How To Make Mixtape Covers & Mixtape Graphics in Photoshop.

Learn the secrets to making hip-hop mixtape cover graphics in Photoshop no matter how much of a newbie you are!
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  • Video 7 Hours
  • Skill level all level
  • Languages English
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Course Description

Learn to make your own mixtape covers in Photoshop in just 24 hours by watching my easy to follow training videos.

When you search online on "How to make your own mixtape covers" you'll either find outdated cheap looking mixtape cover tutorials or YouTube videos that don't teach you shit on making them. I mean seriously... Many of these videos play music in the background, don't talk about the steps slow enough to understand or speed the video up super fast confusing you even more. When you have a question, they don't reply or even bother helping you.

You want someone who will teach you step-by-step right? Someone who actually talks and explains the steps at a slow enough pace for you to understand and follow yourself. Someone who you can ask a question and get an answer on when you run into a problem.

The Solution

My online course will teach you how to easily make your own mixtape covers in Photoshop. No more spending money on paying a mixtape designer for a cover when you drop a mixtape.

  1. - Save $50-$100 per cover. No more hiring a mixtape designer. You'll now be able to do it yourself and make a hot cover like the majors.
  2. - No more waiting on the designer to finish when he's ready.
  3. - Charge other rappers to make their mixtape covers. Earn extra money by designing for others.

You will easily learn how to make mixtape covers like the ones you see from Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross & More.

I currently have 50+ satisfied students that have joined my program with a 5-star rating! (Look above for proof)

Here's a few reviews from my current students.

Richard P says "Steve makes it so easy",

Remy C says "The tutorials were step by step and couldn't be easier. This is great!"

Join the course today for just $97 however I'm running a special for only 2 people a month that can't afford the $97. If your serious about joining today and can't afford the $97 email me at and tell me you want to join today and I'll give you a coupon code to join for just $37.

I'm confident you'll love the training I'm offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

The average rapper drops 2-5 mixtape a year. Designers charge $50 per cover. That is $250 a year you will be spending to make your mixtape covers. For just $97 $27 you can learn yourself. Act now. The coupon codes go fast.


How to use it: Click the "Redeem A Coupon" link to the right side of this page and enter the promo code above to see if it's still available. If it is, USE IT before someone else does!

This code can ONLY be used once. Once this code is used this offer is GONE and you will have to pay the full $97 to gain access. I have no plans this year to ever offer this discount again.


This course will teach you how to make your own mixtape covers in Photoshop easily.

If you are a beginner in Photoshop this program will teach you to master Photoshop and make professional mixtape covers you see the pros make on DatPiff and WorldStar Hip-Hop quick and easy.

Why take this training and who is this for?

This easy-to-follow video training is intended for graphic designers (beginners),Dj's, rappers and producers wanting a step-by-step, super easy-to-follow training program on how to make your own hip-hop mixtape covers, iTunes covers, single covers and hood-style graphics you see from Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye West, DJ Kalid and other top rappers' mixtape covers.

By learning to make your own hip-hop mixtape covers:

- You'll save money from having to hire mixtape designers to create your mixtape covers.

- You can make an extra $50-$150 per cover by charging other artists to design their cover.

No one teaches you how to create this style of hood graphics because:

1. Many don't know how to.

And 2. Because if mixtape designers reveal their secrets on how they make the mixtape covers, you won't hire them when you need a mixtape cover.

Well can't I can go to YouTube and learn?

Sure, check out YouTube. First off -- The videos that show you how to design mixtape covers aren't user-friendly. They don't take the time to show you the steps or explain slow enough on how they create them. They rush through the steps. They speed through it all. They play music in the background and don't talk teaching you how they did it. They don't answer questions helping you.

This training series does take the time to show you step-by-step on making mixtape covers easy in Photoshop.

If your SERIOUS about learning, join this class. Check out my 5-star rating from my current students as PROOF on how good my mixtape cover training program is.

What are the requirements?

  • Photoshop

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 31 lectures and 7 hours of content!
  • Learn Photoshop from a Professional Designer from your own desk.
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced users. Ideal for users who learn faster when shown by example.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step videos. Fail-proof steps on learning.

What is the target audience?

  • Photoshop designers
  • Rappers
  • Graphic designers
  • Mixtape cover designers


Section 1: What To Expect To Learn In This Training Series
Introduction 2 - See What's Inside The Members Area
Section 2: Learning The Tools in Photoshop

Bad cropping is the biggest mistake I see newbie designers make. The tools your using to cut out objects and people in Photoshop are wrong. This video will teach you how to professional crop out people and objects using the proper tools.


Learn how to properly set up a mixtape cover. Learn the correct size, dimension, resolution and color mode. If you start your mixtape cover wrong from the beginning you'll ruin it and will have a hard time submitting it to iTunes and print companies for printing.


This question I get asked 100 times a day. It's the most important step to learning where to find ANY graphic and stock image the pros use when designing mixtape covers. Ill show you how easy it is to find any stock graphic you need to fit your design. I go over 3 ways to get any high quality mixtape stock images from models, cars, money, fire, explosions, mixtape backgrounds and more.

Section 3: Learning Mixtape Special Effects

Want to learn how to make jewelry shine and bling? How about how to make car lights, street lights and building lights turn on and glow as if they are on like on make popular mixtape covers. In this video I'll go over with you how to make your own blings easy in Photoshop using simple tools also where to find an unlimited number of different looking blings and lens flares free! And how to apply them to your mixtape cover to create a movie-style lens flare to any object that shines.


