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A Covert Hypnosis And NLP Masterclass
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About This Course

Published 5/2015 English

Course Description

Course Updated 12/23/15: Over 100 Students Enrolled!

In this course, you'll learn the hidden secrets used by a Master Hypnotist to become an elite-level Door-To-Door canvasser, fundraiser and salesman. This is NOT the kind of stuff your company or boss will teach you...because they don't know ANY of it. In fact, only a very small number of people on Earth are familiar with the concepts you'll learn when you take this course.

This course teaches driven, ambitious salespeople and marketers how to use the tools of NLP and covert influence to improve sales results, communicate more powerfully and effectively, and add hypnotic constructs to their pitches and copy. It is taught in 5 sections, with a bonus hypnosis track to accelerate your learning. Whether you are new to NLP or have taken courses before, I promise that you will find concepts and tools in my course that you have never seen before. If you follow along and do the homework, you will never think of the English language quite the same way...ever again...and have a hidden edge over all of your competition.

I'm bringing you ALL the best tips and tricks that I learned not only from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, where I graduated as a Certified Master Hypnotist, but also from the geniuses who I studied on the side--guys like Ross Jeffries, Mark Cunningham and David Snyder.

I am so confident in my material that I want you to know there is a 30-Day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you aren't 100% satisfied when you take this course, I will return your money with NO questions asked. ALL the risk is on me to perform the techniques and explain them've got literally nothing to lose, so bet on yourself and take this course today!

What are the requirements?

  • All you need is an open mind, a way to take notes, and the desire to really engage with this incredibly powerful material.
  • Students should already be involved in sales and marketing in some capacity. Anyone can benefit from this material, but salespeople will already have the knowledge necessary to get the maximum improvement in performance.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • How to use top-secret "Slip Phrases" to hammer home powerful commands...while still sounding friendly and pleasant (This one simple trick completely SHATTERS your prospect's resistance!)
  • Ramp your close rate through the roof, blast past your competition and get promoted sooner!
  • Learn what all the "big-name" NLP instructors have been hiding from their students (they wanted to keep this information secret...but I'm going to blow their cover and expose what they're REALLY doing at those seminars!)
  • Learn to effortlessly speak the "Secret Language Of Subconscious Beliefs." Once you know these simply tricks, you can easily implant powerful hypnotic patterns directly into the deepest part of their mind!
  • Blast through limiting beliefs, and reprogram your mind for MAXIMUM success!
  • After you watch Lecture 34, you'll know how to INSTANTLY get yourself out of a bad mood...and put yourself in whatever mood you choose! (Guaranteed to keep you feeling great throughout the day!)
  • Instantly connect with ANY prospect using a trick so subtle, so secret...that it's literally INVISIBLE! They'll feel INSTANT rapport with you and have NO idea why!

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is meant for salespeople who want to improve their performance using the tools and techniques of covert hypnosis and NLP. If you are brand new to these ideas, I've got you covered. Even if you've taken NLP classes before, there will be tons of new information in this course that will give you the greatest possible flexibility and impact with the tools. You will also learn to use persuasion techniques on yourself in order to overcome limiting mental barriers. This course requires thinking and exercises, and will change the way you think about language forever.
  • This course is NOT an "introductory sales" course. It is expected that students of this course are already involved with selling or marketing, as the skill students will learn can be "plugged into" the student's sales pitch and copy.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction
Course Introduction

An introduction to the three sections of this course, how the course is organized and how to study the material.


An understanding of exactly what skill you will be learning and some of its many applications.

You've Never Seen ANYTHING Like This...

An understanding of how covert persuasion works and how you are already affected by people who know these skills.


This slide sums up and concludes Section 1.

Section 2: The Secret Tools Of Conversational Hypnosis

An overview of what you will be learning in this section.


This lecture explains a simple, distilled, practical way to understand and think about the two major types of



A brief exploration of the ethics and morals of covert influence.

2 questions

This quiz will test your knowledge on what hypnosis is, and which kind we are dealing with in this course.


In this lecture, you will learn exactly how hypnosis works and why it has the incredibly powerful effect that it does.


In this lecture, you will learn the difference between the conscious and subconscious mind. This understanding informs the rest of the course and sets the proper paradigm for learning covert influence.


This is where the real "meat" of the course begins. In this lecture, you will learn about Slip Phrases and Embedded Commands--the fundamental building blocks of hypnotic language patterns.


