The 21-Day PreDiet Weight Loss Program
4.2 (15 ratings)
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1,793 students enrolled
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The 21-Day PreDiet Weight Loss Program

In 21 days, psychologist Dr. Sean Sullivan walks you through 10 steps to train your brain to master losing weight.
4.2 (15 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,793 students enrolled
Created by Sean Sullivan
Last updated 9/2014
Price: $30
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 23 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • You will learn how to identify your SELF DEFEATING CYCLES: Your repetitive cycles of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that contribute to sabotaging your movement toward your weight loss goal.
  • You will transform your SELF DEFEATING CYCLES into powerful advocates for creating the body and life you want to live.
  • By the end of your 21-Day Master Weight Loss Program you’ll be a Weight Loss Master and you'll be losing the weight you want to lose.
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  • Complete The 21-Day Master Weight Loss Program at your own pace to rewire your brain with new habits that program you to lose weight.

View The Six Phases to Mastering Weight Loss Report AND watch Dr. Sullivan's FOX NEWS weight loss interview in FREE LECTURES #1 AND #3 further below on this page to learn what Stanford University discovered about PreDietingtraining your brain to lose weight before you begin your next dietno matter what diet you choose!

For 21 days, Harvard graduate, author and clinical psychologist Dr. Sean Sullivan walks with you step-by-step, applying the latest brain science to train your brain to master your strengths and obliterate your weaknesses. You'll create completely new brain patterns that enable you to healthily and sustainably lose the weight you choose to lose. Each day of your 21-Day Master Weight Loss Program begins with a very personal brain training video from Dr. Sullivan followed by your targeted Master Weight Loss Challenge. Progress at your own pace through 21 days of creating your personal NEW LIFE MAP leading to the body (and brain) you want. You'll be a Weight Loss Master losing the weight you want to lose.

"Dr. Sullivan is a game-changing new voice in the psychology of peak performance." - Mark Sanchez, NFL Quarterback


Obliterate The Vicious Brain Cycle That Makes You Fat

More than 90% of people who lose a lot of weight gain it back because of The Vicious Brain Cycle. Rather than changing your brain in a desired way, most diets end up tricking your brain into a short-term, unsustainable program of body manipulation. Over the long term you are actually training your brain to want to eat more, not less (New York Times).

The Vicious Brain Cycle

1. You feel overweight so you start a diet and lose some weight.

2. You hit a limit and begin to gain some weight back so you feel bad.

3. Within a year you are almost always coping by eating more and gaining all the weight back and often gaining even more weight.

We have all heard of the thousands of diets—Atkins, South Beach, etc. It turns out, diets are almost always a formula for weight gain, not weight loss. They create “The Vicious Brain Cycle” because they fail at dealing with the heart of the weight loss problem.

When you train your brain correctly, though, you actually want to eat and live differently. Your brain becomes extremely clear about how much you hate unhealthy food running your life. You come to see overeating, and foods that are bad for you, for what they really are—your massive enemies preventing you from feeling and looking good.

Your brain ultimately controls what you want and what you do. So, the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to make intentional and sustained changes inside your brain. You need to train your brain to want to eat well by creating a Self-Promoting Brain Cycle so it becomes fait accompli that you drop weight and keep it off.

I'll show you how to apply the discoveries of brain science to annihilate The Vicious Brain Cycle from your life. You will create new brain habits that ensure lasting changes in your brain and body. Your life will feel different, happier and healthier. You'll feel better because you’ll be rewiring your brain to lose the weight you want to lose.

I’ll show you how do it. That’s what I do.

Dr. Sean Sullivan,

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in applying cutting-edge brain science to achieve a personal weight loss goal in a healthy and sustainable way.
  • Dr. Sullivan asks that you only enroll in one of his 21-Day Mastery Programs. You may choose from The 21-Day Master Stress & Anxiety Program or The 21-Day Master Weight Loss Program.
  • The 21 daily brain training videos you will encounter during this program are grounded in the latest cognitive neuroscience. For consistency of training, each of Dr. Sullivan's 21-Day Mastery Programs uses many of the same daily videos. Meanwhile, the daily "Challenges" you will complete, and the "New Life Map" you will be creating as you progress through your 21 days of mastering weight loss, are specifically designed to guide you to master that specific goal in your life.
  • The way to begin mastering any life goal is to bring a full intention to succeed. This 21-day mastery program is designed for people who are committed to mastering weight loss.
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When you have watched the ORIENTATION VIDEO and then downloaded and reviewed the “Six Phases of Mind Mastery for Mastering Weight Loss” PDF located in the following Lecture, you have completed your 21-Day Master Weight Loss Program Orientation and you are ready to move on to Day 1.

