Fundraising For Startups – Insights From an Experienced VC
4.4 (43 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Fundraising For Startups – Insights From an Experienced VC

How do venture capitalists tick? How do you approach them with a business idea? Get all the info from a 20+ years expert
4.4 (43 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,311 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Practical guidance for selecting the right type of investor for your start-up
  • Real world knowledge from an experienced professional
  • 1 hour high-quality video content (instructor videos, simpleshow explainer videos)
  • Challenging quizzes
  • Checklists and research lists to successfully enter the funding process of your own project
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  • Be ready to jump-start your business idea! We’ll explain the rest.

What's inside

An efficient, simple and visually engaging course for budding entrepreneurs and business owners.

You have a good idea and want to turn it into a business? Or maybe you're already up and running but missing vital capital to take your business to the next level? This crash course will get you ready for your investors pitch!

Some of the questions we'll be answering:

- What kind of investors are out there

- What to expect and what not to expect from venture capitalists

- What are investors looking for in young entrepreneurs

- What makes an investor really tick; how do they screen, judge and select business ideas

- What information do you need to have ready and with what level of detail

- Where and how can you meet investors in person

- How do you best prepare to approach an investor for the first time

- What are the do's and dont's

Expert Eran Davidson, a venture capitalist with over 20 years of investing experience in technology based start-ups in Europe, the US and Africa, offers valuable insights and advice on how young start-ups can connect with potential investors in a smart and professional way.

In comprehensive and illustrated lectures you'll get the overview and basic knowledge you need in order to really take your business to the next level!

The handcrafted simpleshow-style imagery present throughout, will help you acquire and remember the essentials of the topic in an enjoyable way within a very short time.

Notecards are available for download, challenging quizzes track your learning progress, and checklists are provided for your own plans.

How to find an investor for your business idea – we'll explain all!

Who is the target audience?
  • The course is well-suited for young entrepreneurs and visionaries who have just started thinking about a business they want to establish or wish to bring their new business to the next level
  • The course is for those who want to get an overview and understand the basics within a short time
  • The course is for those who have only a generic perception of pitching a business idea to investors
  • The course is for those who want to get practical advice from a seasoned venture capitalist
  • This course will not provide tips for writing a business plan or making financial forecasts
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Curriculum For This Course
31 Lectures
2 Lectures 03:05

Welcome to

Fundraising for Startups – Insights From an Experienced VC.

This is the introduction of the course. Your teacher Eran Davidson is a venture capitalist who started his career over 20 years ago. The intro provides a short course overview and you'll get an understanding of the topics Eran will cover. Watch this and you are ready to start.

Preview 03:05

Here you can get the "learning story map" of the course. Download it, print it and put it on your desk while you're learning. It's supposed to give you the whole journey of the course and its content in one nifty picture. Can you spot the unicorn? And... do you know why it is hiding?

Story map
1 page
3 Lectures 05:38

Business Angels can offer more than financial support. Learn who they are, what they do and how they invest. After this lecture you will understand if this type of investor fits your business vision.

Business Angels

The lecture covers the main issues related to business incubators:

- type;

- benefits;

- what they give;

-and what they ask in return.

After the lecture you will have basic knowledge about what type of the business incubators fit to your business depending on stage of development and final goal.

Business Incubators

The lecture provides you with information about venture capitalists, what they do, in what and how they invest.

After the lecture you will know the main details about this source of financing and decide whether it fits you.

Venture Capitalists

Test your insights on the different types of investors
4 questions
4 Lectures 09:51

The lecture will provide you information about:

- main peculiarities of venture capitalists as long-term investors;

- professional insight from professional investor, our expert - Eran Davidson;

- the most common mistakes young entrepreneurs do;

- and why you should not be afraid of VC.

What distinguishes a VC from other types of investors?

Test your insights on the characteristics of VCs
2 questions

The lecture will bring you to the working table of venture capitalist to watch him in daily business routine.

You will be surprised to know about investor struggles and problems.

What’s the everyday business of a VC?

The lecture provides you a full picture of what venture capitalist support means.

This investor provides you not only with capital but also with his network, advices and experience-based coaching.

How to use it and when? The secret is always about right timing.

What to expect from a VC?

