Raise Seed and Series A Capital

Learn the art of capital raising and how over 1,000 entrepreneurs raised capital for their businesses.
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Course Description

Entrepreneurs - Learn everything you need to know about Seed, Angel and Venture Capital: how they work and how to use them for capital raising. Hear from the mouths of venture capitalists themselves what traits they look for in entrepreneurs, and learn how to negotiate a term sheet while maintaining a fair share of equity. This capital raising course is a **MUST HAVE!!!**

Learn from the following well-known venture capitalists and successful entrepreneurs:

Jason Nazar: Co-Founder and CEO of Docstoc.com

Alex Tabatabai: Co-founder of Fernbank Partners

Rick Smith: Co-founder of Crosscut Ventures

Ari Mir: CEO of Lunch Money

Brett Brewer: Chairman of Ad Knowledge

Wil Schroter: CEO and Founder of Virtucon Ventures

Ryan Scott: Founder and CEO of Causecast

Dave Travers: Partner at Rustic Canyon Venture Capital Partners

Eytan Elbaz: Former Head of Domain Channel at Google

Jay Samit:  CEO of Social Vibe

Ivan Nikkhoo: Managing Director of Simer & Associates

Josh Brooks:  Founder of Post Card on the Run

Babette Pepaj:  Founder and CEO of Bake Space

Benjamin Kuo:  Founder of SoCalTech

Matt Edelman: CEO of ThisNext Inc.

David Young: Partner at DLA Piper

Kyle C. Murphy: Advisor at Anedot

Taylor McPartland: Co-founder and President at FilmBreak

Brian Garrett: Co-founder of CrossCut Ventures

In this capital raising course the speakers above will walk you through:

1  Overview

2  So You've Got an Idea!

3  Understanding Risk and Reward

4  Planning, Prepping & Pitching for capital raising

5  Relationship Management

6  Private Equity vs. Venture Capital

7  Capital Raising and Term Sheets

8  Understanding Macro & Micro

Along with the HD videos, we have also included high quality attorney drafted agreements and business templates, such as:

●  Cash Subordinated Loan Agreement

●  Convertible Promissory Note

●  Drag Along or Tag Along Clause for Shareholder Agreement

●  Investment Agreement

●  Investor Rights Agreement

●  Sample Term Sheet

●  Strategic Planning Template

●  Term Sheet for Private Equity Financing

●  Shareholder’s Agreement

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Disclaimer: ALL INFORMATION AND FORMS ARE PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING AS TO THEIR LEGAL EFFECT AND COMPLETENESS. They are for guidance and should be modified to meet your needs and the laws of your state. Use at your own risk. Docstoc and anyone who participated in providing or modifying any form is not creating or entering into an Attorney-Client relationship. Docstoc does not provide legal advice. The information and forms are not a substitute for the advice of your own attorney. 

