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Beginner: Complete Basics of SAP PO (Process Orchestration)

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  • Complete Understanding on Integration Concepts
  • Understand Concepts like XML, HTTP, Webservice, SOA and many others
  • Understand the SAP PO Architecture and Tools
  • Build Interface with SAP PO Tool
  • Introduction to SAP Process Orchestration and Process Integration
  • Understand the difference between PI and PO
  • AEX, NW BPM and NW BRM Introduction
  • Learn all the PO tool in detail
  • Complete Hands-on SLD,ESB, IR
  • Learn the testing tools like SOAPUI and PIMON
  • Complete Interface development from one FTP Location to another
English [Auto] Hello welcome to Talk. This topic is getting started and learn and understand about what this process. Read this topic is like what you can do if you're one you might be learning this course with previous understanding of what excites all individual wrong. This might be your first introduction principii indignation to wherever you are. But I assume that you are a newbie and I'm crying you understand the process of distraction. So the topic from ready taken previous horses like animal. By the way yes. So it's so obvious to me. He's happy make me laugh and all the the basics that you have been learning through in previous topics then learning Sep. He's like super easy when you think key keywords with understanding that you know these storms very well. Haven't studied this topic get basics like why did meat for indignation. And how is it being used to Saag division challenges. This action will make you feel the need for a few years back in future lessons you will learn more about architecture than church books. Let me give you a quick definition of what it is simply for you. Supercross is hard to station. What is a combo. Or what good basic say actually Afaf of the primary purpose of this tool is to serve the integration. And as it is a product like Microsoft Office sort of doing what he does. Do you feel caged reges a specific need to change and really see it as a burden. It's a combination of three different things like test processing Diggnation just [REMOVED] Beguine business process management which is SBP and business management which is beyond I'm thinking what is it that you need to understand it is a part of your job and it seemed to be a tool that is available to us and we covered everything under it. But in the section that is just the basics and the introduction. Let me give you the floor the topic that this action must be taken understand why there is actually need for the challenges of dictation or both. Is it possible just to give you some background about previous releases of you. So you might want to study. What are his biggest requirements. Also when the company you finally look at how the U.S. position on the company is super excited to start the journey of this year with you. So let's get started. Let's just understand what is the need for indignation tools and how they are rewarded. Imagine a business process of you interested to buy an iPhone first worst you were logging into an Apple site and placed the order. Apple will receive the order and then it will place the parts order from its a player to make that phone for you. Then when supported by Apple company will build the phone. Finally when the phone is ready it is shipped to you. Well I've explained the whole process in simple words but actually it's much more complex and well-defined but let's observe the business process and the systems involved. Well your application can be used to store the order shopfloor and production floor might use a custom software to run the production line. The logistics system will make sure the delivery is done. Well if you remember the topic that we discussed on MDI and Pipp those were the data standards that can be used to exchange the business communication between the trading partners like Apple might be using EDK or Pip Crick's change the communication between supplier so just to build one iPhone there might be many data exchanges to happen between the systems the need of integration is really important to make sure that business transaction and exchange between one system to another. And just to complete one business process in end also each system needs a different type of reader or a different connectivity to exchange the message. So the job of conversion of data connecting to systems and logging of messages. It typically hindered by the integration. It may not give you the view from an assault by a few companies that follows a sway based architecture where all their business process are split into souces. Now just to complete one business process all the services need to talk to each other. Right. And without the integration tool all the services will start integrating with each other and thus it will complicate the entire landscape and will be difficult to sustain. Obviously a longer run rate this does not mean it's always a wrong concept so should not be implemented. Don't have that as an option. OK. But understand that. So it does not speak about integration. You just see that when a company business process is split into mostly couple services then we say it's the idea architecture built on. So we are. So I was sort of the architecture or service based architecture well with the enterprise service bus or ESB we can solve the integration challenges and simplify the integration architecture enterprise service bus or DSP helps to integrate all services and provide an integration platform to communicate in the previous diagram. All we need to solve the complexity was a single point of integration that actually can remove the dependency from each of the service to connect and to use. It's like asking all the services to come to GSB and then yes we will decide what to do next with that request. This helps the company because now they can