Google Cloud Certified Professional - Architect - Bootcamp
4.0 (115 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
860 students enrolled
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Google Cloud Certified Professional - Architect - Bootcamp

Bootcamp to prep your for the Google Cloud Platform Architect exam.
4.0 (115 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
860 students enrolled
Last updated 9/2017
Price: $20
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 7 hours on-demand video
  • 16 Supplemental Resources
  • 1 Practice Test
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • They will learn about the basics of the Google Cloud Platform
  • Preparing for the test.
  • Virtual Networking
  • Virtual Machines
  • Cloud Identity and Access Management
  • Resource Management
  • Data Services
  • Networking with Google
  • Automating Infrastructure
  • Containers
  • Security
  • Application Development
  • Taking the Exam
  • Migrating to GCP
  • Career advice
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  • Sign up for a FREE Google Cloud Platform Trial Account
  • Want to learn quickly about Google Cloud Platform
  • Some experience with GCP such as familiarity with the GCP Console.

The Course is in DRAFY mode - Enabled with low prices to get the feedback and work against the competitors - Please do provide the feedback.Thank you

Looking to accomplish your Google Cloud Platform Certification.  Don't have time or funds to spend on expensive courses and want to avoid the extra marketing fluff.    This course should aid in your acomplishment

Welcome to the Google Cloud Certified Professional -Architect Exam Prep Bootcamp.  This course will get you ramped up in Google Cloud Platform so you can successfully take the GCP Cloud Architect exam

 I take out all the "Fluff" from the traditional course that are publicly available and cut them to about 50% of their normal content.  I take out the "marketing fluff" and what i call as an instructor "busy work"  that is inserted into the customer course to keep the course an extra day.

In this course we start with a brief overview to ensure everyone has the same understanding of the platform.. The understanding you NEED to pass this challenging exam.  We will cover the aspects of the GCP Platform you MUST KNOW to pass the exam...  Such as migrating Virtual Machines, Determining the proper data storage requirements, analyzing performance and monitoring the GCP Platform,   

Remember, this exam is not a walk in the park and I say that as an AWS Certified Pro.  Google looks at cloud differently and generally has catered more towards developers.. So if you dont know the developer jargon some of Google approaches may not make sense..  Also, this exam does not test you on the basics of Cloud and thus you need to know what exact services and for that matter what exact service Google believes. (Yes, several questions had answers that could be correct depending on how you approached the question..

To be blunt this exam is not written in a clear and concise manner so it will take some "abstracting" what they are asking... 

Most lectures are 5 - 12 minutes long with tons of demos to show in the GCP interface what you need to know.  

So lets get started...

 What you can expect from the GCP Bootcamp?

1.  Condensed content focused on getting your certified.

2.  Reducing your certification prep time significantly. 

3.  Over Thirty lectures covering every subject area in the exam 

 4. Practice quizes after each technical lesson

 5. Final exam that simulates how the real questions are on the exam. 

 6.  Numerous links to reference material you need to study

 7. Contact info to ask any questions. 

Who would be the target audience?

  • GCP Beginners. Some minor experience would be helpful since this course does not spend much time on GCP 100 materials
  • Existing Solutions Architects
  • Existing Cloud Managers and Administrators 
  • Programmers Interested in Deploying Applications on GCP
  • People interested in hosting highly scaleable, fault tolerant applications (such as Wordpress and Joomla) on the GCP platform IaaS or PaaS.
  • Taking the GCP exam and need to get certified Quickly...

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone looking to gain knowledge to the Google Cloud Platform Certified Professional Exam - Architect
  • Anyone looking to learn more about Google Cloud Platform
  • Anyone looking to prove their knowledge about the Google Cloud Platform
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Curriculum For This Course
52 Lectures
Introduction to the Google Cloud Platform Architect Exam Prep Course
7 Lectures 30:30

Introduction video about the instructor and content of the course. 

Preview 02:57

Become a Google Certified Professional or Associate and show the world that you can design, develop, manage and administer application infrastructure and data solutions on Google Cloud technology. The Google Certified designation means you've demonstrated the necessary skills to leverage Google Cloud technology in a way that transforms businesses and meaningfully impacts the people and customers they serve

Preview 02:10

A Google Certified Professional - Cloud Architect enables organizations to leverage Google Cloud technologies. Through an understanding of cloud architecture and Google technology, this individual designs, develops, and manages robust, secure, scalable, highly available, and dynamic solutions to drive business objectives. The Cloud Architect should be proficient in all aspects of solution development including implementation details, developing prototypes, and architectural best practices. The Cloud Architect should also be experienced in microservices and multi-tiered distributed applications which span multi-cloud or hybrid environments

What is a Google Cloud Platform Certified Architect?

The Technical Review - High Level -- before we start on specific topics..

