Growing Your Business with Webinars
4.6 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Growing Your Business with Webinars

Creating Webinars - you will learn how to create, promote and grow your business with Webinars.
4.6 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
616 students enrolled
Created by Maria Nikas
Last updated 7/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will learn what a webinar is, about the free or paid software you can use, why you should be using webinars, how to promote and sell your products or services with webinars. Skills and confidence to present a webinar on any topic.
  • By the end of this course you will be able to confidently present a webinar and promote your products or services. You will gain the skills and confidence to present a webinar on any topic.
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  • Anyone who has a topic that they want to share and or educate others about.
  • There are basic tools you'll need to own or have access to, before you can effectively host a webinar. A reliable microphone. You'll want it to be hands-free, so a combination headset and microphone. It doesn't have to be expensive, but it should be good quality and should specifically be designated for conversation and voice recording. High speed internet connection. Free or paid Webinar hosting. We'll be taking a closer look at three of the most common, reliable providers shortly A good lighting source, if you are using any live feed (e.g. talking directly to your attendees via video or webcam).
  • Optional equipment, depending on the type of webinar you want to present and the media you're used to working with, can include: Video camera Web cam Screen capture software Power Point, Keynote or graphic slides/presentation.
  • Do you have a strong, helpful message and an idea? It always pays to ask yourself... will your webinar really help enrich or enlighten your attendees' lives? Would you choose to invest your time watching, listening and interacting via this webinar, if you were an attendee rather than the presenter? Are you passionate about what you're saying? Knowledgeable?

In this course you will discover everything you need to know about hosting popular, profitable webinars, including:

  • How to research your market and get interested people to join your valuable webinar space.
  • Cash converting webinar formats not every format is right for every market. Learn the ins and outs of different presentation styles so you can discover the one that suits your unique purposes.
  • Tips to help you plan and host webinars even on a tight budget learn where you can save, and where you can cut corners, remember that 'you get what you pay for'.

This is a succinct and to the point course you will able to get you started straight away.

This is a real business model with the potential to help you earn a significant income. You will learn crucial information :

  • Why your mailing list is still the most important asset you own, and how to use webinars to make it even more valuable.
  • How webinars can instantly catapult you to expert status and build your profits along the way.
  • The difference between a qualified lead and an unqualified one and how to fill your webinar room with people that want to buy.

That's just the start, this training is packed full of information.

8 proven tactics to engage and entertain your audience - and keep them coming back again and again.

10 ways on how to not distract your audience and ruin your webinar.

Why the content tease doesn't work any more - and what to do instead.

7 back-end strategies to help you earn more money - even if you offer your webinar for FREE.

Bonus material Steps bt step guide on Google+ and Google Hangouts.

The practically fool-proof technique to attract important Joint Venture partners - this no-brainer tip is so simple, and yet practically no one is doing it!

Once you've got a few free webinars under your belt, it's time to start really putting cash in your wallet with this profit-pulling business model.

Why the free webinar model can leave you feeling discouraged.

How to re-purpose existing content for greater profit - this quick-start formula will get your webinar off the ground in record time.

Teaching models that are perfect for webinars. You already have all the knowledge you want to make money instructing others - even if you think you're a beginner.

Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone who loves learning how to promote and sell their products and services online.
  • Online businesses that want to get more exposure and interact with clients and potential clients.
  • For businesses that want to achieve a greater reach, by providing interactive, hands-on learning opportunities, in the form of live webinars and virtual events.
  • For people that are passionate about their hobby and want to take it to the next level by testing the waters via a webinar.
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Curriculum For This Course
19 Lectures
Welcome and Introduction
5 Lectures 16:01

Why You Should be Hosting Webinars

Webinars offer a lot of benefits, not only for your customers, but for you as well. They're flexible, interactive, memorable, and most of all, your market will love them. Let's take a look at what a well-planned webinar can offer you and your customers.

Perhaps the ultimate benefit of a webinar is the ability to host or attend from anywhere. No traveling out of town, no hotel stays, and no need for a new wardrobe. Just turn on your computer and you're ready to attend - or even host! Customers will appreciate the ability to learn from you without the need to buy a plane ticket, and you'll love that you can host an event for dozens of people without booking an expensive meeting room.

The best webinars are interactive, memorable, and position you - the presenter - as an expert in your chosen field. In this way, even free, lead-generation webinars can have a fantastic ROI, growing your followers and helping to increase your profits through sales on the 'back end'.

Preview 04:20

There are basic tools you'll need to own or have access to, before you can effectively host a webinar. Here are just a few:

A reliable microphone

High speed internet connection

Free or paid Webinar hosting

A good lighting source,

A strong, helpful message

Preview 11:41

Printable checklist to help you keep on track as you work through the course.

Preview 4 pages

Webinar basics
2 questions

Google Hangouts are very popular for webinars and worth a look - check out the bonus material all about Google Hangouts. If you don't have a Google+ account have a look at our other bonus 'Google+ Step by Step Guide'.

Bonus Material 1 - Webinars with Google Hangouts
15 pages

Easy guide to setting up a Google+ account, to host free webinars on the Google+ Hangouts platform.

Bonus Material 2 - Google+ Step by Step Guide
17 pages
Lead Generation with Webinars
4 Lectures 26:57

This type of webinar is best designed to build your mailing list while boosting your credibility and expert status, the sole purpose being to keep people engaged in 'conversation' with you.

