertices all the edges and all these things because we are in the edit mode and we can edit this one. So now we need to rotate the ball a little bit or rodded or view a little bit to do that you need to press the middle mouse button. Or I can set the mouse wheel or the middle numbers. So if you click on the middle mouse button and then drag up you can see that you can rotate the whole field. OK so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to give this whole face a new color that say a red color so that our ball really looks cool. To do that but I'm going to do is first of all I'm going to press AA on my keyboard to de-select everything. OK. So now from the bottom here you can see we have three different modes from here. I'm going to go to this mode which is known as face select mode. OK. So if I go to this mode now as again you'll see that I can right click and select all these faces together. So we want to select this whole phase this whole loop face to do that. I'm going to press all key on my keyboard and by pressing all key I'm just going to right click on any of the faces. So all right click. And as you can see all the faces got selected. Now I'm going to do the same thing for these things as well. This face as well. So to do that. Now this time along with all right click on it to press shift all correctly so shift. All right click. OK so now we have all these faces selected. So now what are you going to do is we going to give a new color to these faces to do that. Make sure you work in the material Stabb and from here I'm going to click on this plus sign to create a new you. And I'm going to click new and I'm going to name it and read no the same way. From here I'm going to click on this thing and change the color to red not see we are changing the color but we are not seeing it in the bowl OK. Now to see it in the bowl. What did you do. Easy to scroll up and click on a sign to make sure that you have selected all the faces. Otherwise these things will not be assigned. So once it is done you just click on a sign. And now as you can see we have these great color applied throughout the ball. Now we can go back to our object mode and we can see that our object looks like this. It doesn't look very good but it's pretty good for the first object that because we are just learning the basic workflow. So once it is done now what we do is to save this project. OK. Now you will there are various different ways by which you can save the project. You can click on file and from here you can click on Save and you can save the project to any location we want. So let's say I saved the project. And as you can see here we have I am inside this pool. So inside this fall I'm going to name it ball and click on say Blendr file. Now you'll see that whenever we see any new file in Blendr see whenever we save any new finding bigger as you can see this this is saved as Dot Blen fine. So if you see here as you can see it is saved as Dodd planned for. OK. Now this is the dawdles file a blender so everything is saved here. Now if you don't want to save everything and if you simply want to export this ball so that you can import it in other game engines or other softwares then you need to export it. OK. Now Blenner fire Portland fire is basically to save the whole project so that you can continue from where you left up. But if you want to use it in other clementines are in other stuff than it exported to any A.E. any file. So from file if I click on this export button you will see we have various depende files. So if you want to export it to a 3D Studio Max file so that you can use it in a 3-D 3-D smacks or anything like that then you can export to disk and if you click on every x x is a single file for most of the game engines specially unity. So if you want to import export into unity then you can just click on this Ebix and there are lots of other ways. We're not gonna talk about that. We're going to simply go ahead and export it to an IP X-File some will click on eBay X and I'm going to export it as Baldor it picks. So click on export if B x. And our file has been exported. So this was a very basic upgrading a very simple object and exporting it to something. Now we're going to do is we're going to install unity and create a new project and we're going to import this model that we've created in our unity games so that we can use them. OK. So we're going to learn that now. OK so now that we have learned how to dodge how to create our very first model and how to export it. Now what are you going to learn is we cannot learn how to install unity or how to actually import our new game object or new 3D model into your engine. So I hope you have your video game engine installed. If you don't have just follow along and Gaillarde install it. So I'm going to go to Google and write downloads unity. Or you can simply write unity or go to unity through the com. Anything that you prefer. So here's the home page of unity. From here we can go to this get unity option or Dollard unity or anything that you see and from here you're going to need the free Personal Edition. This is this has everything that you will need. So just click on try personal and now simply click on download installer. And again it's thinker's. I have already downloaded that. So it is saying if I have and downloading the duplicated copy so you can see I have this thing downloaded. So I'm going to open it. Now what do you do. Easy to click on next and accepter agreements next. And definitely you should go for 64 bit. Click on next. And now this is the most useful thing. Most important screen now from here you need to select all the components that you want to install while installing unity. No from here though you're the editor and this is only thing that we need for this literally. Now you were if you were following along or doing anything else that you then you might need to install all these things. And if you're on a Mac then you need to click on this Mabille support. But know we need this first thing so take this one and everything else and then click on next. And now here you can see we can download all the files to a temporary location while installing the files will be downloaded. They will be saved in pretty location then the unity will be installed and the files will be gone and the second option is that I can keep the downloaded file to a location and then I can install it anytime I want. So I prefer this option. So if you have pretty much space in your harddrive then issue didn't it download and keep the file so that later on when you install it you can install it anytime you want to any location you want. The so once you have done that just click on next and the component will be installed. I'm going to click on Kancil because I have that downloaded already something I could download it one more time. So now what do you do. Easy to simply click on the unity file that you have. I'm gonna open the unity and from here I'm going to click on a new project. Now if this is the first time you're opening unity you may need to create a new account and after that you will be able to do all that. So I'm going to name this blender test course and make sure you are in the tree project and can create project and it would definitely take a lot of time be gone before it can create the complete project. OK so it has opened now. I have saved