All the cutting-edge psychology and brain science training you will encounter during your Mind Master Program is accurate. Just as in the book version of The Mind Master Program, though, I have altered a few personal details within The Video Programs either to protect confidentiality of the innocent, or to best highlight particular aspects of your Weight Loss Mastery Program.

You have an incredible ride to look forward to. This program will change your life.

Best of luck on your journey!

   Dr. Sean Sullivan

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Just a tip: Sometimes the Udemy platform runs slowly. If a Lecture is taking a while to display, or doesn't seems to be coming at all, you can download the file below this message. You should be able to view it on your desktop that way. Good Luck! Dr. Sean

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Welcome to Day 1 of your 21-Day Master Weight Loss Journey! 

You have an incredible ride ahead of you. I am thrilled to be making this journey with you. Let’s go…

During PHASE 1 of your journey, you’ll begin to learn to turn off your stress and anxiety and be aware of what is actually going on inside you and around you.

IN THESE NOTES BESIDE EACH DAY’S VIDEO, I'll be highlighting a few “Key Ideas.” These ideas are meant to orient you each day by highlighting a few of the upcoming themes so that you are primed for a successful day. Today's "Key Ideas" are presented below.

Day 1 Key Ideas -

1. There is an ongoing conversation always taking place inside your brain and body- inside your INNER WORLD. This conversation is called your INNER DIALOGUE. You will be introduced to your INNER DIALOGUE today. Then, you will begin to listen to your INNER DIALOGUE during today's Master Weight Loss Challenge. You will come to learn that your INNER DIALOGUE greatly influences your life, and determines whether you can achieve your goal.

2. It takes 21 days to develop new habits and incorporate them into your life. The Master Weight Loss Program is carefully designed around this idea. Beginning right now, you have 21 days to create the habits that will allow you to master weight loss. We are going to target your own weight loss goal, and create a strategic path for you to achieve that goal.

Up until now, your biggest problem was in you falling back on your bad habits. You created your own obstacles to success.  All this is going to change. The Mind Master Program trains you to THINK, and therefore ACT, strategically. You’ll first learn to remove the haze that disguises your bad habits so you can notice what is actually going on inside your brain and body. Then, I’ll show you exactly how your brain works to produce your life. By the end of these 21 days, you will have everything in place to achieve your weight loss goal.

3. You will spend less than 1 hour per day and in return you will get a lifetime of mastery in 21 days. The only way this program won’t work is if you do not complete your daily tasks. Rewiring yourself into a Weight Loss Master takes time and effort. The Mind Master Journey is not easy but it is extraordinary. Make the most of what I show and achieve your weight loss goal!

*Please plan on printing out each of the Daily Mind Master Challenge PDF Lectures you will encounter during your Master Weight Loss Program. The Challenges include questions that you will be answering and you will be referring back to them throughout your 21-Day Program.

Now, on to your Day 1 Master Weight Loss Challenge

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Day 1 Master Weight Loss Challenge
13 pages

Download, save and print out THE MIND MASTER DAILY RITUAL AND GLOSSARY. You will be referring to this document on each day of your 21-day journey. 
The Daily Ritual and Glossary
7 pages

Taking this quiz will reinforce what you learned on DAY 1.

DAY 1 Brush Up Quiz
4 questions

Welcome to Day 2 of your 21-Day Master Weight Loss Program!

As new brain science mysteries have been solved over the last several years we’ve come to see how much of achieving your goals is determined by how your INNER WORLD is functioning. Since your INNER WORLD is inside your body, Day 2 is focused on increasing your awareness of your body.

Today you'll practice ‘noticing your body.’ And you'll add the habit of intentionally 'noticing your body' into your day-to-day life.

Day 2 Key Ideas -

1. If you come to know your INNER WORLD as well as you know your OUTER WORLD, just as you are able to take strolls through your OUTER WORLD, you will also be able to take strolls through your INNER WORLD.

2. We each encounter similar voices in our INNER WORLD- in our INNER DIALOGUES. As you observe your INNER WORLD over the coming weeks, you'll notice that your INNER DIALOGUE revolves around some of the same themes as mine does. 

