Hit Songwriting Secrets: How To Craft A Hit Song!
3.0 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
152 students enrolled
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Hit Songwriting Secrets: How To Craft A Hit Song!

Learn the Secrets of Crafting a Hit Song: Grasp the Formula, Discover New Techniques, Build, Sculpt, & Edit a New Song.
3.0 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
152 students enrolled
Last updated 2/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Explore the history of songwriting and how it all began.
  • Write your own original song from start to finish.
  • Identify a song synopsis and its purpose in songwriting.
  • Create catchy titles that intrigue potential listeners.
  • Derive inspiration for new songs from multiple sources.
  • Watch the deconstruction/analysis of a hit song.
  • Understand how to create melodies that hook the listener.
  • Choose a song form to create your own song.
  • Recognize the different sections of any song you hear.
  • Name at least three different resources a songwriter can use.
  • Process constructive critiques and comprehend its purpose.
  • Discover songwriting clubs and circles and what they offer.
  • Realize the top songwriting conventions and their provisions.
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  • You should have a basic writing software like MS Word, Notepad, or Word Pad. No previous writing experience is required, no musical background, and you don't need to play a musical instrument.

Hit Songwriting Secrets is designed to show you the inner workings of how a hit song is crafted. Crafting a hit song is certainly an art form, and mastering this art form requires the proper tools and techniques. Who will teach you these tools and techniques you ask? In Hit Songwriting Secrets you will gain access to the secret skills, tricks, and instruments of hit songwriters to write a custom song of your own in 30 days or less. The course is easy to navigate, organized accordingly, housed under one convenient roof, and includes the following:

  • 4 Comprehensive Sections of Structured Material
  • 5 Quizzes to Reinforce Songwriting Methods
  • 8.5 Hours of Detailed HD Video Content
  • 8-10 Lessons in Each Section of the Course
  • 37 Downloadable PDF Materials

Expressing yourself through songwriting is a wonderful experience. Music is a language of the world and you can start communicating today. In Hit Songwriting Secrets you can master the art of writing innovative, fresh, and distinguished songs:

  • Discover the different song forms.
  • Create catchy, fun, original titles.
  • Learn the song sections that build a song.
  • Explore newfound brainstorming techniques.
  • Ascertain newfound songwriting abilities, devices, and craftsmanship.
  • Participate in the live deconstruction of hit songs.
  • Understand the importance of feedback.
  • Gain access to a ton of songwriter resources.

Well-known songwriters and producers use these techniques everyday to assist in creating songs with hit factor. In Hit Songwriting Secrets you can look over my shoulder and watch as I write a song from scratch. You will learn step by step to write your very own song as you follow along with each lesson. By the time you complete the course you will have completed writing an original song and you will have earned a Udemy Certificate of Completion. Hopefully you will find it refreshing, exciting, and interesting to take a course on a fun topic like songwriting. What are you waiting for? Writing your own song is just a click away, so don't delay, go ahead and take the course. Express yourself in song today.

Who is the target audience?
  • The Hit Songwriting Secrets Course is for newbies and intermediate students - it would also be a great refresher course for an advanced student. If you're looking to delve deep into advanced songwriting techniques then my Advanced Songwriting Secrets course would be better suited for you.
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Curriculum For This Course
39 Lectures
Introduction To Hit Songwriting Secrets.
8 Lectures 01:16:51

This lecture details the main reason behind creating this course. It also gives a brief overview of what the course will entail with specific topics that will be covered.

  • Songwriting Lessons
  • Songwriting Instruction
  • Songwriting Course
  • Beginner Songwriting Course
  • Songwriting Tips
  • Songwriting Techniques
  • Songwriting Process
  • Songwriting Process Tips
  • Songwriting Music
  • Lyric Writing Process
  • Music Students
  • Songwriting Students
  • Ultimate Songwriting Lessons
Preview 03:26

This lecture discusses the instructor's background. In addition to the instructor's reasons for creating a course on songwriting.

  • Songwriting Lessons
  • Songwriting Instruction
  • Songwriting Instruction Music or Lyrics
  • Songwriting Instruction Getting Started
  • Learn Songwriting
  • Songwriting Education
  • Coached Songwriting
  • Songwriting Tips
  • How To Become A Better Songwriter
Preview 03:10

This lecture discusses getting to know more about the students. It also has simple questionnaire so the instructor can learn a little more about the students.

  • Music Students
  • Songwriting Students
  • Music Downloads Students
  • Music School
  • Music Teacher
Preview 01:26

This lecture discusses what makes up a song. It also discusses what a song is not.

