Project Management For Entrepreneurs: 10X Results Today
3.4 (66 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,094 students enrolled
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Project Management For Entrepreneurs: 10X Results Today

You will learn how to Manage a massive Project with a lot less stress than you are used to.
3.4 (66 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,094 students enrolled
Created by Rico Rodriguez
Last updated 1/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Automate daily tasks
  • Manage projects from the simplicity of a tablet.
  • Take a mountain of work and easily put it into team queue and watch it get done
  • Give tasks to other people and know it will get done
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  • You need to come into this class with the mindset of I want to learn more and accomplish more with my daily life
  • Do you wonder why there are high output people who get more done than you with less stress?
  • Did you increase output in your life but only stay up later to get that output.
  • Do you try harder only to have more work put on top of you because the people around you don't know how to do it?
  • Do you worry constantly that 1more task will get put on your todo list?
  • Have you read self help books to become a high output person, without increasing your output as a person.
  • Do you give tasks to others only to have the worry of did they get it done?

When I first became a project manager I was also a support person for a small business. I used to shudder at the thought of more work getting put into my team. I used to watch Tony Robbins videos constantly and he used to recommend losing Sleep to be successful. At one point I was at my breaking point I had to create a system to solve this problem. What you need is for someone to teach you how to give you results without you wasting years looking at peoples half realized sales promises. With this course in the first day you will regain control of your personal focus. In the next section you will learn to Automate your Project Management Process and regain the rest of your time. After that we will focus on how to reduce confusion with your Team, then we will take you to the next level and teach you how to control you team from the tip of your finger with almost no constant interaction with your team. In the next 2 days you will change your mind completely and learn to become the best Project Manager you can be.

You can spend thousands of dollars for outdated Project Manager certifications that are designed for the older people out there the cookie cutter person that is not a high output performer. Lets take you to the next level for a fraction of a cost.

Reduce your stress today and buy my course. I reduced my stress and became a monster producer with the tools I put in this course. My work days are now cut in half allowing me to spend time on my other ideas or even just hanging out with my son.

Lets reduce your stress Right Now and buy my course. There is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so why wait!

I have designed this course based on everything that I have done to take what used to be a huge task list and put it into an automatic lifecycle. Have you ever wondered why some people can get so much done in a day and someone can place a mountain in front of them and they just get it done. I teach you how to make this happen. If you have a problem focusing I teach you my secrets to super focus. The goal is to to reduce massive amounts of stress by simplifying, focusing, automating, and by applying these amazing concepts I will show you right now in this course. Think no more about why am I so stressed simply buy this course and lets get started.

In this course I don't hold back and I give you the real secrets to success. I give you tools and show you how to use them in ways people never think of. I talk briefly about Agile in the course and how you can apply it to automate problem solving in your daily business.

Take this class and by the time you done you will be able to to accomplish any goal set in front of you no matter how big or small. Even better there is a 30 day money back guarantee with this class. Please if you like my class review it and refer other people to my class. If you don't like it ask for a refund. I want to deliver a calm super-power to your daily life.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who stay up late at night to reduce their workload should take this course.
  • Do you try harder and people just give you more work to do without more pay.
  • Do you give your team tasks and stress out constantly if they are getting done
  • Do you worry about 1 more task getting added to your plate
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction to project management hacks
1 Lecture 01:16

Every day we look around and there are high performers just kicking but and taking names but it doesn't even look like they are breaking a bead of sweat doing it. I used to think I was a high performer until I learned about the next level. There are some very simple secrets that if you put them in place will take you to the lext level of High Output People.

This is a overview of why we are stressed out and how this course helps that
Creating focus when you have no time to focus
4 Lectures 08:53

Silence Your Mind

We live in this world of people who watch TV talk about nonsense for fun but they forget what's really important. We have trained ourselves to not focus on a single thing for longer than your average Vine video. Kim Kardashian has taken your mind hostage, but I am here to show you how to get it back on command.

Silence your mind

Improve Your Focus Naturally

When you wake up 4 hours before your wife and kids how much more do you think you can get done. When you wake up early you take back that precious time that nature intended you to use. "The early bird gets the worm" is not just a saying, it is real. When you wake up early Nature is firing off these receptors, your breathing is a little different and you have an empty stomach. No one is around to mess up your focus and take away the most valuable time you have in the day. This is when a man is supposed to go out and hunt and gather the food for the family, but you can use these natural receptors and heightened focus to your advantage.

Improve your focus naturally

The EZ way to simplify the list of tasks in front of you

Checklists, Task Lists these things are an anomaly to most people. Ok i wrote it down how do I attack this thing productively. Lets talk about how to sort these things so that you can be the most effective for your day as possible. You can't always start at the top and work your way down.

The EZ way to simplify the list of tasks in front of you

What are the best questions to ask in this situation

I find that questions are the most powerful things in your life. If you ask the right question you will get the right answer. When you learn to ask this question it will change your life. Lets talk about how you qualify tasks to make it to the immediate focus list.

What are the best questions to ask in this situation
Lets take redunant tasks and turn them into time savers.
3 Lectures 10:58


Automation is the gift of a lifetime. People don't realize that they do redundant tasks everyday, and there is always a way to take out redundancy. Did you know the average person checks their cell phone every 6 minutes. And that he average person checks their email over 20 times a day. These are all statistics found on the web but if time is so precious why are we wasting it. Lets automate and use tools or people to increase our throughput while also reducing our stress.

I am super passionate about saving time


Agile is the single most important tool in my project management toolbox. I will have a full course on this soon. WIth agile you can

Lets talk about how the project management model you choose can save you time

Web based tools for saving you time and money
Why confusion wastes your time
1 Lecture 06:42
Here is what you can do to reduce Confusion
Put what you do in the cloud
3 Lectures 09:08
Put what you do In the cloud

Agile in the cloud

One way to do it all
How to maximize your time by training properly
4 Lectures 10:24
Detail is Killer

2 Heads are better than 1

Tools for the 2 Heads

The best advice ever given on training is Right Here
About the Instructor
Rico Rodriguez
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8,367 Students
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Entrepreneur | Python Expert |Word and Windows Trainer



As an entrepreneur I have started numerous businesses and both failed and exceeded. I can show you every tool I have used to make a small fortune in residual income. I outsource almost everything i do in the entreprenerural space from Ebay and Amazon Stores to local referral marketing.



I use Python and Javascript and C# in my daily life to both make a living and to gather data online. These are the tools of my trade and I am amazing at what I do.



On the side I go into small businesses and help them streamline their business to reduce cost and increase productivity. Sometimes training is the key for some companies other times you need to fire people to bring productivity back to where it needs to be. Let me show you the ropes.