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In this video, we walk through the Amazon seller dashboard known as Seller Central.

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English [Auto] This is your Sellar central dashboard when you log in to Sellar central. This is where you start. There are a couple of things that you can see right away that are very important to track for your business. The most important is not over here where the sales data is. That's nice. Everyone likes to see sales but actually the most important thing is right down here by your messages. The reason being Amazon is a customer centric company. They want to make sure they have happy customers so if a buyer contacts you they want to know that within 24 hours that buyers received a response so that's why you have the under 24 hour target which is good. They want you to hit it under 24 hours or over 24 hours which is a negative. So always check that first. Make sure you're catching those by your messages and responding promptly. In the last several months I've had I believe to buy or messages seen none in the last 30 days. And if I click up here I can actually see the last 365 days. And there have been just a handful of messages. So no big deal. You very rarely get contacted by a customer. If you do get contacted you simply respond to them quickly and get on with your day. So back to our dashboard which you can always even if you're at your messages. For example if you want to get back to that dashboard just click on the Amazon Sellar central in the upper left hand corner. Always takes you back to that page. You'll get right above that we have the claims requiring action. That's eight as he claims and chargeback claims. Eight is the guarantee claims are a customer's last resort. To tell Amazon I am not satisfied. I've tried to work with the vendor. I did not get the service that I wanted. It's up to you to make things right. You do not want eight as he claims. Take care of your customers. You'll never have to worry about a claim being filed in over a year and a half of doing Amazon. I've never had a single. It is a claim chargeback claim is when a customer says I paid for something with a credit card. I did not receive my product where it was not what I expected and they go through the credit card company to deny the charges and try to get refunded. So the credit card guarantees that's what comes as a chargeback claim. You do not want chargeback claims but those are not quite as avoidable because you don't always know when a customer has contacted their credit card company to deny payment. I did have one of those last year where a customer said that they did not receive a product that they purchased. I submitted my proof of shipping the proof that it was delivered to the address through the tracking of the package and Amazon took that information and said I was in the clear. I did not have to pay the chargeback claim and there was no problem against my metrics. So if you happen to get an aid as a claim or a chargeback claim. Just respond immediately with the information that Amazon requests but they are very very rare. You can also go into your account health. This will give a quick overview of all your metrics so you can see the targets over here on the right hand side and see how you're doing compared to those metrics. And if you scroll down there's just more information on time delivery order defect rate. All that kind of information. Those are all the metrics that Amazon is tracking and last 90 days. I am ninety seven point seventy nine percent positive. Those are mostly perfect orders every now and then something gets received by a customer that is defective or it's returned for some reason. Know they didn't like the product it's not what they expected. Those returns counted against you slightly but it's nothing to get too upset about. So we go back to our dashboard right up here we have our orders. If you merchant fulfill the orders that you receive will show up here under fulfilled any orders that you sell FBA show up under the fulfilled by Amazon to view your orders. You can click View orders which shows you everything that you need to see or if you have pending M.F. orders you would just click on those individually up here and it'll take you in to your orders. Right now I don't have any because I don't do much merchant fulfilled. I don't even check my fulfilled by Amazon other than just an overall view of what orders have come in. This is YOUR MONEY. This is this is the one that we all like to see grow. You have your seven day sales 15 day sales 30 day sales. The number of units that you saw during that time your last dispersement and then your pending balance for your next disbursement. So that's everything that I see when I first log in I just kind of look at all those different aspects of my sellers and dashboard. You can also go into your inventory which is to manage him and Torri at a product those type options you can go into your manager waters here as well as to view orders advertising if you're running an Amazon ad or if you have a coupon code that you're offering to customers. That's where you would go in to manage those. And then your reports one report that I want to show you that I particularly like his reports business reports that we'll show you how many units you've sold for today. Yesterday same day last week and even same day last year you can see your HSP average selling price units sold orders for the day. And then you can even go over here to the bias in detail page sales and traffic and that's a sort of bull report that will show you how many units you've sold of a particular MCU how much total gross sales you had on that IMS You lot of valuable information. So that's a report that I check very regularly as well. Really that's about it other than clicking on some different lengths and just becoming comfortable with the seller central dashboard. That's all I look at. And then I go on with my business and check whatever it is that I need to look at. But this is this is where it all starts.