In this lecture, you will learn how to modulate your voice, delivery and tonality in order to make the most of what you now know about Slip Phrases and Embedded Commands.


This lecture will teach you how to Mark Commands in writing. Remember that in some cases, less is more!


This lecture will teach you about how to Mark Commands using gesture and touch.

3 questions

Test your knowledge of Basic Hypnotic Phrases and their constituent parts.


This lecture wraps up Section 2 and explains your homework assignment. If you want to truly understand how Basic Hypnotic Phrases are constructed, then this assignment will help you see how they are used in real life and real time.

Section 3: Patterns So Powerful, They Should Be BANNED!
Introduction To Section 3

In this lecture, you will learn how a typical belief is structured:

Cause --> Effect = Meaning.


An overview of a fundamental NLP concept called "Pacing And Leading."

This idea is a key to persuasion which should be familiar to most salespeople.


An overview of our first language pattern, called the "If, Then" pattern.


An overview of the "Complex Equivalence" language pattern.


An overview of a powerful language pattern called "The More, The More."


An introduction to an incredibly powerful motivator called a "Universal Challenge."

3 questions

A quiz on material learned in Section 3.


This is where the fun really begins, as you will learn how to link these tools together into long-chain pattern language.


This lecture wraps up our discussion of Language Patterns and gives you an assignment to help you make sense of everything you've learned up until now. You're done with most of the technical stuff....hooray!

Section 4: Instant, Invisible Influence

A brief introduction to what you'll be learning in Section 4: Nonverbal Influence.


This lecture contains a graphic and an explanation meant to help you understand where each of the various tools fits into the overall puzzle of covert influence.


In this section, you'll learn what rapport is, how you can tell when you're in rapport with someone, and the difference between natural and artificial rapport.


Matching And Mirroring is a great rapport-building technique, and we'll cover the ins and outs in this lecture.

  • The two keys to instant rapport are INTENTION and AWARENESS.

This lecture explores some other nonverbal factors that affect your level of influence, including body size, body language, and choice of clothing.


This lecture will wrap up Section 4, having given you tools to practice and plenty to think about!

Section 5: The Hidden Keys To Personal Power

This introductory lecture covers how the previous sections integrate with this one, as well as laying out what kinds of things you'll learn as you follow along with the remainder of the course.


This lecture will provide you with an operative definition of emotions, and introduce you to the idea of choosing and controlling your own emotions.


In this lecture, I'll teach you more about what "state" means, and delve further into choosing and controlling your emotional state at will. This is absolutely fundamental to maintaining a powerful frame and exerting influence over yourself and others.


This lecture will introduce you to the concept of your Story--the overall narrative which you've woven together to define the connections between your experiences.


In this lecture, we will go over the difference between Macro Story and Micro Stories. I will also teach you the all-powerful importance of the three magic phrases: "As usual," "as always" and "of course."


Affirmations are one of the most efficient ways to rewrite your personal Story, and this lecture will give an overview and some examples. Next time, we'll get into the best ways to utilize this powerful tool.

Hypnotic Affirmations

In this lecture, we'll go over sample affirmations for sales. Remember--the more tools you use, the better outcome you get.


Here, I'll describe the optimal state of mind in which to install your Affirmations into your subconscious script. I'll also give you a few tools you can use in order to help yourself get to that state.

3 questions

This quiz will test your knowledge of what you've learned in this section.


In this lecture, we'll discuss how to use visualizations in conjunction with your hypnotic affirmations in order to most powerfully manifest your new story.


The ingredient described in this lecture is the cornerstone of living the kind of powerful and intentional life that UPLIFTS and INSPIRES!

Section 5 Conclusions And Course Wrap-Up
Section 6: Bonus: Learning Accelerator

An introduction to the Learning Accelerator and how to use it to enhance your studying for this course.


An hypnotherapy recording which will accelerate your learning and help you absorb, remember and apply the course material!

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Instructor Biography

Drexel Scott, Master Hypnotist, Author, Teacher, Writer, Marketing Coach

Hello everyone, my name is Drexel Scott. I'm 28 years old and I've traveled all over the country learning and using the tools that I share with my students on Udemy. I learned Krav Maga in Florida, wilderness therapy in North Carolina, shamanism in Hawaii, and hypnosis and hypnotherapy in California. I am a published author, contributor to several websites, teacher, and master hypnotist. All of my experiences blend and influence my outlook on life and the skills I use in order to make the most of it--that's why I'm so excited and grateful to be here sharing these lessons with you.

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