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Section 1: Overview
Raise Seed and Series A Capital
Is Your Business Fit For Venture Capital
Determining The Intrinsic Value Of Your Business
Treat Your Business Like An Investment Fund
How To Value A Venture Backed Business
Section 2: So You've Got an Idea!
Tips For Vetting Your Idea
How To Start A Company: Settling On An Idea
So You've Got A Great Idea For A Business, What Next?
When To Raise Capital For A Startup
5 Tips To Kickstart A Startup
How Do You Fund Your Business Before Investment
Business Plan Template
17 pages
Section 3: Understanding Risk and Reward
Investment Tips For Entrepreneurs
6 Financial Pitfalls That Can Ruin Your Business
4 Things Angel Investors Look For In An Investment Opportunity
A Couple Tips To Understanding Future Cash Flows
Cash Flow Statement
1 page
Section 4: Planning, Prepping & Pitching
The Best Format For A Business Plan
6 Business Plan Mistakes That Will Turn Off Investors
3 Elements For A Perfect Elevator Pitch
Pitch Your Product Tips For Using Video In Your Pitch
Checklist For A Company To Seek Growth Capital
5 Funding Sources For A Startup
How To Start A Company Build A Support Network
16 pages
Fill-in-the-Blank Template that Will Walk You through Building a Strategic Plan for Your Organization.
4 pages
Start-up Capitalization Planning and Forecasting is essential for any business start-up. Every new business start-up has expenses it must pay to get the business up- and-running.
Section 5: Relationship Management
How To Raise Money For First Time Entrepreneurs
How To Raise Money From Family And Friends
The Top 3 Qualities Angel Investors Look For In Entrepreneurs
Building Personal Relationships With Investors
Keys To Raising Money For Business
Common Pitfalls That Turn Off Investors
3 Tips For Successful Communication With Investors
How To Gain The Trust Of Investors
Choosing The Right Type Of Investor
How A CEOs Negotiating Style Informs Investors
Raising Money From Professional Investors
How To Get To Know An Investor Before Meeting Them
How To Get A Meeting With An Angel Investment Group
Know Your Investor
21 pages
This attorney drafted Shareholders’ Agreement contemplates the financial relationship between a Venture Capital funding organization and a Corporation. This Agreement details the terms and conditions of the relationship between the parties, defines the ownership interests, and accounts for contingencies that may arise, including IPOs and VC participation as Board Members.
17 pages
Make the rights and responsibilities of your investors clear from the start with this professional-quality Investor Rights Agreement. This attorney-drafted document covers many different subjects, including investor information rights, registration rights, contractual “rights of first offer” or “pre-emptive” rights (i.e, the right to purchase securities in subsequent equity financing conducted by the Company), and various post-closing covenants of the Company. Customizable to fit your unique situation.
2 pages
This is a share subscription for a non-accredited investor who subscribes for a certain number of shares in the capital stock of a company. The subscription provides that the investor understands the risks of his/her/its investment by the subscribing of the shares and that the company has made no representations to the investor as to the financial growth of the company.
Section 6: Private Equity vs. Venture Capital
The Difference Between Private Equity And Venture Capital
What A Private Equity Investor Looks For In A Company
Raising Growth Capital: Team
Raising Growth Capital: Traction
Raising Growth Capital: Addressable Target Market
Raising Growth Capital: Scalablity
Raising Growth Capital: Monetization Mechanism
Raising Growth Capital: Defendibility Of IP
Is Your Business Fit For Venture Capital
4 Tips To Keep In Mind When Looking For Your First Round Of Venture Capital
Goals In New Businesses And Startups Venture Capitalist
Top 3 Qualities Venture Capitalists Look For In A Company
4 pages
A non-binding agreement setting forth the materials terms of an agreement to be entered into.
Section 7: Capital Raising and Term Sheets
Entrepreneurs Using Debt And Leverage
Why To Use Convertible Debt Over Priced Round For Initial Investments
Tips From A VC Negotiating A Term Sheet
The Most Important Points In A VC Term Sheet
Key Issues In VC Term Sheets: Valuation
Key Issues In VC Term Sheets: Liquidation Preferences
Key Issues In VC Term Sheets: Protective Provisions
Key Issues In VC Term Sheets: Anti Dilution
Key Issues In VC Term Sheets: Drag Along
Structuring Financing For Startups
Structuring A Board Of Directors
How A CEOs Negotiating Style Informs Investors
8 pages
This document creates a cash-subordinated loan agreement. It may be used by a borrower or a lender who wishes to create such a document. The terms of this document may be modified, to allow for a one-time lump-sum repayment or for installment payments, and to allow certain types of early repayments.
4 pages
Convert your loans into cash easily with this Convertible Promissory Note.
1 page
This clause is commonly used to assure that if the majority shareholder sells his stake, minority holders are forced to join the deal.
Definitions Of Key Terms In A Term Sheet
2 pages
2 pages
A term sheet lays out the general conditions to conduct a sale transaction between a purchasing and selling party.
Section 8: Understanding Macro & Micro Environment
What Is A Business Incubator
What Is A Business Accelerator
The Difference Between Business Accelarators And Incubators
Should I Reinvest Or Distribute My Profits
8 pages
An Investment Agreement in an agreement between a company and an investor for the sale of shares in the capital stock of the company to the investor for a certain amount of money.

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    • Johann Marquez

    Excellent! Comprehensive, and instructive high quality content.

    It's a top quality course, professionally made with very experienced speakers who openly share their knowledge.

    • Keli Rae

    Answers so many startup financing questions!

    It's hard to learn about this outside of an accelerator mentorship, thanks!

    • Ulugbek Kasimov

    Very detailed course

    I am so glad I found this course on Udemy, it totally prepared me on how to approach investors for my start up company

    • Andre Duncan


    • Robert Clegg

    Great Overview

    Great overview of the process. Doc's included are a nice addition so you can see what you are dealing with. If you haven't raised money yet, section 7 is key which tells you about convertible debt. If you are past that phase needing these terms negotiated, you should probably have a law firm already with you on this - but this is great to review so you don't spend a lot of legal time getting educated. What's missing is failure interviews! It would be great to hear stories of "unsuccessful" entrepreneurs and what happened in following rounds.

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