3. Today, I want you to remember a central Mind Master message: Your life is directed by what you are 'saying' to yourself in your INNER WORLD- in your INNER DIALOGUE. So, your weight loss goal will be achieved by making intentional INNER WORLD changes to ensure the OUTER WORLD changes that you desire. 

Now, on to your Day 2 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 2: Body Awareness

Day 2 Master Weight Loss Challenge
6 pages
8 Lectures 19:20

Welcome to Day 3!

You've officially completed PHASE I of your Master Weight Loss Journey. Beginning today, in PHASE II, you will identify how your brain works and exactly how you process information. Once you know how your mind works you’ll be in an increasingly effective position to master it so you can rewire it to lose the weight you want to lose!

Day 3 Key Ideas – 

1. The Mind Master defines your SELF as the product of your ongoing INNER DIALOGUE—a process that evolved, and that continues to evolve, to improve humans’ chances of surviving.

2. The more clearly you come to recognize that you maintain an INNER DIALOGUE almost all the time, the more evident it becomes to you that you can remain "separate" from your SELF by listening to what your SELF is ‘saying,’ or thinking, or imagining in any moment. By the time you master your mind, you will be a master of directing your SELF to create the life and body you want.

Now, on to your Day 3 Master Weight Loss Challenge...

Day 3: Emotions, Instincts and Impulses

Day 3 Master Weight Loss Challenge
6 pages

Welcome to Day 4!

Did you remember to track your first thoughts of the day when you woke up this morning? It's a helpful strategy for getting to know your INNER DIALOGUE and so learning to get your day off on the right track.

Day 4 Key Ideas - 

1. Each event that occurs in your life, whether it’s an invisible event like being ignored when you want attention or a visible event like hurting your leg, creates an invisible sequence of reactions in your INNER WORLD.

2. Prior to developing the skill of monitoring your INNER DIALOGUE in real-time, it is very hard to recognize the reactions that occur inside you when something that you don't like occurs.

3. Just as improving at any skill occurs over time, trust that your attention to your INNER DIALOGUE requires some time and practice to produce lasting results. Remind yourself of the reason for continuing with effort each day: Achieving your goal of losing the weight you want to lose in a healthy and sustainable way.

Now, on to your Day 4 Master Weight Loss Challenge...

Day 4: Your Important People

Day 4 Master Weight Loss Challenge
7 pages

Welcome to Day 5!

Your brain automatically reacts emotionally to certain events the moment they happen. So, you need to learn how to identify emotions as they emerge. Then, you can observe how they specifically impact you to prevent desirable body and brain habits. Today you’ll begin to look at the immediate, automatic, emotional reaction you experience when an event takes you out of your comfort zone. I call that reaction a KEY MOMENT.

Day 5 Key Ideas - 

1. Through consistent attention, Mind Masters develop synergy between their thoughts and their consciously chosen vision of themselves. In turn, each Mind Master creates a vital opus in the form of his or her INNER WORLD, which is reflected as his or her external life—a timeless gift to the world that can ripple through the ages.

2. Change in your brain--rewiring your brain to achieve your weight loss goal--requires ongoing focus and intention. Strategies that increase your focus create more rapid change. To accelerate your weight loss mastery, today you focus on learning to recognize your KEY MOMENTS.

Keep up the good work!

Now, on to your Day 5 Master Weight Loss Challenge...

Day 5: Key Moments

Day 5 Master Weight Loss Challenge
8 pages

Welcome to Day 6!

The daily work you are doing is systematically rewiring your brain to achieve your weight loss goal.

Today, I’ll show you how to notice your KEY MOMENTS in real-time, and then how to follow the emotional ride through your INNER WORLD that your KEY MOMENTS can lead to.

Day 6 Key Ideas –

1.  Today you will continue to focus your attention on your own KEY MOMENTS-- those unpleasant impulses, sensations and emotions that can easily shift you out of your emotional comfort zone if you don’t know how to notice them. Eventually, I’ll show you how to use your KEY MOMENTS to rewire your brain for healthy weight loss.

2.  Being able to NOTICE and FOLLOW KEY MOMENTS is essential to the process of rewiring your INNER WORLD to achieve your weight loss goal.

Now, on to your Day 6 Master Weight Loss Challenge...

Day 6: Inviting a Key Moment

Day 6 Master Weight Loss Challenge
8 pages
12 Lectures 24:42

Welcome to Day 7! 

