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Small Business Owners: Drive a Productive Business and Grow

Using the only business scorecard, your financial statements to create a guide to business business performance.
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What Will I Learn?
Use your financials as a guide to make more money and improve cash flow
Have a unique understanding of how their financial statements provider relationships to ways that can help business improvement
Deliver a how the business has performed from a historical perspective in a visual easy to read way
Create actions that focus on what matters to improve profit cash and returns
Deliver your business story through the lens of your financial statements
Identify business risk
Improve your carree opportunities by being able to talk the language of fiance without having to do those boring accounting courses
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The Money Map methodology is not about accounting it is about how your business behaves, the way it makes money and creates wealth.

If you are in business and you know there is a better way, you are at the right place.

You are most probable very familiar with the addage that at least 20 percent of your time must be spent working on your buiness as apposed to working in it. But exactly what does that mean? The Money Map is a powerful methodology to work on your business.

During this course you will gain insight into your business in a way you have never dreamed possible. Your business has a story and the way that you can tell your story empowers what you do and how you make those good decisions that create fundamental improvements in your financial performance.

The secret lies in the only business scorecard. Yes it’s your financial statements. These statements record every transaction in your business. These transactions are based on decisions made either consciously or unconsciously. The way you use your financial statements thus becomes a foundation of the effectiveness of your actions and strategies.

Using your financial statements to identify those constrains and dysfunctions provides you with a powerful catalyst to know what should be focused on and why, enabling you to release significant profit and cash improvement. Isn’t that what you are in business for in the first place?

Who would greatly benefit from this course?

  • If you are a business owner who wants to get more from your business.
  • If you are a manager of a business or a branch of a business and you want to further your career and performance
  • If you are thinking about going into business this is a must do
  • If you are an adviser or consultant to business. The Money Map methodology is a powerful way to engage your client delivering powerful insight and actionable strategy.
  • If you are in business and simply want to be a more productive contributor.

What will be covered in this course?

By way of a working example we will

  • Convert a standard set of financials into our Money Map
  • Deliver the core building blocks of the money map
  • Explain the money map oath
  • Reflect on the characters that reside in your finals statements and how they need to work together to deliver superior financial performance
  • Deliver unique ways of gaining insight that will impress others with your knowledge
  • Populate your Money Map step by step
  • Deliver the 3 disciplines that create clarity of action and focus
  • Provide you with the understanding of where risk and reward reside in your business
  • Enable you to tell your business story in a way that you never dreamed possible
  • Provide you with a road map to ensure that to make the right decision to make more profit and more cash.

How long will this course take you to complete

The course content will take you about an hour to complete. We have broken it down into short videos with the longets time frame of about 15 minutes. We must emphasie that once the course is completed we ask you to perform you Money Map on you buiness at least each quarter this process will take you a further hour or so to complete. It may be the most productive time that you spend working on you business.

At the end of this course and with a bit of practice on your own financials you will become a financial results master

Join us on a journey the Money Map will show you the way to better business performance strong cash flows and sustainable growth.

Driving a productive business

Regards Mick Holly and Andre Gien

Who is the target audience?
  • Small business owners who want to become big business owners
  • Managers in small business
  • entrepreneurs who want to ensure their business is sustainable
  • Consultants who help small business this course provides a powerful workshop to conduct with your client
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 15 Lectures Collapse All 15 Lectures 02:49:28
Getting Introduced to the Money Map
2 Lectures 18:15

Get connected to the Oath and see how you can transform your business using the most unusual suspects …. Your financial statements. You don’t even have to know how to spell income statement or balance sheet.

What is important is that you want to help your business or your client this is an innovative and unique way to do so.

Preview 06:45

What you will need to create your Money Map. We will provide you with an example to get you into the groove.

1.You will need your business income statement and balance sheet for at least 2 consecutive periods.

Please download your example here

    2.A copy of the Money Map

    You can down load a version here. Alternatively get a large sheet of paper and draw your own. The whiteboard could also serve as a great place to start.