How to sign up for a GCP Free Tier account.  

Preview 02:43
Introduction to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
6 Lectures 48:18

Lets introduce you to Google Cloud Platform and some distinguishing facts that you should know for the Exam. 

Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

Demo - GCP Console

Google Cloud Platform services are available in locations across North America, Europe, and Asia. These locations are divided into regions and zones. You can choose where to locate your applications to meet your latency, availability and durability requirements.

Regions are independent geographic areas that consist of zones. Locations within regions tend to have round-trip network latencies of under 5ms on the 95th percentile.

zone is a deployment area for Cloud Platform resources within a region. Zones should be considered a single failure domain within a region. In order to deploy fault-tolerant applications with high availability, you should deploy your applications across multiple zones in a region to help protect against unexpected failures.

To protect against the loss of an entire region due to natural disaster, you should have a disaster recovery plan and know how to bring up your application in the unlikely event that your primary region is lost.

GCP Regions and Zones

Demo - GCP SDK & CLI

Demo on Quotas

GCP Pricing Calculator
Virtual Machines
4 Lectures 54:27
Virtual Machines in GCP

Google Compute Engine lets you create and run virtual machines on Google
infrastructure. Compute Engine offers scale, performance, and value that
allows you to easily launch large compute clusters on Google's infrastructure.
There are no upfront investments and you can run thousands of virtual CPUs
on a system that has been designed to be fast, and to offer strong consistency
of performance.
An instance is a virtual machine (VM) hosted on Google's infrastructure. You
can create an instance by using the Google Cloud Platform Console or the
gcloud command-line tool. A Compute Engine instances can run Linux and
Windows Server images provided by Google, or any customized versions of
these images. You can also build and run images of other operating systems.
You can choose the machine properties of your instances, such as the number
of virtual CPUs and the amount of memory, by using a set of predefined
machine types or by creating your own custom machine types.
Your networks connect your instances to each other and to the Internet. You
can segment your networks, use firewall rules to restrict access to instances,
and create static routes to forward traffic to specific destinations.
Scale your applications on Google Compute Engine from zero to full-throttle
with Google Cloud Load Balancing, with no pre-warming needed. Distribute
your load-balanced compute resources in single or multiple regions, close to
your users and to meet your high availability requirements. Cloud Load
Balancing can put your resources behind a single anycast IP and scale your
resources up or down with intelligent autoscaling. Cloud Load Balancing
comes in a variety of flavors and is integrated with Google Cloud CDN for
optimal application and content delivery.
Subnetworks segments your Cloud network IP space into subnetworks.
Subnetwork prefixes can be automatically allocated, or you can create a
custom topology. For more information on subnetworks, see:

Virtual Machines in GCP - Lecture 2

Virtual Machines Console Walkthru

Demo on how to create a basic VM instance in GCP via the console. 

Preview 07:25

Test Your Knowledge -Virtual Machines in GCP
5 questions
Virtual Networking
2 Lectures 18:29

Demo - VPC

Test you knowledge about Virtual Networking in GCP

Test your Knowledge - Virtual Networking
1 question
Identity Management
2 Lectures 18:13

Google Cloud Identity & Access Management (IAM) lets administrators authorize who can take action on specific resources, giving you full control and visibility to manage cloud resources centrally. For established enterprises with complex organizational structures, hundreds of workgroups and potentially many more projects, Cloud IAM provides a unified view into security policy across your entire organization, with built-in auditing to ease compliance processes.

Identity Management

Introducing Cloud Identity support in GCP

Starting today, we’re rolling out native support for Cloud Identity right into GCP. Cloud Identity makes it easy to provision and manage users and groups directly from the Google Admin Console. Once you sign up for Cloud Identity, you'll also get access to the Cloud Resource Manager to administer your new GCP organization. Cloud Resource Manager allows you to centrally manage all of your organization's GCP projects and IAM roles. With Cloud Identity and Cloud Resource Manager, you now have full control over how your organization uses Google Cloud.

Cloud Identity Proxy

Test Your Knowledge -Identity Management
5 questions
Managing Your Resources
7 Lectures 01:07:58

Google Cloud Platform provides resource containers such as Organizations, Folders, and Projects, that allow you to group and hierarchically organize other Cloud Platform resources. This hierarchical organization lets you easily manage common aspects of your resources such as access control and configuration settings. The Google Cloud Resource Manager service enables you to programmatically manage these resource containers.

GCP Cloud Resource Manager

Zonal resources operate within a single zone. If a zone becomes unavailable all of the zonal resources in that zone are unavailable until service is restored. An example of a zonal resource is a Google Compute Engine instance that resides within a specific zone.

Regional resources are resources that are redundantly deployed across all the zones within a region, for example App Engine applications. This gives them higher availability relative to zonal resources.