understand what is happening in real time and how business process or exchanging the messages USP is like a single point of integration and it removes the point to point connection between us. It's like acting like a mediator between two services to talk to each other. So by now you know ESB helps to integrate all the services together. We have actually discussed this topic previously and we have also discussed the ESB core principles in previous lessons. Just give you a brief summary. ESB architecture has the following principles that we discuss trade. So any tool in the market will say this is an ESB tool. We'll follow these principles and BPO is not the only years we do. There are many other tools in the market. But for now let me give you a brief summary of the experience. But first let's talk about our situation. Well our decision means the tool should have the ability to connect to the system and exchange the message. Transformation means convert the data from one format one in the form of transportation. Actually means ability to connect system with different protocol like hasty the or FTB dbd mess and others. Security means the message should be transferred in secure manner and no one should be able to sniff or hack the message packets. Governance means able to govern the entire business process like we should have them wanting to restart stopping capability logs audit maintenance complete lifecycle of the application should be available. The business process management means ability to define business process and connect systems. The service won't do it directly. They should use DSP to talk to each other and execute the business process. Well these are the principles that integration to our ears told us to follow that. Look at the entire into an indignation diagram with P and you well PIII RPO is only as between which means B.A. or PR supports all the arbo core principles that we just discussed. So P-A are you has this ability to connect to any system using different connectivity types like FTB is TTP. So really busy and many others it can convert data from one format to one of the former Alexia's we do axonal and many others. It can transport data in secured manner using certificates or in encrypted format. It provides the more tools deployment an entire application lifecycle tools to manage the integration. Also it has the BBM capability to run the business process. I know you might be confused. What is a difference between PIII and b you and I keep saying B.A are you. Well it's deep dive into what is API and what is new and understand where it belongs in the nick Weaver family. You might have seen this happen that we were de-glam previously in the escapin in a previous topic. So to recap escapin it people is a technology platform that combines many tools and applications together which actually forms an ecosystem and it solves challenges around people process and information. Well that's what we learn right. So people will fall under the process section of the escapin agreeable family pew as I described previously stands for process or just ration and P-A stands for process integration. Peel is a product. It's a combination of B B B and B at him. That's why below is called as a combo product. Right. And it has many tools in it and ph is the integration to all the people which actually has collection of many tools inside to building interface monitor the interface and run the interfaces. So when you see you know view you actually means you know API and even the BBM when during the BRM really dome's of deployment of the c.a.p be you. So when someone see your rants on it we were right. I said keep your users job only so far from the underlying SMP application server to run. And it can be configured to use made it best like Macs to be Oracle etc.. Let's try to understand in detail about SFP you. So here in this diagram I'm showing you how the essay you describe. I know there is a new word a X which stands for I want adapter engine extended. X is a new term being used instead of B because of its history first Sep integration tool was called excite then that he named it to be. And after that they started adding new features like Edwins adapter engine which was easy. And then it improved that key to a fix. Now at this stage P-A and ADX is actually the same thing. The major difference between P-A and eaks is that they can be installed on Java plus about but AIX is only Java only installation. So when someone sees a x box then it actually means you to jog only box. So using X instead of B it helps to explain things in the right way. We can use when we refer to API because we don't know be-I as about Pless Java RPA as Java only but with edX. Now we can differentiate be-I as job only. Well I have a separate section to talk about P-A was Haspiel. That's a complete topic just to talk about what are the internal architecture hoti has been deployed and why there's a difference between B.A.A. was a spill. So for now let's give the definition of a PPO as simple as typeless BBM BlackBerry. Also remember when even the lesson when I say a fix it is just job only installation and is also completely a job only installation. Next let's talk about each of these components and then understand been a bit like what is a fix and it's benefits. What is BBM and its benefits and then what is Billiam you can now visualize the X as the hospital which actually helps to integrate all the application services together and you can have some tools and components in it and then we'll go to that little section but understand that it will help to connect systems and act as an integration tool. Also ADX does not have the VPN capabilities it is the BBM component that has the BBM capabilities. Well let me ask you this. Can you define or explain what is it called as say preprocessors gestation. Why it is called as our gestation. What is the real meaning behind it. Well let me try to explain it via a very simple