Today marks the beginning of PHASE III of your Video Journey! In PHASE III, you learn how your emotions are creating negative reactions that impact you.

Keep up the excellent work!

Day 7 Key Ideas – 

1.  It’s a good time to remember that in The Mind Master Journey, your SELF is defined as the INNER WORLD consequence of your ongoing INNER DIALOGUE.

2.  Today you will begin ‘working on your SELF.’ Working on your SELF entails paying attention to, and eventually interacting with, aspects of your INNER DIALOGUE in ways that bring the patterns of your SELF’s experience and behavior into your awareness. This skill is helpful to mastering your life since the patterns of your emotions and behaviors are driven by the patterns of your INNER DIALOGUE.

3.  Today you will learn about how the various aspects of your INNER DIALOGUE that you have become acquainted with during the first week of your journey often distract you from moving strategically toward your weight loss goal.

Now, on to your Day 7 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 7: Mapping a Self Defeating Cycle

Day 7 Master Weight Loss Challenge
13 pages

Welcome to Day 8, the beginning of the second week of your Mind Master Video Journey!

Just as you might prepare your home to soothe you at the end of the day by providing you with a suitable resting place from which to seek your daily reconnection to what you most value in your life, with each new day of effortful engagement and attention you are developing a timeless, rooted home inside your brain and body.

When you are rooted in your body, and connected to what you value, moving toward your goal is a natural consequence. Keep up the great work!

Day 8 Key Ideas – 

1.  Each day of performing your Daily Ritual strengthens your connection to your body, helps define your new life and will bring your weight loss plan into increased clarity.

2.  Brain science has taught us that each emotion, thought or imagination you have leaves behind a trace in your brain cells. These traces have consequences. One consequence of negative thoughts is that they increase the likelihood of you repeating associated emotions, thoughts, imaginations (and consequent behaviors) in the future.

3.  As you know now, The Mind Master calls the shift your INNER WORLD makes when it devolves into destructive INNER DIALOGUE, a "SELF DEFEATING CYCLE." You will learn additional details about SELF DEFEATING CYCLES today.

Now, on to your Day 8 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 8: Thomotions Part I

Day 8 Master Weight Loss Challenge
11 pages

Welcome to Day 9!

Today is a day of extreme honesty! Identifying your own SELF DEFEATING CYCLES in real time, as they arise in your INNER WORLD, is fundamental to Mind Mastery. The next step is to learn to identify your cycles when they are not active. So, today you'll take a hard look at how you've experienced and coped with some important past events in your life.

Day 9 Key Ideas – 

1. You now can intentionally observe and recognize some specific patterns that repeat within your SELF. This is a vital step to Weight Loss Mastery.

2. Today we’ll begin to shift focus to developing your capacity to cultivate the freedom to intentionally choose your life so you can begin to master losing weight.

Now, on to your Day 9 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 9: Thomotions Part II

Day 9 Master Weight Loss Challenge
9 pages

Welcome to Day 10!

You're on the 10th day of watching your INNER WORLD more closely than ever before. As you continue to observe you will increasingly recognize human life as an ever-unfolding inner journey in which new a SELF STORY can be chosen, so long as you know how your INNER WORLD works.

Day 10 Key Ideas -

1. The silent, peaceful, limitless, creative process you are moving closer to inhabiting with each passing day—the process of achieving your weight loss goal by applying language and imagery to define and create your life experience—is an elegant, earned gift of being a conscious human. This gift allows you to live a life of free will.

2. When you know your SELF well enough, you can learn to rewire your SELF. Today is focused on taking another step toward creating a new brain system designed to achieve your weight loss goal.

Now, on to your Day 10 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 10: Thomotions Part III

Day 10 Master Weight Loss Challenge
9 pages

Welcome to Day 11!

Today you will begin a sequence of Challenges called BRAIN MAPPING. Since you’ll be putting to use what you’ve learned so far, I have more Key Ideas than usual for you to review today. Let’s get right to them…

Day 11 Key Ideas - 

1.  There are a handful of fundamental realities we all confront and experience as human beings. These realities of living as a human being have been identified by philosophers throughout the ages as the EXISTENTIAL GIVENS of the human condition. The EXISTENTIAL GIVENS render human psychological life unique because THESE QUESTIONS ENSURE THAT OUR BRAINS OUR WIRED IN CERTAIN WAYS.