A few Cloud Platform services are managed by Google to be redundant and distributed within and across regions. These services optimize availability, performance, and resource efficiency. As a result, these services require a trade off on either latency or the consistency model. These trade-offs are documented on a product specific basis.

The following services have one or more multi-regional deployment areas in addition to any regional deployment areas:

  • Google Cloud Datastore
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google BigQuery

The data associated with multi-regional resources is not tied to a specific region and can be moved between regions and regions can be added and removed from a region group. For example, buckets in the European Union location for Google Cloud Storage keep data at-rest inside the European Union, but at-rest data can be stored in or moved to any Cloud Storage region within the European Union 

GCP Resources - Zonal, Regional and Multi-Regional

A project organizes all your Google Cloud Platform resources. A project consists of a set of users; a set of APIs; and billing, authentication, and monitoring settings for those APIs. So, for example, all of your Google Cloud Storage buckets and objects, along with user permissions for accessing them, reside in a project. You can have one project, or you can create multiple projects and use them to organize your Google Cloud Platform resources, including your Google Cloud Storage data, into logical groups.

Demo - GCP Projects

GCP Billing

Demo - GCP Billing

•Stackdriver is a hybrid Monitoring, logging, and diagnostics for applications on Cloud Platform and AWS.

•GCP Purchased Stackdriver and was rebranded to Google Stackdriver.

•Stackdriver monitors the clouds service layers in a single SaaS solutions.

•Native integration with Google Cloud data tools BigQuery, Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, Cloud Datalab, and out-of-the-box integration with all your other application components.

•Access from GCP Console

Google Stackdriver Must Know

Stackdriver Demo.  

Google Stackdriver Demo Must Know Cloud Architect

Test Your Knowledge -Managing Resources in GCP
5 questions
Data Services on GCP
1 Lecture 13:12

We offer a proven, integrated end to end Big Data solution, based on years of innovation at Google, that lets you capture, process, store and analyze your data within a single platform. With Google Cloud Platform you can focus on finding insights rather than managing your infrastructure and you can combine cloud-native services with open source tools as needed, both in batch and stream mode.

Data Services you must know.

Test Your Knowledge - Data Services
1 question
2 Lectures 18:54

Google Container Engine is a managed environment for deploying containerized applications. It brings our latest innovations in developer productivity, resource efficiency, automated operations, and open source flexibility to accelerate your time to market.

Google has been running production workloads in containers for over 15 years, and we build the best of what we learn into Kubernetes, the industry-leading open source container orchestrator which powers Container Engine


GCP Container Engine Demo

Test you knowledge about Containers in GCP

Test Your Knowledge - Container Resources
1 question
Storage Options
3 Lectures 43:33

Different applications and workloads require different storage and database solutions. We offer a full suite of industry-leading storage services that are price performant and meet your needs for structured, unstructured, transactional, and relational data. This page helps you identify the solutions that fit your scenarios, whether they are mobile applications, hosting commercial software, data pipelines, or storing backups.

Storage Options Overview

Storage Basics Demo Part1

Storage Basics Demo Part 2
Developing on GCP
6 Lectures 35:35
App Engine Virtual Machines - PaaS

Build modern web and mobile applications on an open cloud platform: bring your own language runtimes, frameworks, and third party libraries. Google App Engine is a fully managed platform that completely abstracts away infrastructure so you focus only on code. Go from zero to planet-scale and see why some of today’s most successful companies power their applications on App Engine.

App Engine Demo


Cloud Endpoints

Cloud Functions is a lightweight, event-based, asynchronous compute solution that

allows you to create small, single-purpose functions that respond to cloud events
without the need to manage a server or a runtime environment.

Cloud Functions

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market

Dev Ops

Test you knowledge about Deploying Apps in GCP

Test Your Knowledge - Developing and Deploying Applications
2 questions
3 More Sections
About the Instructor
Joseph Holbrook (The Cloud Tech Guy)
4.0 Average rating
195 Reviews
2,209 Students
9 Courses
Cloud Computing Guru and Crypto Currency Investor/Trader

Joseph Holbrook(Certified Bitcoin Professional) CBP 
Technical Cloud Instructor & Active Crypto Currency Investor

Joe Holbrook is based out of Jacksonville, Florida. A small hick town on the northern border of Florida.  Joe has lived and worked in cities such as Boston, San Jose, San Diego, Washington, DC and Charleston, SC.  

Joe is an avid traveler and has been in over 42 countries... He is married with one child. 