The best result for them is finding an authoritative, fresh new source of niche information. For you, it's signing up pre-qualified, future customers hungry for what you have to share or teach.

Free Lead Generation Webinar

8 Ways to Plan and Prepare for Your Webinar

One of the most important jobs a lead generation webinar should do is to engage your attendees. Don't make it easy for them to 'walk away' give them powerful reasons to stay.

Your content will be key, of course, in achieving this end, but there are also simple strategies you can use to boost your efforts:

  1. Plan Your Handouts:
  2. Surprise Your Attendees:
  3. Don't Leave It All Up to Your Webinar Hosting Service
  4. Make Your Potential Attendees Use Their Visual Senses
  5. Use a Checklist
  6. Assemble your Webinar Aids Ahead of Time
  7. Use a Script!
  8. Practice Makes Perfect
Planning Your Webinar

These are all pre-webinar tactics, designed to ensure that on the day of the event, your attendance quota is full and a buzz is already generating.

You've practiced until you're thoroughly familiar with your webinar hosting dashboard.You've had a couple of perfect runs, so the real thing ought to be a piece of cake. Right?

The Real Thing!

Printable checklist to help you keep on track as you work through the course.

Checklist 2 - Assists you to stay on track in creating your Webinar
3 pages
Making Money with Webinars
4 Lectures 20:53

As with lead generation webinars, your content starts with giving away great information. It used to be the accepted strategy to show the 'what to do' but not the 'how to do it' - in other words, give away only enough information to tease - but today's online buyers are less patient and more savvy.

Competition is fiercer now too - and there is a lot more of it!It's even more vital to offer your target customer content that goes the extra mile to deliver what they want and need. (Your whole message should let them know: 'There's LOTS more where that came from!)'.

Giving Away Free Information, Summits and Joint Ventures

There are basic mistakes not to make, if you really want to increase your chances of attracting one or more celebrity guests or JV partners. The following tips will help you avoid these...

  1. Make sure you've successfully held at least one webinar
  2. Research your idea thoroughly.
  3. Plan your potential summit or JV event as thoroughly as if it's actually happening.
  4. Set up a professional website already dedicated to your webinar or webinar summit.
  5. On your event website, "fill in" the faces and profile slots of each celebrity guest with headshots and bios as they accept
  6. Have affiliate or promotional resources already in place
  7. Make sure your hosting has the capacity to handle a much larger guest list
  8. Show them you're ready -- and eager -- to promote.
  9. Make it ridiculously easy to participate
  10. Get your potential guests excited about what your Summit or JV partnership can do for their subscribers!
10 Tips for Avoiding Joint Venture Mistakes

With any type of JV partnership webinar - whether you're selling an affiliate product or running a Summit with a guest list potential up in the hundreds - there are a few vital mistakes you must remember not to make.

Pitfalls of Partnered Webinars

Printable checklist to help you keep on track as you work through the course.

Checklist 3 - Assists you to stay on track in creating your Webinar
2 pages
Bring It All Together
5 Lectures 24:27

In this lecture we will look at the various streams of revenue that you can present on your webinar.

Creating Courses from PLR or Master Resale Rights Content

Repurpose Content!

How to Teach by Using Webinars

What to Teach, Using Webinars

How to Get Paid to Teach What You Know

Here's a look at a few that automatically generate a higher rate of success

  • Refresher courses
  • How to quickly master new changes in a system
  • How to quickly master new features in software upgrades or media platforms
  • How to master difficult technical or mechanical challenges
  • How to refine skills to an even greater level

In addition, keep in mind that webinars are ideally suited for kinaesthetic learners (meaning people who need to perform an action 'hands on' before they can learn it).

How to Teach (and what to teach) Using Webinars

There's a difference between learning how to use something and how to master it. If a product is your own in the first place, it ought to become much easier to:

  • Persuade people you are the person to teach its intricacies
  • Work with it as a coach or teacher

Nevertheless, the true success in teaching by webinar has nothing to do with how well you know your subject, or how comfortable you are with the webinar format. It has more to do with:

  • How completely you capture your attendees' interest
  • How well you focus on your attendee's needs and goals
  • How well you teach

Combine interesting, dynamic delivery with clarity and simplicity, and your reputation for teaching will quickly overshadow the actual subject.

Secrets of Teaching Successfully

If you're nervous about teaching, think of it more as 'sharing'. Allow yourself to become excited about helping your attendees.

And use these twelve tips to ensure that your delivery packs a punch they'll enjoy and remember...

  1. Dive right in
  2. Engage emotions
  3. Use surveys
  4. Interact
  5. Allow questions during your "class"
  6. Use structure
  7. Use your actual content, delivery and reward system to "keep it fresh"
  8. Don't make assumptions
  9. Teach with passion -- but don't outpace your students!
  10. Don't show off your knowledge
  11. Question your students before your webinar
  12. Research their biggest reward
How to Vault Your Teaching to the Next Level

By the time you get to the teaching arena, you should be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of webinar creation - structure, scheduling, features your webinar hosting service provides, limits and parameters, your attendees' needs, wants, likes and dislikes. Put it all together and provide a teaching or coaching program that brings in steady, recurring income.

Putting It All Together
Webinar resources
1 Lecture 00:00

Printable checklist to help you keep on track as you work through the course.

Checklist 4 - Assists you to stay on track in creating your Webinar
2 pages
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