the Blendr file in this location so these are the two files that you have saved. This is the ball dot blend that Muse's the Blendr file let me upset first and this is the exported version that is Baldor f b x. Ok so if you want to export to any other Indians or any other step then you need to. Then you need this exported version. Now we can all learn how to use both of these things with unity so that you get both. You get best of both worlds and you can use any of them. So now as you can see here we have our unity open and here you will see we have an assets folder. So inside this as a spoiler we need to keep all the models all the images. All the sounds are any good has it that we need. OK so in this case what are going to do is I'm going to simply drag and drop this Baldor it be ex-spy that he have exported to these assets folder. So I'm going to drag and drop inside this folder and as it goes it is importing automatically. And you can see when we have done that we have got two files one file says Ball and another pozières materials. So inside this materials we have all the materials saved so as you can see inside the boiler We have camera lamp sphere. That's because that's a strange thing. That's because while exporting from vendor we have selected We have exported everything. And if you take a look at it in Blendr along with the ball we also have this camera. This light and lots of other things so all those things have been exported. I think I'm going to keep these things and later on you can export only the ball and delete everything in the scene. That way you will be able to export only this. OK let me quickly go ahead and show it to you so that you don't have any problems so I'm going to delete this one. Delete the materials tab folder and now I'm going to go to bed yet again. And by right clicking and I'm zooming out by scrolling my mouse wheel. OK I'm going do this. I'm going to select this light by reichlich press X delete select the camera x delete OK now as you can see here we have only this sphere. So now I'm going to go to file and export to a VX and I'm going to save it at the same name Bollaert at VS and exported VX. OK so this time it fresh. I hope it has got the new file. So this time if I just drag and drop this Vollard be X-File inside my assets folder and live with it. As you can see this time we don't have the camera and lighting and all that stuff here because we have deleted those things and exported all this thing. Ok no one would think that he forgot to mention is that if you cannot see this kind of leared day out in your utility what you need to do is from the right side you need to go to the out and click on two by three and you will see this one probably whenever you exported. You are seeing this default layout. Now there's no problem you can just drag and drop your files on this portion on the spoiler. There's no problem. OK. OK I'm going to go back to Dubai it's really out OK here we are. So as we have seen this is the ball. And if we drag it to our hierarchy you will see that we can see the ball in the scene. OK. So these are you export export. Any vendor model. Do a B X and import 8 in the unity. Now as I said you can also import files directly from the Blen file. So now we get to learn how to do that. So I'm going to go ahead and delete this ball. And if you remember here we have this boulder blend file. This the Daut blend file that we have saved from file save. Now I'm going to drag and drop this here in the assets folder. I'm not sure about other engines but unity is great. That is why it exports. I mean it imports directly the Blen file so that you don't have to worry about anything. You can just save the file and export to unity. And as always you can just drag and drop your end is you can see here we have a war. Now the best thing about saving your files in that file is this. If you click on this ball and if you double click it you'll see that because it's a dot blend file it will automatically open in Blender. But let's say we want to work on blender and we want to update it on duty at the same time. Then what to do is when you save the file inside the assets folder of the unity project. So let's say I simply go ahead and delete all these things. This one as well. So now I'm going to go to Blender click on file click on Save As and now I need to save it to the folder where I have the unity project saved. So in my case I have the entire project saved at this folder. Yeah. D'Este Unity's slash blender just cost less access. And if you cannot find it in your case. OK so you need to enable the folders by clicking on those schul folders but and as you can see right now I can see all the flowers. So from here you need to go to the location where you have your file. I have mine saved inside test unity and what I have named it Blendr discourse. And inside this message this is very very important you need to save it inside the assets folder of the unity project to which with which you are working. So inside the asid spooler I'm going to simply go ahead and save Asplin fight. So now if you open your ID you will see that automatically a new ball object will be created here and there will be imported automatically into unity and you will be able to see the changes that you have made. And obviously it is taking some time. And you can see here we have the ball object. So I'm going to drag and drop the ball to the hierarchy. And as you can see here we have the ball. So now that we have saved the for project in our assets folder of the unity project that we are working. Now let me show you something really cool. So you can just double click and it will automatically open in Blender. Now since I have already opened that in Blender I'm going to just close it and I can double click on this ball and Askenazi it automatically opens and Blenner. So now what I can do is let's say I placed a scheme to scale Cypress Yes. And I can simply scale it down to this position and click on file and save. And now that it has saved if I minimize and return back to unity you will see that the change that I have done also gets applied to unity right here. As you can see the change has been applied and it has now become small as we have there in blender and the same way I can simply click on S and make it bigger. And I can also click on the scale button right here and I get a skillet like this just for fun and I can click on File Save and now if I can return back to unity one more time. And it will obviously take some time because it's working on the changes. You will see that it will get back to the previous size and the new shape that we have done as you can see it works like this. So this is a very very nice workflow. So we can either export the file and import to unity or we can also save it as a dot blend file imported to Unity open it directly from unity and change anything you want to change and that will be automatically reflected on our unity project. OK. So there's a basic workflow or to unity how to create pretty very simple models in blender and how to import unity and to work on it. So I hope we really enjoyed this video. This is the basic process a little bit you begin to learn from the very beginning how to work with Blender we can learn about every single thing by building awesome cool projects. So I'm going to see in the next videos and have fun learning.