terms. Well if you really know the answers like why the process are to striation is used for this integration done then the comments section and cheere definition. Well let me give you a simple definition that you can remember and use it anyway. Well I have shared this lightly in the previous section during the lesson let me do a recap orchestra means a group of musicians playing different instruments orchestration in general English means arranging two or more things together. Whatever it is it's really in the context of SILVIS arranging two or more services together to achieve a desired result. It's called us. So with our gestation and in the context of ESB. So with artist creation is a process of integrating two or more services together to automate a business process. And now there is a process orchestration helps to combine all the subprocess together to fulfill a business process. So people actually has this The acts as any as B and B PM to run the business process together. It's called us process or discretion. Simple enough that we now go through the history of CPB I'll quickly give you a very high level perspective from where I started to you know the terms that was used previously but I'm not too particular about the date and features and all that that's a different section to it. But what I want to focus on what are the version numbers and what this called us. Just to help you understand the terms that was used previously the number 1 2 3 listing or Tier 1 means let's look at the version of. And the X that to really talk about was not ppm and we had him and 3 we'll talk about the process or just attrition. Okay. Which actually a combination of a split PPA. So first let's look at PIH evolution and history. The Complete History of P-A and the ex and its previous releases. And I want to show you the names like Excite be-I and the X which is now so you can see the different version numbers and the year and actually the dual name first it was called as Exide then it is called SBI. Somewhere around 2005 and then now it is called us a X next is the composite environment really we haven't talked about C as of now. Right. Well just to understand this new word composite in Lonmin is actually in a New York Minute 200 basis being that we would love ppm and other stuff. Well remember that BBM in previous version like Excite and be able the CC VPM which were about based and did not use C at all. It was just an built in workflow feature of Ixion be mostly on the stack. And I understand it Ixion P-A was developed using abab and Java. So the PM was using abab sober to run the business process. It was very integrated inside the Pulitzer's. Well with you or when the X was released but was completely removed from the internal architecture. So you mentioned about first remove the CCV APM was also moved from the abstract and then it was moved what was that VPM we just called us in the blue VPM and this NWP PM completely run on this composite environment which actually runs on Java engine but your composite environment is generally used to double up and deploy the beams. That is the reason in context of an WBM composite and we don't meant was available from 2007. It's just that it was used by a trade job only installation. Also understand that soon as people go away from this dual stack to singlestick to support many call features like cloud integration. So it is important for you to get familiar with composite. And we don't want rather than CCBN. Next is the overview of your evolution and history. You can see the support of C NBA together. That's where the PGA has the capability to play on job only installation. So once the EPA has this capability of job only installation you didn't have to see CBP at all. And that's when this came in Beacher and helped and provide this beeping feature to pay. And now they say BPU it's the Java complete Java only installation. That's why it's officially said that Beow is a combination of PIII place in the blowby PM and plus BRM and then BBM and BRM Rembrandt's and develop using this composite in Iran. Now let's look at the dates of all the three components like what are the benefits and what does it help to do. Like a x b b and b are just to make sure you completely understand this component. This is the diagram that actually shows the system that I used in the enterprise company. They will have like CRM portal D-B hitcher finance and many other systems in the landscape. And without the ESB they make a point to point connection and make the indication very very complex. Well we understood that a fix can help to integrate all the systems and exchange the messages. AIX plays the role of a middleman career and a translator. Let's look at the duties of the X when X helps to route the messages to decide to one to one one to many or many to one. It helps a transformer convert the data from one format to one of the format. It also provide secure transaction between two systems. It has the ability to talk to provider or consumer in the language of protocol. Well also the morning tools are provided to do an end to end monitoring for audit purposes. It also maintains the version of the code and provide easy to develop in his own mind. That's basically the duties of the axe that's known and the BPA let's look at how ppm are used. PPM stands for business process management. This is an example of business process used to approve a travel budget. The business process is started when the request to submit a request for travel approval. Let's imagine it's an escapee portal portal can send a message to a x and then x can calculate the price then based on the amount if the amount is greater than 5000. It can send an e-mail to the manager to approve the request. Or if the amount is less than 5000 it can send a signal back to the portal stating that D'Aquisto is auto approved. The process is completed when approval is sent back to the people. Well if you observed the