Management Consulting Project Essentials Pro

Develop a corporate strategy for a multi-million business to revive sales and streamline operations
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About This Course

Published 2/2016 English

Course Description

Have you ever wanted to make great money, have free time and work only with clients you like? Being a successful business consultant is a dream for thousands of Americans.

But how could you possibly compete with consulting firms as McKinsey and BCG?

Well, just for a second, imagine that you could. Imagine you could put yourself in a position to earn a six-figure salary, not to mention maximize the efficiency of any business that interests you. Imagine you could do something big in management consulting industry, something great.

Great job imagining! Now let’s make it happen.

The Management Consulting Project Essentials is developed to give you insights on how to help a corporation get back on its feet, grow and achieve (and exceed) all its goals. Who wouldn’t want to hire you if you know all that?

We’ll dive in and address business opportunities and challenges from a real management consulting project, which is to develop a full-length corporate strategy for a multi-million business to revive sales, streamline operations and cut costs. You will receive step-by-step guides, in-depth case studies, templates, toolkits, and methodologies.

The Management Consulting Project Essentials Pro topics include:

  • Management consulting fundamentals
  • Understand how management consulting client engagement works
  • Essential skills for project managers
  • Develop the corporate strategy for a multi-million company to stop its declining profitability
  • Top interpersonal skills in the work space
  • Qualities that make a great leader
  • Tips to train your brain on analytical thinking
  • How to write a winning project proposal

My name is Simon Richardson and I am the person behind Management Consulting Project Essentials course. I have years of experience on high-level management positions in huge corporations, where I worked with top-notched consultants as their client. Later on, I became a consultant myself.

I discovered that consulting is not only about tools, templates and mythologies that are used exclusively in the top consulting firms. It’s also about powerful mindsets, leadership and interpersonal skills which you can apply every day to accelerate your influence. A good consultant can really make a difference in the way corporations are managed. That’s why if you feel that’s your calling, then you owe it to yourself and to businesses everywhere to make it happen!

Let’s create your success story together! Click bellow and sign up for the course that will change your life and give you the tools to make the world a better place.

Act Now!

[Yes! Make Me A Successful Business Consultant!]

What are the requirements?

  • Basic working knowledge
  • Motivation to improve your own business and do great work that makes a difference

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Understand management consulting project
  • Prepare you to move on to intermediate level management consulting training
  • Get yourself prepared for management consulting project
  • Become familiar with management consulting client engagement process
  • Be able to solve business problem like McKinsey and BCG consultants
  • Write a winning consulting proposal
  • Understand project management guru tools and techniques
  • Learn skills that every employer look for
  • Improve your communication skills

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who's eager to learn management consulting
  • Anyone who's going to succeed in consulting project
  • Anyone who wants to improve career

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
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Section 1: Introduction

Hi, I'm Simon Richardson. Thanks for watching my course.


Feel free to contact me via if any questions.


This course was designed to provide management consulting and project management skills you can apply immediately, no matter which video you jump to in the course.

Section 2: Preparing for Management Consulting Project

Let us start by explaining what management is consulting. In essence it is understanding how a business works.


Many firms turn to management consultants to give them an edge in their marketplace. Consultants tend to have the knowledge and expertise to give insights to management about the ways they can improve a business and achieve its goals.


Now we understand broadly the fundamentals, let us look closer at what’s a management consulting project.


In this lecture, we’re gonna introduce our client - H. Huntsman & Sons in this study.


To understand how we get to those outcomes, I will now take you through the six main project phases.


Now that I've taken you through the six key stages to a project, I will introduce you to two optional project phases.


Let us now turn to how management consulting works in general.

1 question
How to develop a corporate strategy study?
1 page
Understanding project logic
2 pages
Section 3: Phase 1 - Defining Problem

As you will have gathered, defining the problem is a lot harder than it sounds. Therefore let’s spend some time looking at problem definition in this section.


Let us now turn to our client Huntsman to see how we define the key questions.


Like the interview with the CEO to reconfirm their function objectives, management consultant should be familiar with one common feature of a consulting project - interview. There are my tips for how to make sure they go well.


The Project Charter is the agreement between management consulting firm and its client. It is used to obtain commitment from all the affected groups and individuals within a specific project.


Both key stakeholders of Huntsman and management consulting project team agrees with the problem statement and project chapter, we will use 3C and 1P framework to perform preliminary study.


After several alignment meetings with the client, the project proposal is created. The project proposal aims to successfully manage the client's expectations by having a clear representation of the consultant and what they are offering the client.


