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LinkedEnglish: Native-Like Accent in 5 Steps

Fast-Speed Speech. Clear Accent. Deliver and Receive 99% of the Message
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1,615 students enrolled
Created by Elena Mutonono
Last updated 11/2014
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My English teacher used to say, "Pronunciation is your business card. You hand it over to your potential customers and employers. Before they have the time to figure out how complex is your Grammar or Vocabulary, they will hear the way you sound, and in many cases that first impression of "looking at your business card" will determine your future success."

I've thoroughly enjoyed learning and perfecting my own pronunciation over the years. I then spent years sharing this passion with my students, but grew continuously disappointed that even though they knew how to pronounce sounds, this knowledge had no connection to real life. They still couldn't understand native speakers, and their own fluency was very limited.

It took me some time to discover that pronunciation is not about drilling a student to pronounce isolated sounds and words, it's about developing the ability to understand and produce a fluent English speech. This led me to creating this course. If I only had 1 week to teach the most important, practical principles of English pronunciation, I would share these 5 basic principles that you will learn as soon as you enroll:

  1. English words always connect to each other. There are no "white spaces" or breaks in oral English!
  2. Some sounds are omitted (lost) from the flow of the English language.
  3. Some sounds are added to the flow of the English language.
  4. Some sounds are completely transformed.
  5. Conversational English never uses the standard "full Grammatical forms."

Join this course to learn more about these 5 magic principles that will help you gain more confidence and freedom while speaking English. I will explain each principle in a video and then give you a chance to practice using real-life phrases and text excerpts. After the course you will hear and speak English much differently than now. Join today!

Who is the target audience?
  • Students with a great desire to speak fluently
  • Students who would love to understand "fast English" better
  • Students who love working on their pronunciation
  • Students who are tired of not understanding how the words link together
  • Students who would like to speak as naturally and fluently as possible
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What Will I Learn?
Connect English words the way native speakers do
Listen to the native speakers or watch movies with less stress
Speak English more naturally and fluently
Significantly improve speech clarity
Experience confidence and freedom while communicating with the native speakers
View Curriculum
  • Basic pronunciation concepts
  • Basic English Grammar (I will use very few terms)
  • Basic rules of reading
  • Intermediate Listening Comprehension skills (the course is in English)
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 15 Lectures Collapse All 15 Lectures 01:04:23
2 Lectures 06:32

This is a brief introduction of the 5 basic LinkedEnglish principles. It will also give you an outline for the entire course.

Preview 06:32

To avoid any problems that you might have understanding the content of the course, I'm posting the entire manual for you to download and follow. It is not strictly word-for-word script, but I've tried to stick to it to make sure that you can go back and check out those words/expressions that you may not have heard right.

Download the manual for the entire course
8 pages
5 LinkedEnglish principles broken down
5 Lectures 31:52

Connecting words in Real-Life LinkedEnglish speech begins with filling up the "spaces" between them. In this lecture I will use some basic examples to illustrate how links actually work. You will have the opportunity to start learning as you go by listening and repeating specific examples.

Day 1: Loviterleavit! Get rid of the “spaces” in your speech

This concept requires some more practice as it combines a) the disappearance of "h's", and b) linking of the words without the h's. Plenty of opportunity for you to listen and repeat.

Preview 06:13

Some sounds "run into" each other and make a new sound or cluster. Learn how the "tch" and "dzh" come up in phrases like Can't you and Did you.

Day 3: Gotcha! Why put the extra tch and dj sounds where they don’t belong?

Why do conjunctions change their shapes and how? Learn when and is read as 'n and when as end.

Day 4: Livenlearn. What happened to the “and”s and “or”s?

The shortened forms (contractions) such as I'll go; we won't be there; she didn't know are also a part of LinkedEnglish principles. If you're not used to shorten them, you'll be stressing the wrong words in your speech (and that will make your communication difficult) or you won't know what the person in front of you is talking about. Start practicing in this video.

Day 5: I’ll seeya! What’s the point in shortening the forms?
Practice the 5 LinkedEnglish principles now
7 Lectures 14:48

The practical assignment break-down is simple:

  • print out the sheet with the assignment
  • mark the words that connect to each other by writing them together, e.g. all of us (you can write, on top: o:-lle-vuz
  • practice reading yourself
  • practice reading with the recording
  • record yourself
  • compare with the author's recording.
Day 1: The 4 linking rules.

The practical assignment break-down is simple:

  • print out the sheet with the assignment
  • mark the words that connect to each other by writing them together, e.g. left him at his home (you can write lef ti me tiz houm).
  • practice reading yourself
  • practice reading with the recording (listen and repeat)
  • record yourself (after repeating 5-7 times)
  • compare with the author's recording.
Preview 02:15

The practical assignment break-down is simple:

  • print out the sheet with the assignment
  • mark the words that connect to each other by writing them together, e.g. all of us (you can write over the phrase did you didzha)
  • practice reading yourself
  • practice reading with the recording (at least 5 - 7 times)
  • record yourself
  • compare with the author's recording.
Day 3: Gotcha and many others

Day 4: The hiding conjunctions

Practice until contractions start coming naturally to you. Enjoy!

Day 5: Let's contract!

One of the most exciting activities that I do with my students is "message decoding." You can experience the fun of working in some crime investigation unit where you are given a message and you need to decode it and spell it out in anormal English. So you will be offered 10 sentences that will be written out in an International Phonetic Alphabet (what you find in most dictionaries) and linked, and your task will be to decode them! Good luck!

Decode the message: A special bonus quiz

Check if you can hear some slight differences in the phrases that sound the same! This is an easy one for you!

Preview 02:05
1 Lecture 03:02

I hope you enjoyed this course! Please stay connected and share your feedback with me and others.

Thanks a lot!

Final words - it's only the beginning!
About the Instructor
4.8 Average rating
55 Reviews
1,657 Students
2 Courses
Accent Stylist for Expats.

Teaching English is my Profession, Purpose, and Passion. In the ten years of my work as a teacher it's never been boring or monotonous. Every lesson is a discovery. Every student is a new world. Every new professional summit is an impetus for this never-ending journey. Five years ago I switched to teaching online, and since then I've gained invaluable experience and empowered over 100 students in a one-to-one format and over 1,000 subscribers.

My job is not only limited to teaching Grammar or Vocabulary. I am in the business of building up a new future for each of my individual students.

In the years of teaching I've helped my students to:

  1. Build up confidence speaking fluently over a very short period of time (as short as 4-6 months).
  2. Understand spoken English as clearly as the written one.
  3. Work on their accent to develop better speech clarity (using my own developed materials).
  4. Take language proficiency tests, get promotions, go through immigration interviews, and land better jobs.
  5. Learn how to continue maintaining their level of English independently (by offering retainer courses, advice via subscription and my personal blog).

I have successfully taught and developed materials for Russian-speaking students for 5 years, and now I am ready to share my expertise with the rest of the world through my pronunciation and fluency courses.

I am also passionate about online education and teacherpreneurship and am always happy to connect with like-minded ESL professionals for mutual collaboration and learning.

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