process steps and each steps has to perform some kind of operation. So you need to organize all the steps in a sequence so that a business process is completed. Well BBM and Chile are used to lay out all the steps in a sequence and execute in the same order and BBM still uses the X for connectivity and are being purpose and BBM we're just used to execute the steps in sequence. Let's look at the benefits of the BPA. Well VPM supports human centric and systems centric process which means VPM can wait and take inputs from human to proceed further on automatically decide the next course of action in the process. Now with BBM we can see what happened with the request in two and has one process. Well being a x and B PM separate it means a X can handle the connectivity and routing and VPM handling the business process. We can quickly add up to business changes. We can also monitor from when the message received tell what response is sent back including what are the business steps executed in one dashboard. That's basically the end to end process monitoring. Let's not look at BRM which stands for business rules management BMI rules yes business rules that we can define outside the BBM. So when you have a business rule that can change any time those rules we need to define or hard code inside the VPM with BRM we can define these rules and then BBM can use it during the process execution. So if the rules are not matched then BBM will adapt to the changes accordingly like the travel approval request process. Just we have seen VPM can have the entire business process and now the BRM can have only the tools of Almont limit that requires manager approval. In the diagram I have highlighted with a low box it is the door which can be defined in B or him and it can be changed any time without doing anything inside the BPA. So powerful right. So when a company decide to manager approval is required for amount less than 2000 or maybe a greater than five seven thousand nine to please you to adopt this business changes. All we have to do is just to change the VRM and the VPM we actually accept it. Right. So let's look at the benefit of the B at him when we are him to separate the logic and the data the logic in BBM and the role in the BRM it actually provides a central repository for all the business rules. Right. It can change by business themselves based on the company's direction and organizations are unable to make the business decisions. It means organization can now make the decisions of changing the business tools by themselves. When all the changes that we are doing in the BRM are basically realtime and no update with ppm required or no real deployment of the BPL quite typical right. Hope you have got a fair idea on what is being a BBM and BRM. And it just let us go to the last topic on the positioning of the X you need to understand where Beuys position in the entire system architecture. Well there are generally three layers in the system architecture diagrams. The top layer is the presentation layer the middle layer is the layer which is the indignation layer and the third layer is the black actually on which the third party or the back end systems are reliable and the service are enabled in those systems. Let's understand each of that list the presentation layer is nothing but the medium through which the user can communicate like more by System Model in a browser. It can also be called doesn't usually are also using which they use to communicate and people use the indignation layer which helps to transfer the data from presentation layer to service enable applications which is the back and let you provide the tools using which truly can interact with each other. And people we have seen has BBM to run business processes we are poor rules management and the x4 integration like connectivity and routing and the souces that has been developed in RPO can be maintained discovered and managed in the enterprise service repository. I know we haven't discussed about enterprise servers repository but if you refer to the steel section of the lesson we have talked about UDD. So enterprise is preposterous. Nothing but the real deal. And this can be published searched and discovered by using what can be seen as unlock pages. So we said history right. And all the services in the service registry can be exposed way or the pilia the presentation layer can call these services in the head but in Dunnes it depends on the back end system to complete the service because the actual implementation of this is using the backend system bialy it is just an abstract layer assemblies to the back and so he says you can think it like a medium to transfer or call this obvious from the player or from the. The bottom layer is a service enabling in reach the services are enabled in the application which can be used to complete a job. You can imagine as a service in each of this application. Right back end application could be had Chouteau finance system which offers various services and these services within the systems like hitcher is actually implementation of logic. So understanding the positioning of your in the overall system architecture is very important when you're trying to build an interface and when you're trying to define the architecture of the interfaces you're know where we should put what or don't be confused with the presentation layer indignation layer and the back end layer. So below you see indignation late right. I hope this will give you a solid understanding of where and how that is being laid out. Well that's the end of the story. If you have any questions regarding the topic of discuss or any clarification on this topic please feel free to join the discussion before the break and spend time trying to get all these features that some people get very focused on the kind of questions without hesitation to that end this presentation. Thanks for listening to the section of the force. Hope underfeeding.