    3.One of those big button calculators (don’t you love them)

    4.Optional – a few of your people within your business (unfortunately you cant down load that from here )

    The financial statements example provided is a veterinarian practice. Specializing in caring mainly for domestic animals. The Practice is owned by Dr. Pet Fixer who employs part time vets that help perform the pet care activities. Pet has a full time admin person who looks after the reception and bookkeeping activities.

    Pet’s business has been supplemented with some retail product. In addition over the last 2 years Pet has implemented a wellness service that allows pet owners to pay a monthly fee that will cover the majority of their pet medical requirements.

    The premises is owned by Dr Pet Fixer but is help in an independent entity. The practice pays market rent to this independent property company.

    Dr Pet pays herself a salary that is included in the COGS number (COGS). The amount paid in 2013 was $ 150,000 and in 2014 $ 200,000.

In this video

    We take a look at the financials

    Consider some of the things that we need to keep top of mind when preparing for our map

When you have completed the Video you will be able to:

    Speed review financials

    Example of how financial statements can be formatted for easy reading

Preview 11:30
The Characters of the Money Map, their needs and the relationships
4 Lectures 01:08:30

In this video

    We consider the who the character are and how they can help us

    Go through the key building blocks

    Prepare to build our map

When you have completed the Video you will be able to:

    Relate activities and decisions med in your business to the characters in your financial statements

    Know how the building blocks can assist you when preparing for your Money map

The characters to your Money map and the building blocks

Yep that about it we need 9 numbers to build our map

In this video

    We identify the 8 numbers we require to populate the Money Map

    Do some simple math’s

    Complete the picture

When you have completed the Video you will be able to:

    Know how to reformulate the balance sheet making it easy to understand

    Identify the key numbers required to build the Money Map

    Use the map discipline to guide future decisions and actions

The 9 numbers to your Money Map (Part A)

Yep that about it we need 9 numbers to build our map

In this video

    We identify the 8 numbers we require to populate the Money Map

    Do some simple math’s

    Complete the picture

When you have completed the Video you will be able to:

    Know how to reformulate the balance sheet making it easy to understand

    Identify the key numbers required to build the Money Map

    Use the map discipline to guide future decisions and actions

The 9 numbers to your Money Map (Part B)

`Possible the most important of all

In this video

    We talk about the relationships between how we make money and create wealth

    What our map is telling us

    Preparing for our story

When you have completed the Video you will be able to:

    Understand the relationship between the income statement the balance sheet and the ability to create cash flow excellence

    You the Money Map to describe your business performance

The relationships in your Money Map to create more profit and improved cash flow
Populating the Money Map
7 Lectures 56:41

A brief tour of what we will be doing in section 3. This is a important section as the knowledge gained in this section will provide you with foundations that will change the way you create insight that will make others look at you in awe.

The Fundamentals required to prepare the Money Map

Using the 3 disciplines that empower clarity within the Money Map, guiding the visibility you to know the core focus areas

Part A - The 3 Diciplines

Introducing the building blocks and the components of the building blocks. How we have structured the building blocks and presenting the flexibility you have when you wish to create you own map.

Part B - Structure of the Money Map

Placing your critical numbers into the Money Making Machine. Identifying the key status within the components of the Money Making Machine that established clear visibility of performance. This knowledge will enable you to develop your own Money Map.

Part C - Developing and populating the Money Map

Placing your critical numbers into the Wealth Creation Engine. Identifying the key status within the components of the Wealth Creation Engine that establishes clear visibility of performance. This knowledge will enable you to develop your own Wealth Creation Engine.

Part D - Populating the Wealth Creation Engine

The secret to how you calculate cash. The King has a role and its an important one. Learn what happens when the King gets it right and well, now and then not so right

Cash and funding

Where we start to have some fun with our map. Create engagement using sticky notes that describe comments, action and observations based on the various outcomes as presented on your map.