Joseph Holbrook has been in the computer field since 1993 when he was exposed to several HPUX systems on board a US Navy flagship. He has migrated from UNIX world to Storage Area Networking(SAN) and Enterprise Virtualization and Cloud Architecture. He worked for numerous companies like HDS, 3PAR, Brocade, HP, EMC, Northrup Grumman, ViON, Ibasis dot net, Chematch dot com, SAIC, Signature Consultants, Global Knowledge and Dimension Data 

* Over 10+ years hands on experience with Storage, Security, Networking, Cloud and Virtualization technology as a Professional Services Lead/Pre-Sales Engineer

* Pre-Sales Engineer for major storage vendors which I designed over $26 million in mid –tier and enterprise storage, IT Security, Cloud and Data Center Networking deals.   

* Proven Leadership with technical teams in mega Meta SAN designs and implementations over 12 petabytes(Government and Financial) *  Published Brocade sponsored author in two EMC Proven Professional Knowledge Sharing Competitions.

* People focused, Deep expertise, highly regarded, proven projects and sales object focused around Enterprise Cloud  and Service Provider Architectures. 

He currently is a Subject Matter Expert/Technical Trainer specializing in Enterprise Cloud and IT Security focused on Google Cloud and AWS. 

Joe has over 90 Certifications and Accreditations. Some of them are as follows

* Certified AWS Amazon Web Services -SysOps Administrator Associate

* Brocade Certified Fabric Professional (BCFP)

* Brocade Certified SAN Manager (BCSM)

* Brocade Certified SAN Designer (BCSD)

* Brocade Certified Fabric Designer (BCFD) 

* Brocade Certified FCOE Professional (BCFCOEP)

* Brocade Certified Network Engineer (BCNE)

* Brocade Accredited Server Connectivity Specialist (BASCS)

* Brocade Accredited Data Center Specialist (BADCS)

* Brocade Accredited FCOE Professional (BAFCOEP)

* Brocade Distinguished Architect (BDA)

* CompTIA Cloud Essentials

* CompTIA Cloud +

* CompTA IT Fundamentals

* CompTIA Project+

* ComTIA Network +

* CompTIA Security +

* CompTIA Advanced Security Professional (CASP)

* CompTIA CTT+ Essentials

* Google Cloud Platform – Cloud Architect (GCP)

* Hitachi Data Systems Certified Implementer (HDNAS) HNAS * Hitachi Data Systems Certified Implementer (HDSCI) Modular and Enterprise * Hitachi Data Systems Certified Professional (HDSCP) Modular and Enterprise

* HIPPAA Certified HIPAA Privacy Associate (CHPA)

* Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Certified Architect (Business Continuity)

* NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA)

* NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer (NCIE) Backup & Recovery

* NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer (NCIE) SAN 

* SNIA Certified Storage Networking Expert (SCSN-E) (World Wide Achiever)

* SNIA Certified Storage Networking Professional (SCSN-P)

* SNIA  Certified Storage Networking Architect (SCSN-A)

* EMC Proven Professional SAN (EMCPP)

* EMC Business Partner Systems Engineer Technologies 2014 Accredition

* EMC VBlock Systems Foundation Associate

* EMC Proven Professional -  Big Data Associate (EMCBDA)

* EMC Proven Professional – Technical Architect – VNX (EMCTA)

* EMC Proven Professional -  Cloud Infrastructure and Services Associate (EMCCIS)

* EMC Proven Professional  - Cloud Architect Expert Level Certification (EMCCE).

* McData Certified Storage Management Professional (CMSP)

* Nutanix Platform Sales Representative – NPSR

* Nutanix Platform Sales Specialist – NPSS

* Nutanix Platform Sales Engineer Certification  NPSE

* Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP)

* HP ExpertONE HP0-J49 Designing and Implementing HP Cloud Solutions using HP 3PAR

* HP ExpertONE HP AIS - Network Infrastructure [2011].

* HP ExpertONE HPCT- HP Certified Trainer

* HP ExpertONE HP AIS – StorageWorks Integration [2011]

* HP ExpertONE HP ASE – StorageWorks Integration [2011]

* Intelisys Certfied Professional  - Cloud Computing Solutions.

* ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management V3

* ITIL Practioner  Certificate in IT Service Management V3

* Six Sigma Certified Green Belt

* VmWare Sales Professional (VSP) - Cloud Provider (CP)

* VmWare Technical Sales Professional (VSP) - Cloud Provider (CP)

* Veeam Sales Professional

* Veeam Technical Sales Professional

* VCPC510-VMware Certified Professional - Cloud-ENU

He is also an avid cryptocurrency technical trader and Dash/Ethereum/Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ripple enthusiast. Your can his Youtube channel as well for more information. 

Joe is a Certified Bitcoin Professional. (CBP) and is a Blockgeeks course developer as well.

Joe currently has been trading in Cryptos and has also been developing new training for his viewer base.

Feel free to reach out with any suggestion and feedback.

My goal is to provide you with the most updated content so if you see anything that should be reviewed please contact me.

I wish you great fortunes on your Altcoin investing and trading and also your Cloud careers as well...

Joe Holbrook

The Cloud Tech Guy