2.  For one, we humans are the only life form who knows we are mortal, and therefore, we also know that those around us are mortal. No other life form is aware that it is not going to live forever. That changes things!

3.  We humans also require enormous amounts of care from others to survive our early life.

4.  Finally, we humans developed “language” to try to make sense of our existence.

5.  A Weight Loss Master knows that each of the EXISTENTIAL GIVENS provokes a vital question that needs to be answered. Today I am going to introduce those questions. The way you answer those questions is vital to how you experience your life and whether you achieve your weight loss goal.

Now, on to your Day 11 Master Weight Loss Challenge...

Day 11: Brain Mapping

Day 11 Master Weight Loss Challenge
10 pages

Welcome to Day 12!

Besides Day 1, today is often the longest Challenge day in The Master Weight Loss Program. I've kept today's video nice and short so you can get on to your Challenge. Depending on how your EXISTENTIAL GIVEN’S HONESTY TEST went yesterday, you may have a bit of work to do to identify your remaining OLD SELF THOMOTIONS today.

You are in the thick of your Journey now. Thoroughly completing your Day 12 Challenge is vital to a successful journey. I encourage you to recommit today. Resolve to push through emotional obstacles you will encounter every time.

If your INNER DIALOGUE tells you that your journey is too hard, or that it’s too much work, remember to keep your eye on the prize – your weight loss goal – and being your BEST SELF so you live to your potential in your one precious life.

Day 12 Key Ideas – 

1.  Each of the questions introduced yesterday has the potential of adding pressure to the various areas of your life.

2.  To strategically address each pressure based on how your own brain currently operates, (i.e. based specifically on how you habitually process information), today you’ll define the SELF DEFEATING CYCLES that emerge in the different areas of your life.

3.  Then, you’ll create an OLD SELF THOMOTION for each SELF DEFEATING CYCLE that you uncover.

Now, on to your Day 12 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 12: Your Brain Map

Day 12 Master Weight Loss Challenge
40 pages
6 Lectures 12:46

Welcome to Day 13!

Today marks the beginning of PHASE IV of your Master Weight Loss Journey. In PHASE IV, you will learn how to effectively manage your emotions so that you move strategically toward your weight loss goal. You’ll first identify how you feel when you are your BEST SELF. Then, you’ll anchor your life to your deepest desires.

Day 13 Key Ideas – 

1.  Through understanding a model of your mind as a Mind Master does, you come to realize that you are happy or sad, motivated or complacent, at inner peace or inner war, and moving toward or away from your goal, because your brain is engaged in an INNER DIALOGUE that is based on your beliefs about your SELF and about the world. 

2.  Your INNER DIALOGUE produces a mood and generates energy in your body, which you then present to the world. This energy defines your experience of life and creates your future– it therefore determines whether, and how efficiently, you achieve your weight loss goal.

3.  To achieve your highest goals, you need to see and believe that what you've thought was impossible is now actually possible in your own life. Once you believe that the previously impossible is now achievable, you can bring the energy of that belief into your entire life to become a Weight Loss Master.

Now, on to your Day 13 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 13: Achieving your Weight Loss Goal I

Day 13 Master Weight Loss Challenge
11 pages

Welcome to Day 14!

Just as a side note, if you get a chance to read the full Day 14 Reading in The Mind Master's Silent Journey, I recommend it. Not only does it discuss the process of redirecting your journey toward defining exactly what you want for your life (which is a focus today in your Master Weight Loss Program) but it also includes a story about Eckhart Tolle, and another story about my dad– two men I admire deeply. Needless to say, Day 14 is close to my heart.

Day 14 Key Ideas – 

1.  Today I’m going to continue to show you that previously unimaginable dreams, visions, and goals are now truly becoming available to you. In the coming days, you’ll increasingly understand why you needed to become aware of and clean up unwanted SELF DEFEATING CYCLES a bit before consciously designing your life.

2.  Clarity of vision also comes from knowing what you believe in. After all, you really should be sure you want your goal before you go about creating it.

3.  Without real clarity, your vision eventually drowns in your mind’s ocean of distraction, your SELF DEFEATING CYCLES, and you settle for less than you set out for. Today you’ll continue to increase your clarity of belief and vision to take another major step toward your weight loss goal.

Now, on to your Day 14 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 14: Achieving your Weight Loss Goal II

Day 14 Master Weight Loss Challenge
7 pages

Welcome to Day 15!