In this video you will learn how to make money and objects fall from the sky using the correct angle and motion blur in Photoshop. This effect creates a realistic motion effect of any object that you want falling or moving through the sky.


In this video you'll learn how to make car lights glow and turn on as if the original image of the car was taken with the lights on. This effect can be applied to any object with lights that you want to turn on.


You'll love this video. Want to learn how to create the most realistic mother nature effects such as a rain, snow and ice? No need to take a photo of someone in the rain or snow. I'll show you how to product these effects super-easy without creating them scratch. The results will be 100% realistic. You want to produce realistic rain falling from a bad storm? Want to produce someone in a snow storm? Want to produce real fire around them? This video is short but explains the secrets on how to produce realistic mother nature effects.


Shadow placement is extremely important to use on objects and people to create a more realistic look. Without the right shadow placement people and objects "float" against the background and don't look real. Making shadows wrong will ruin your design if done wrong. You have to correctly place the shadow below the object that is casting it at the right size and opacity. Learn how to do it in this video.

Creating Realistic Shadows

You'l find tons of mixtape covers that use smoke and fire on their mixtape covers. You'll see smoke on cigerettes or blunts, smoke on the floor or background, smoke on objects that are burned, the same with fire. Want to place your city on fire in the background? Want to place fire on water as if it's burning? Learn how to do it in this video. Ill show you how to properly remove the background of smoke and fire and place it it correctly on the object or background to seemlessly blend it in.

How To Make Wheels Spin on a Car

Have you seen mixtape covers where the rappers, cars and/or objects having a glowing white burn around the edges? No not a cheesy glow but a burned white outline along their body or edges. Look at a few of your most favorite mixtape covers and you'll see this effect used. Ill explain how to create this effect in Photoshop using 1 simple tool.


What are the best mixtape cover fonts to use? And where can you get them free? This video will show you the top popular mixtape cover fonts to use on your cover. These fonts are used a lot on mixtape covers from top mixtape designers. Ill show you how to find mixtape fonts and how to install them in Photoshop.

Mixtape Fonts #2: Using Fonts
Section 4: How To Make Mixtape Covers - Live Examples
Mixtape Example #1

This case study shows you how I created a Wiz Kalifas mixtape cover from scratch. This a great mixtape cover tutorial on how to structure a complete mixtape cover from the beginning. I'll go over with you where I got the mixtape images from in seconds, how I put together the images and proper placement of the images.

Recreating A Mixtape Cover - Twista Part 1
Recreating A Mixtape Cover - Twista Part 2

In this lecture your going to see how I recreated the Ferarri Boyz mixtape cover from scratch. I will show you the complete structure to how I recreated this cover just by visually looking at it! You will learn a lot on how to make covers like this after viewing this video. Also you can download the PSD after.


Learn how to make the Lil Wayne - The Drought is Over cover. Another mixtape where I create from scratch just by visually looking at the cover and explaining how it was put together. If you want to learn how to make mixtape covers like this fast check out this 20 min video. It's easier than you think to make mixtape covers like these.

Intro Video to Acquitted Gunplay
Recreating A Mixtape Cover: Acquitted Gunplay
Section 5: Mixtape Tips & Tricks: Part 1
Mixtape Text Effects
Mixtape Tips
How To Retouch Skin To Be Smoother
How To Cartoon People
Skin Retouching 2
Section 6: Conclusion
Section 7: Business Marketing / Making Money Selling Your Designs

Learn how to make money selling your designs. How to get $100-$200 per design easily.

Instructor Biography

Steven Cortez , Mixtape Cover Designer

Since 1999 I've worked as a graphic designer using Adobe Photoshop 4. Completely self taught and fresh out of high school in 2001 my partner and I decided to start our own graphic design agency firm. We've successfully been in business over 10 years designing thousands of mixtape covers, flyers, posters and websites for independent artists all across the country. Working in Photoshop daily and I know it's features and components on what it takes to master and successfully design professional graphics for clients.


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    • D. Murry

    D. Murry/CEO of The 3808 Operating Group Review

    After careful review of the course, I finally decided to join as a member of such community. Steven Cortez has an incredible course that enables people to learn at a great pace. After speaking with Mr. Cortez, I was able to purchase the course and becoming more involved with the course. I have taken a look at a couple of videos and I can ensure anyone who joins that this course is a great start in learning how to use photoshop and to make great looking mixtape covers.

    • Yerrick Lloyd


    this class is very straight forward and he Actually shows everything he does! thats almost unheard of in the mixtape world! with actual covers to go along with what he's doing, you can't beat it!! must buy

    • Erik Figueroa

    Not what I thought it was.

    This course is highly intended for beginners. I didn't learn anything new but is only because I'm an advanced user, not the author fault. Good investment for beginners not veterans.

    • Jameson Miles

    Steven Cortez Mixtape course

    Im on the fourth lecture and I'm enjoying the course. I have dealt with Steven and just from his customer service and very helpful! He actually breaks down the steps to everything and is thorough. i haven't actually started the practical end of it but I am an artist and with the way he teaches I can tell Im going to be successful. GREAT Course !!!!

    • Walter Thomas


    With Me Being A Newbie too Photoshop this course slowed it down for me thought me the tools and much more. I also have talked to Mr. Steven Cortez and that alone made it easy for me to sign up very worth it and cant wait too show my skill to others

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