The lecture will help you to escape common mistakes and misunderstanding of what to expect from your investor.

You will know how to attract the investor's attention to your business and to involve him into some ideas generation.

Eran also share some professional secrets about how investor and his investment projects interdepend.

Preview 02:53

Test your insights on what (not) to expect from a VC
6 questions
6 Lectures 05:43

The lecture will help you to see how to identify the ideal investor for your business idea.

Also you will get practical tips from our expert about how to reach the potential investor; what homework you should do.

How can I start researching investors?

Here you will get information about basic criteria you should think about in order to identify if the investor fits.

Notecard: Is The Investor A Fit?
1 page

The lecture will provide you with the information about several funding round and the specific requirements for these stages. You will get advice how to behave in front of the investors and big money.

How to find the right investor for each funding round

Checklist: Accelerators
2 pages

Checklist: Company Builders
2 pages

Checklist: Venture Capitalists
2 pages
5 Lectures 11:10

Eran explains why investors are easy to find. The lecture contains tips for search of investors, including:

  • Popular meeting places of investors and entrepreneurs;
  • Networking process;
  • Impact of communication and social interaction on the development of your business idea
How and where do I meet investors, that could support my business idea?

Contains web resources for search of investors and list of most significant entrepreneurial events in the world.

Checklist: Meet Investors
2 pages

The lecture describes essential steps that entrepreneur have to do before meeting the investor and answer the following questions:

  • How to engage investors in your idea?
  • How to do your homework before meeting with investor?
How do I tailor my proposal to the investor I want to approach?

Eran unveils the secrets of communication with number of investors simultaneously:

  • How to manipulate the investors?
  • How to push investors to make a proposal?
  • What I is coopetuition game between VC funds
How many investors should I approach at the same time?

The lecture discusses techniques that significantly increase the chances to raise money after meeting with investors. It includes the following concepts:

  • Arrangement of the meeting
  • Structuring your position for the meeting
  • Life changers psychology
How do I best approach an investor?

Test your insights on how to be best prepared for your first encounter
2 questions
6 Lectures 14:17

The lecture helps to prepare for questions of the investors during the meeting. It covers the following:

  • Types of information investors are interested in
  • Guide how to make the investors to ask you the questions you are prepared for
  • What to do if you don't know the answer for the question
  • Main rule of good pitch
Preview 06:34

The lecture helps to prepare for questions of the investors during the meeting. It covers the following:

  • Types of information investors are interested in
  • Guide how to make the investors to ask you the questions you are prepared for
  • What to do if you don't know the answer for the question
  • Main rule of good pitch
Notecard: Investors Questions
1 page

Eran explains what to avoid and what to use while approaching investors.

What are the Do’s and Don’ts when approaching an investor?

Brief list of tips for successful meeting with investor.

Notecard Dos And Donts
2 pages

The lecture discusses how well-prepared you should be before approaching the investors. It includes descriptions of:

  • Figures you should know about the company
  • Business plan and its dynamics
  • Primary source of market data
What level of detail should I know about my business idea?

Eran explains how the idea should be communicated to different audience and what the potential drawbacks of sharing your idea are.

What is the right information dose for potential investors?

Test your insights on how to best approach an investor
16 questions
4 Lectures 11:17

This part will introduce you to internal screening process in VC firms and tell you about the answer, you will never get from investor.

How does the investor screen, select and judge my proposal?

This lecture presents:

  • Main criteria that investors use for evaluating the idea
  • Overview of investment process
  • Description of decision-making process of investors during the presentation
What are the most important criteria for investors to evaluate business idea?

Main criteria that investors use for evaluating the idea
Notecard: Criteria For Investors
1 page

Test your insights on the investors' decicion making process
2 questions

Eran unveils investors' rationale behind their words and actions. He discusses:

  • Unwritten rule of investor's decision-making
  • Common lies told by investor
  • Interaction between investor and the companies
What are the unwritten rules an investor’s decision is based on?
1 Lecture 05:16

Eran will explain you how to cooperate and collaborate with venture capitalist:

- how and why the investor has a lot of control having only 20% of your company;

- how investor is involved into management of the company;

- how to operate under several stakeholders' pressure;

- why you need investors to survive at the market.

Verdict: What is a VC good for?
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