  • Song Definition
  • Song Meanings
  • Music Definition
  • Song Synonym
  • Song Definition and Examples
Preview 05:21

This lecture discusses how a songwriter can come up with a song title. It gives a songwriter specific tools and techniques for coming up with ideas.

  • How to come up with a song title
  • How to come up with a good song title
  • How to come up with song lyrics
  • Look up song titles
  • Made up song titles
  • Break up song title
How To Craft Song Titles.

This lecture discusses a brief history of songwriting in reference to song forms. It gives and overview from the past to the current song forms.

  • Song Forms
  • Song Structures
  • Song Form Types
  • Basic Forms of Song
  • Music Forms
  • Song Form Examples
  • Pop Song Forms
What Are Song Forms?

This lecture discusses the tool of writing a song synopsis. It also shows the student its relationship to songwriting.

  • Songwriting Tools
  • Songwriting Tools Online
  • Songwriting Tips
  • Lyric Writing Tools
What Is A Song Synopsis?

This lecture discusses how to use word association in conjunction with songwriting. The students will complete an exercise using word association.

  • Word Association
  • Word Association List
  • Word Association Tool
  • Word Association Generator
What Is Word Association?

Hit Songwriting Secrets: Quiz 1
5 questions
Writing The Draft, Hooking The Listener, & Rewriting.
10 Lectures 02:19:02

This lecture define what a hook is and its relationship to songwriting. The students will participate in writing a hook.

  • Songwriting hook tips
  • What is a hook in a song
  • Lyrical hooks
  • How to write a catchy hook
  • How to write a song hook
  • Songwriting for beginners
  • Chorus writing tips
What Is A Hook?

This lecture discusses which section of the song tells the story. Students will participate in coming up with a story for their song.

  • How to write verses in a song
  • How to write song lyrics
  • Verses Music
  • Famous Song Verses
  • Love Song Verses
  • Song Lyrics
How To Tell The Story.

This lecture discusses a section that can sometimes come before a chorus. It also discusses how to go about writing this section.

  • Structure of a song
  • Parts of a song
  • Song Format
  • Basic Song Structure
  • Song Forms
  • Modern Song Structure
A Pre-What?

This lecture further discusses the section that comes before the chorus and goes into greater detail.

  • Song Stanza
  • Structure of a Song
  • Song Form
  • Common Song Structures
A Pre-What? Part II

This lecture discusses the section of a song where the story should be expanded upon. Students will participate in expanding this section of their own song.

  • Elaboration Techniques
  • Elaboration Strategies in Writing
  • Elaboration Strategies Learning
  • Elaboration Strategies Definition
  • Writing Second Verse
  • Format For Writing a Song
  • Lyric Writing Format
  • Compose the second verse of a song
How To Elaborate The Story.

This lecture discusses writing the first draft. It also discusses what you should and shouldn't do when writing the first draft.

  • First draft definition
  • How to write the first draft
  • First draft meaning
  • First draft in 30 days
  • Summary first draft
  • Songwriting first draft
  • First draft description
What's A Draft?

Hit Songwriting Secrets: Quiz 2
5 questions

This lecture discusses techniques for rewriting a song. It gives practical tips for this process.

  • Song rewriting
  • Rewriting song lyrics
  • Song rewrite assistance
  • Inspired songwriting tips
  • The joy of song rewriting
  • Song rewriting instruction
  • Song rewriting tutorial
What Is Rewriting?

This lecture discusses the concept of song flow. It also discusses how songwriter might apply song flow in the rewriting process.

  • Songwriting Instruction
  • Rewriting Tutorial
  • Rewriting with Song Flow
  • Rewriting with Lyric Flow
What's Song Flow?

The lecture introduces two types of point of view. It discusses how a songwriter might choose point of view for a song.

  • Point of View Examples
  • Types of Point of View
  • First Person Point of View
  • Second Person Point of View
What's Point Of View/Perspective? Part I

This lecture discusses the last type of point of view. It also shows an example of this type of point of view.

  • Point of View Workflow
  • Literary Point of View Examples
  • Point of View Activities
  • Third Person Point of View Examples
What is Point of View/Perspective? Part II
Writing The Melody, Rewriting, & Making A Demo.
10 Lectures 02:08:48

This lecture defines what a melody is. It shows the songwriter how to use the lyrics in reference to melody.

  • What is a melody in music
  • What is a melody in song
  • What is a melody line
  • What does melody mean in music
  • Describing Melody
  • Define Melody in Music
What Is A Melody? Part I

This lecture is a continuation of the previous lecture giving further detail about the concept of a melody.