On we go to your final week of your Master Weight Loss Journey.

Over the last decades a whole lot of game changing scientific research, research that The Mind Master Program’s are based on, was conducted by top psychologists all over the world, including at Harvard University and Stanford University.

Some of the research focus has been on two main filters of our life experience: “Mindset” and “Context.” The Day 15 Reading in The Mind Master’s Silent Journey includes some of the research detail. It’s not required at all, but it is worth skimming through if you find the time. You can get it HERE.

The Reading describes the scientific power of "Mindset" and "Context. " Those notions are also introduced in the Key Ideas noted below because they are related to today’s journey task: Defining who you are at the moment when you are your BEST SELF. 

Day 15 Key Ideas - 

1.  A Weight Loss Master has a grasp of the insight that the one thing in life that your SELF can actually control is internal “Context.” In other words, you can define the general perspective that you bring to every situation you encounter—if you can intentionally access your BEST SELF in any moment.

2.  Study after study has demonstrated that “the placebo effect” has a more powerful impact on you than the ingredients in many pharmaceutical drugs. “It’s not the sugar pills that work to create the placebo effect—it’s how our mind perceives them,” Dr. Langer, a Harvard psychologist, instructs. If you imagine in your INNER WORLD that you have already achieved a particular goal, your body and “Mindset” are best prepared to achieve the goal in the OUTER WORLD.

3.  When you come to see your goal as inevitable, you’ll discover that every situation you encounter begins to be perceived in light of your goal having already been achieved. The “Context” of your life then leads you to doing whatever is consistent with your goal getting accomplished.

Now, on to your Day 15 Master Weight Loss Challenge...

Day 15: Achieving your Weight Loss Goal III

Day 15 Master Weight Loss Challenge
8 pages
6 Lectures 14:26

Welcome to Day 16!

Today is the beginning of PHASE V of your journey. Congratulations on coming this far.

PHASE V focuses on triumphing over remaining challenges that get in the way of you achieving your weight loss goal.

Day 16 Key Ideas –

1.  In coming to precisely hear and understand the cycles of your INNER DIALOGUE you learn to harness the power of language to create a consciously chosen life, including the habits necessary to achieve your weight loss goal.

2.  Today you will practice morphing the KEY MOMENTS that begin your SELF DEFEATING CYCLES into your BEST SELF. I love this part!

3.  When you master applying this skill, you will have developed all of the tools necessary to both achieve your weight loss goal and to become an expert at creating the life you choose.

Now, on to your Day 16 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 16: Morphing Into Your Best Self

Day 16 Master Weight Loss Challenge
8 pages

Welcome to Day 17!

Arriving where you are meant to be in your life is a wonderful achievement. The process of arriving there is unique for each of us. Completing Day 17 will take you one more important step in that direction.

Day 17 Key Ideas –

1.  The Mind Master Truth: Your INNER WORLD emotional reality turns into your OUTER WORLD reality. If you apply your belief in this truth of brain science with passion and consistency and continue to directly experience the power of the brain science that is the foundation of your Mind Master Journey, you will increasingly experience the life that you have been dreaming of throughout your journey.

2.  Remember, the key to MIND MASTERY is not getting rid of your SELF. Rather, it is recognizing when your SELF is not creating the life you want, and being able to shift from your OLD SELF DEFEATING CYCLES to your BEST SELF whenever you choose.

3.  One detail of your INNER WORLD that you will begin to notice as you continue to place attention on your INNER DIALOGUE is a quieting of your INNER DIALOGUE. What often follows is a growing and contagious, peaceful, and nonjudgmental openness that has the quality of enhancing the creativity, authenticity, and joy present in all experiences and people encountered—just a fringe benefit of your Master Weight Loss Journey!

Now, on to your Day 17 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 17: Letter From Your Best Self

Day 17 Master Weight Loss Challenge
7 pages

Welcome to Day 18!

How is your BEST SELF today? Can you access your BEST SELF right now? Can you put yourself right there, in your BEST SELF, living in your post-weight-loss-goal-achieved-world?