The Sticky Note Suprise
Using the Money Map to improve business performance
2 Lectures 26:02

Creating clarity through the delivery of our story

In this video

    We consider the techniques to tell our story

    Understand the possibility for opportunity and risk identification

When you have completed the Video you will be able to:

    Tell your financial statement story

    Identify areas of improvement

Delivering the Money Map story

At last we nearly done

In this video

    We consider the actions that we need to take in order the make the money oath a reality

    Reflect on ways that make these actions real

When you have completed the Video you will be able to:

    Use the Money Map to guide focus on what counts.

Making the story a good one - Using the Money Map in every day business life
About the Instructor
4.0 Average rating
2 Reviews
3,530 Students
2 Courses
Chief Evidence Wizard

With 20 years of experience consulting to business globally I have witnessed the various ingredients that make business successful and those that do not.

One of the core ingredients to success lies in the the use of the only business scorecard. The financial statements. Using financial statements as a vehicle of both discovery and action has and most probably will be my sole focus and passion.

In my pursuit I have developed numerous methodologies that help business to use their financial statements creating break through improvements that have lasting cultural impact. My background both as a Chartered Accountant in South Africa and Australia combined with a Masters in Marketing and Logistics has enabled me to align financial performance with strategy and business output.

The development of Global Financial Bridge which is a financial statement performance tool is now used as an advisory system by over 500 businesses and CPA firms. I agree it is a slow process but the one thing I do know is that business performance is aligned with how effectively managers are engaged with their numbers and the story these numbers tell.

The creation of the Money Map (and for larger business the Treasure Map) has been a significant breakthrough for both Mick Holly and I. We have found through the process of developing the Maps for over 200 businesses that managers are engaged in a way that fundamentally changes how they view their business and their thinking.

Over time the Money Map became a process that can be deployed by consultants, business managers and owners. The deployment of this course was done to progress the movement.

Our mantra is that if this course can prevent one business from failing we have been most successful.

Have fun with the Money Map, you will find that you need no accounting expertise to do this just good old business sense will be all you require.

What we do

We transform financial statements into a story that engages the spirit of discovery creating opportunities to improve profit cash and returns

We have recently launched financial statement story podcast creating the core capability of how to read financial statements like a book in 5 minutes. Making financial statements a critical management tool that integrates strategy and its outcome measured in their financial statements.

Our Financial Statement analysis tool empowers communication of strategy, actions and thoughts through their financial statements. Enabling management to measure the impact of their past and future decisions within a one page scorecard.

4.0 Average rating
2 Reviews
3,530 Students
2 Courses
Chief Treasure Hunter

My passion is helping entrepreneurs and small business owners make more money and accumulate lots of cash

For the last 30 years I have been an advisor to the executives of Fortune 500 companies and have learned some amazing success secrets.

I have distilled these secrets into a methodology entrepreneurs and small business owners can use to help them grow their business, increase their profits and put more cash into their pockets.

Here is one amazing secret: most business owners don't know the difference between making money and generating cash!

Many of them become successful--they grow their sales but find out they don't have enough cash to fund their growing enterprise and fold or go bankrupt.

Along with Andre Gien we created The Financial Statement Story (available on iTunes) where we teach regular people like you how to turn the statements into a treasure map.

We have taught this improvement methodology to hundreds of people and have boiled it down to a simple approach taught on our course here on Udemy.

We will teach you to do two things--how to make more money and how to generate more cash (You need money to keep funding your business--you need cash to spend!)


Co creator of The Financial Statement Story Podcast

Andre Gien and I have a weekly podcast dedicated to demystifying finance and helping people make better business decisions

Author of How To Read Financial Statements Like a Book in 5 Minutes

Soon to be published on Amazon

Business Advisor and Consultant

Advise Fortune 500 companies on growth and operational excellence. Design improvement programs to help them increase sales, improve profits and cash flows

Work with Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners teaching them the Money Map and Treasure Map methods for driving improvement

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