  • Words to describe a melody
  • What is melody in a song
  • What is the melody
  • Why is melody important in music
What Is A Melody? Part II

This lecture discusses the concept of contrast and its relationship to songwriting. It discusses the importance of contrast in a song.

  • Contrast definition
  • Contrast definition and examples
  • How to create contrast
  • How to create contrast in songs
What Is Contrast? Part I

This lecture is a continuation of the previous lecture on contrast and delves further into how to create it in songs.

  • Contrast in songs
  • High contrast lyrics
  • How to create contrast in songs
  • Songwriting video tutorial
What Is Contrast? Part II

Hit Songwriting Secrets: Quiz 3
5 questions

This lecture discusses the definition of climax and where it lies within a song.

  • Climax Definition
  • What is a climax in a song
  • What is a climax in a literature
  • What is a climax in a narrative
  • What is a climax in a story mean
  • Climax songwriting lessons
  • Song structure: how music works
What Is A Climax?

This lecture gives tools and techniques for generating ideas for a melody. It also shows an example of creating a melody.

  • Melody writing
  • How to come up with a melody
  • Generating melodic ideas
  • How to develop melodic ideas
How To Come Up With Ideas For The Melody.

This lecture discusses the concept of rewriting a melody. It gives practical tools and tips for sculpting an effective and catchy melody.

  • Melody rewriting
  • How to rewrite a melody
  • Rewrite your song melody
  • How to rewrite your melody
  • Melody rewriting tutorial
  • Songwriting tips and techniques
How To Rewrite The Melody.

This lecture discusses different types of feedback a songwriter might acquire. It also discusses how a songwriter should use feedback.

  • Feedback meaning
  • Giving feedback
  • Types of feedback
  • Feedback communication
  • Songwriting Tips and Techniques
  • Songwriting Tools
Who Needs Feedback?

This lecture discusses how to use a song critique. It gives anecdotes about critiques and how some were useful and others not.

  • Songwriting Critique
  • Song Critique Service
  • Song Structure
  • Song Reviews
  • Music Critiques
  • Song Critiques
  • Building Better Songs
  • Songwriting Feedback
  • Songwriting Lyrics Critique
  • Song Lyrics Critique
How To Process Constructive Critiques.

This lecture details what demo services are and how a songwriter might find one. It also details the important steps of what to do before contacting a demo service.

  • Music Demo Services
  • Song Demo Services
  • Songwriter Demo Services
  • Demo Recording Services
  • Professional Song Demos
  • Demo My Song
  • Music Producer Services
  • Record My Song
  • Song Production
What Are Demo Services?

Hit Songwriting Secrets: Quiz 4
5 questions
You've Written Your Song - What's Next?
11 Lectures 02:12:46

This lecture discusses the steps to take after a songwriter completes writing a song. It also gives examples and anecdotes.

  • What to do after writing your song
  • Songwriting tips
  • Good songwriting tips
  • Songwriting process
  • Better songwriting
  • Songwriting help
  • Rules of songwriting
  • How to become a better songwriter
You've Written Your Song - What's Next? Part I

This lecture is a continuation of the previous lecture and gives further details, steps, and practical tips about what to do after you've written your song.

  • Taking your songwriting to the next level
  • How to become a better lyricist
  • Songwriting tips
  • I want to be a songwriter where do I start
  • How to get into songwriting
  • Songwriting process
  • Ultimate songwriting
  • Being a songwriter
You've Written Your Song - What's Next? Part II

This lecture discusses the debate of whether to make songwriting a hobby or a career. It also explains the difference of the two concepts of hobby and career.

  • Songwriting Career
  • Songwriting Hobby
  • Becoming a songwriter selling songs
  • Write songs for money
  • How to make money writing songs
  • How to become a paid songwriter
Is This A Hobby Or A Career?

This lecture discusses different songwriter resources and how to find them. It gives examples and anecdotes of the different types of resources.

  • Songwriter resources
  • Music songwriter
  • Songwriter web
  • Songwriting tips books
  • Songwriter Magazine
  • Songwriter Books
Resources For Songwriters. Part I

This lecture is a continuation of the previous lecture giving further detail and insight into useful songwriting resources.

  • Songwriting resources online
  • Songwriting books
  • Songwriting magazines
  • Songwriting methods
  • Songwriting tips
  • Songwriting tutorial
Resources For Songwriters. Part II

This lecture discusses what songwriting clubs and circles are, where to find them, and what activities the provide.