You’ve made it this far in your journey, which means you’ve been working very hard. I commend you. Here's a quick review of what you are accomplishing…

Day 18 Key Ideas –

Your Mind Master Journey is combining your brain’s immense power with the unprecedented breakthroughs of the newest brain science to get you what you want in your life. Here’s one way to understand how all your efforts are bearing fruit:

  1. Your brain contains approximately one hundred billion nerve cells. Each of your nerve cells is equipped with an average of ten thousand connections to other cells. The result is a brain structure with one million billion links, (that’s 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 links ;)
  2. This network enables you to process roughly 11,000,000 bits of information per second—an ongoing process of which you are mostly unaware.
  3. Meanwhile, your consciousness has access to roughly 40 bits of information per second. It is through these 40 bits that you can hear the distilled genius of the 11,000,000 bits you process each second of your life in the form of your INNER DIALOGUE.
  4. By using your 40 bits of attention on your INNER DIALOGUE to direct 11,000,000 bits of processing with consistency, you change hundreds of millions of connections between the cells inside your brain and create an expert life—you are becoming a Weight Loss Master.

Now, on to your Day 18 Master Weight Loss Challenge...

Day 18: Your Outer World Action List

Day 18 Master Weight Loss Challenge
10 pages
6 Lectures 17:18

Welcome to Day 19!

Your Master Weight Loss Journey has detailed step-by-step how to master the skills necessary to become expert at your chosen life and achieve your weight loss goal. If you’ve completed your Challenges to date with dedication and intention, you’ve developed the ability promised at the outset—the ability to change the connections between hundreds of millions of cells in your brain and body, to recreate your INNER WORLD, and, in turn, recreate your OUTER WORLD and achieve your weight loss goal (aka, MIND MASTERY).

Today you begin your final assent to the peak of mastery. In PHASE VI, you will overcome excuses and implement your necessary tasks and habits to achieve your weight loss goal. You will also finalize your precise plan leading to your new life of greatness.

Day 19 Key Ideas –

1.  The remaining obstacle in your INNER WORLD that obstructs you from moving consistently toward your weight loss goal is today’s focus: your excuses.

2.    When you are completely honest with yourself about how the people in your life, and the things that you have experienced, and the stories you’ve been telling yourself about who you are provoke your SELF DEFEATING CYCLES, you can also see why you’ve developed excuses that prevent you from actually achieving your weight loss goal.

3.  By defining and obliterating your remaining excuses today you will remove the remaining obstacle that stands between you and your weight loss goal.

Now, on to your Day 19 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 19: Overcoming Excuses

Day 19 Master Weight Loss Challenge
8 pages

Welcome to Day 20!

Recall for a moment how you launched your journey through the Master Weight Loss Program 19 days ago. You set sail with the winds of the discoveries of new brain science at your back. You’ve since learned exactly how your brain reorganizes and reorients your INNER WORLD whenever you think about something, whenever you feel something, and whenever you experience something.

By intensely focusing your INNER DIALOGUE on a particular topic or sequence of conscious thoughts, emotions, and or images, you can change hundreds of millions, even billions, of the connections between cells to strategically move yourself toward your goal.

Day 20 Key Ideas –

1.  The patterns of thinking that you get caught in are expressions of your habitual emotions and vice versa. Your patterns of thinking and emotion are alluring because they constitute an old, and therefore familiar, energy that has been repeating inside you for a long time. So your brain’s story, your SELF STORY, is wired to gravitate back to what is familiar to you.

2.  Throughout The Mind Master Journey, you’ve attended to your INNER WORLD with a passion, focus, and intention you might dedicate to building the home of your dreams. You’ve learned to strategically rewire your brain to efficiently achieve your weight loss goal.

3.  In the final days of your journey you will be taking OUTER WORLD steps toward achieving your weight loss goal. By continuing to do so after you complete your journey you will continue to build and perfect an inner sanctuary for your life as you continually achieve your goal.

Now, on to your Day 20 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 20: Stepping Into Your New Life

Day 20 Master Weight Loss Challenge
7 pages

Welcome to Day 21!

One more day of focused effort to complete your 21-day journey. Congratulations on an incredible effort. You are AMAZING!

The final step on your journey includes printing out and completing your NEW LIFE MAP. Your NEW LIFE MAP will ANCHOR you to your weight loss goal and guide you to expertise in your chosen life.

You’ll begin the daily habit of following your NEW LIFE MAP today!

Now, on to your Day 21 Master Weight Loss Challenge...
Day 21: Your New Life Map

Congratulations on completing your Master Weight Loss Program! 

You are incredible. If you have completed each of your Challenges, and it has been at least 21 days since you registered, email now to receive your NEW LIFE MAP today.

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Day 21 Master Weight Loss Challenge
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