Whilst this sounds straight forward, the substance is of course important. The approach to the proposal also must be suitably sophisticated. Let me now take you through the tips for writing a winning proposal.


After problem definition and preliminary analysis, we’ve successfully understood the customer background and clarified the function objective of this study. So what’re we going to do is to write a proposal in a professional legal language, and normally, it should be done by corporate legal department.

Project timeline
1 page
Management consulting proposal samples
1 page
1 question
Section 4: Phase 2 - Structuring Problem

Complex, ‘messy’ questions need to be broken down into manageable subsets of issues. Problem structuring is a simple technique to do this. It is used by lawyers and management consultants. In fact it is used in all forms of project management. And whilst it can be complex it is perfectly understandable.


In this video, we're going to explain how to structure a problem.


Let me now share my tips for successful problem structuring in this video

As with most simple processes, the quality of the input impacts upon the quality of the output. Shortcuts can be tempting, but a consultant needs to be honest about what the impact they will have on the output. Put simply: ‘Garbage in = garbage out’. This is can be said for every step of the process.


MECE is a principle frequently used by management consulting firms to describe a way of organizing information. In this lecture, we'll dive into MECE principle.


After we understand the essential tips and rules of structuring problem, we can go ahead to structure our study by using the most popular profitability framework.


The “80/20 rule” is a commonly used term in consulting to prioritize the work stream. If you are already familiar with the term then we can skip this part.

Case - Completed problem structure
2 pages
1 question
Section 5: Phase 3 - Developing Hypothesis

Once a consultant has completed structuring and prioritizing the problem, hypotheses would be developed for the prioritized branches at this stage. Note it is only for the prioritized branches.


When consultants begin a new project they cannot know what the best solution is. However, experienced consultants use their experience and intuition to make an educated guess about what the best answer will be.


In this video, I'll now take you on to develop hypothesizes based on the prioritized branches.


An Issue Tree is very similar to a Logic Tree; however an Issue Tree is a series of questions directly related to the hypothesis.

Case - Issue tree
1 page
1 question
Section 6: Phase 4 - Building workplan

Workplan is a document which consulting firms use to organize a project. A workplan should outline how the management consulting firm plans to complete a quality project within a specific timeframe and a set budget.


Now that we have completed phase 3 and we have our hypothesis, it is time to scope baseline.

Case - Workplan
4 pages
1 question
Section 7: Phase 5 - Conducting Analysis

In this lecture, we’re going to talk about the deals with how to gather data and facts


Let’s now turn to the first hypothesis, - Due to increasing demand, cutting the price of bespoke suit by 25% will positively impact annual income.


Now let’s turn to the second hypothesis.

Due to rapid growth rate of demand for high-end measure-to-made and ready-to-wear clothing, entering China market will increase customer coverage, resulting in achieving long term vision.


Now let’s turn to the third hypothesis of our study.

Due to rich industrial knowledge and influence, Entering online magazine business in US will expand product line, positively effecting branding and income statement.


Now we’ll analyze the last hypothesis

Due to supplier consolidation, purchased costs, management costs will be declined, leading to increased stakeholder satisfaction and cost efficient procurement.

Case - Completed issue tree
1 page
Case - Completed initiative sheet
1 page
1 question
Section 8: Phase 6 - Synthesizing and Presenting Findings

After weeks of analysis, we’ll finally present our findings to the senior executives. To write a quality management consulting storyboard, we need to synthesizing our findings first.


In this lecture, I'll show you some examples of synthesis.


Here’s a brief structure which shows the opposite of synthesis.

Case - Synthesis
4 pages

After synthesis, now it’s time to write our consulting report.


And there you have your report. Now on to the presentation keynotes.

1 question
Recap project process
2 pages
Management consulting report samples
1 page
Section 9: Homework

By now, we’ve successfully delivered the full-length study. To wrap this course and get you moving, I'm gonna give you a little homework. Actually, it’s a small but interesting project.

Section 10: Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed this course and that you're leaving with an understanding of management consulting project and how you can support the growth of these consulting skills and mindsets within your company.

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Section 11: Course Keynotes
Section 1 keynotes
4 pages
Section 2 keynotes
41 pages
Section 3 keynotes
45 pages
Section 4 keynotes
32 pages
Section 5 keynotes
21 pages
Section 6 keynotes
14 pages
Section 7 keynotes
62 pages
Section 8 keynotes
24 pages
Section 9 keynotes
4 pages
Case study legal disclaimer
1 page

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