  • Songwriting Clubs
  • Songwriting Clubs USA
  • Songwriting Circles
  • Songwriting Associations
  • Songwriting Camp
  • Songwriting Workshops and Courses
  • Songwriting Classes
  • Coached Songwriting
What Are Songwriting Clubs/Circles?

This lecture discusses potential songwriting conventions a songwriter could attend. It details what occurs at these events.

  • Songwriting Conventions
  • Songwriting Expo
  • Songwriting Conference
  • Songwriting Seminar
  • Songwriting Conference 2015
Songwriting Conventions. Part I

This lecture is a continuation of the previous lecture giving further detail and insight about songwriting conventions. It also gives specific examples of different activities that occur at songwriter conventions.

  • Songwriting Convention
  • Songwriting Conference
  • Music Conventions
  • Music Industry Conventions
  • Music Business Conferences
  • Hip Hop Music Conferences
  • Music Education Conferences
  • Radio Conferences
  • ASCAP Expo 2015
  • ASCAP Convention
Songwriting Conventions. Part II

This lecture discusses the role of songwriting submission services. It gives a list of these companies and the services they provide.

  • Songwriting and song pitching
  • Songwriting and Tv and Film
  • Songwriting services
  • Submitting your songs
  • Submitting your music
  • Submit your music to A&R
  • Submit your song to radio
Songwriting Submission Services.

This lecture discusses the different types of competitions a songwriter might enter. It lists specific contests and gives a range of the general fee associated with submission.

  • Songwriting Competition
  • Songwriting Contest
  • Songwriting Contest 2015
  • Lyric Writing Contest
  • Lyrics Contest
  • Songwriting Competition Free Entry
  • Lyric Writing Competition
  • National Songwriting Competition
  • Songwriting Competition 2015
Songwriting Competitions.

Hit Songwriting Secrets: Final Exam
21 questions

This lecture is a thank you message to students for taking the course and gives practical tips of what to do moving forward. It also discusses Richard's upcoming course on advanced songwriting.

  • Thank you message
  • Music students
  • Practical songwriting tips
  • Advanced songwriting tips
  • Advanced songwriting techniques
  • Songwriting course completion
  • Music course completion
Moving Forward: Never Stop Learning!!!!
About the Instructor
Richard Smith-Beverly
2.6 Average rating
5 Reviews
299 Students
2 Courses
Singer-Songwriter,Music Producer, & Teacher

Richard Smith-Beverly is currently a private instructor at the Napoli School of Music and Dance where he has taught hundreds of students lessons in piano, voice, composition, violin, and guitar. The school honored him this year with a plaque for 8 years of outstanding teaching at Napoli. Richard earned his Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where he trained extensively arranging for big band, small chamber orchestra, small ensembles, and studied commercial production and songwriting under commercial composer Chuck Butler. In addition, Richard studied for four years at the Baltimore School for the Arts where he received much of his early music education. “I started teaching as a way to give back – for all the knowledge, training, and education that I’d been given over the years,” says Richard. Richard began his teaching career in 2005 at GEGISOM (Georgia E. Gregory Interdenominational School of Music) in the inner-city of Philadephia. In 2006, Richard was hired as a Media Tech at The Entertainment Source, LLC in Jenkintown, Pa creating music charts for the different company wedding/party bands, updating the company website periodically, as well as creating promotional content and brochures. Richard went on to teach at the Napoli School of Music and Dance in the prestigious Mainline of Philadephia. He became very well-known and well-trained as a private instructor and in 2007 began teaching private in-home lessons in the suburbs of Pennsylvania for Musika Lessons, LLC – a company based out of New York. In 2007, Richard was also hired as a bass soloist for Trinity Church Oxford in the Northeast of Philadelphia and sang there for several years. That same year Richard was also instrumental in helping to create a Music Program for elementary school children that was hosted on Saturdays at Archbishop Ryan High School in Northeast Philadephia. “I love teaching because it gives me a different kind of euphoria than when I’m performing,” says Richard. “Helping my students create goals for themselves and seeing them achieve those goals is very rewarding. It gives me great satisfaction when I teach a student specific techniques and seeing them apply those techniques in their own musical experience. The most gratifying experience of teaching is seeing my students grow as musicians – many of my students had their first musical training with me and to see and experience their progression over the years is the best,” says Richard. In his leisure time Richard enjoys day trips to New York for attending Broadway shows or music concerts. He has travelled to the West Coast for vacations to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Richard has also travelled to cities in the North East including Boston, Massachusetts and Providence in Rhode Island. On a recent trip to New York Richard had the immense pleasure of meeting six-time Tony Award Winner Audra McDonald.