Dating Advice For Nice Men: Escaping The Friend Zone
3.7 (44 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,866 students enrolled
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Dating Advice For Nice Men: Escaping The Friend Zone

The nice man's step-by-step guide on attracting women and leaving the friend zone for good
3.7 (44 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,866 students enrolled
Created by Dan Munteanu
Last updated 1/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Avoid the friend zone (nothing escapes the friend zone, not even light)
  • Make women want to be genuinely want to be around you more (by being authentic and congruent)
  • Spark women's attraction towards you
  • Make women genuinely interested in your authentic self
  • Communicate confidently with women, knowing you will get a positive reaction
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  • Have a strong desire to learn to become more attractive to the woman you like (PS it's not about your looks)
  • Have a strong desire to improve your self-confidence by taking responsibility for it
  • Be willing to walk the path that transforms you into a better, purpose-driven man
  • Be willing to come out of your protective shell
  • Have an open mind and a nothing-left-to-lose attitude until you learn how to generate massive attraction

Level up from being a (way too) nice man, who's afraid of being rejected by women, to a funny, self-confident, attractive, witty man. 

You will be able to keep a conversation going and spark a woman's romantic interest. What you do from there is up to you.

(Heads-Up: This course is inteded only for men who can make sense of psychological ideas and a-ha's, translate them into their own life experience and only them put these ideas into practice)

The course is intended to teach smart men how to

  • have conversations that generate attraction with women
  • develop an authentic, genuine, fulfilling connection with a woman
  • have fun, positive interactions with the women they like
  • leave the friend zone or avoid entering the friend zone

Wondering if you should you take this course?

Well, answer the questions below.

  • Are most of your dates emotionally flat and seem to go nowhere?
  • Would you love to have a girfriend, but every girl you date puts you in the friend zone?
  • The women you fall in love with always seem to pick someone who is usually a jerk who mistreats them, instead of choosing YOU (a true gentleman, who pays for their meals and drinks)?

If you answered yes to any of the question above, then allow me to tell you about a new language you might want to learn.

It's the kind of language that women really respond to emotionally.

And no, you do not have to become a jerk to speak it.

You do not have to put on your pick-up persona and behave like someone you're not.

But you will be developing your personality traits that naturally attract the kind of women you like.

Looking for a quickfix?

This course is NOT A QUICKFIX for your troubles with the ladies.

To become more successful when dating women, you need to take a journey that will teach you a new perspective.

The only way to prove to yourself that yes, you can be succesful with women is to apply immediately what you learned from this course. 

There is no way around it. No way, Jose!

Only by learning, applying and internalizing the techniques and ideas from thist course, you will start seeing results

You will start attracting and dating the type of woman you like. 

And you will keep her attracted to you (without tricks).

Some of the ideas and methods will be counter-intuitive at times.

But give them a chance, because I will explain them to you, with tons of examples and extra details.

Why I Am Qualified To Help You

Over ten years ago, I was just like you. 

A logical guy, who loved to do very smart things all day long (computer programming).

I was quite good at it. 

But my dating and love life was a true wasteland.

Once in a while, there'd be a girl I secretely liked. 

The more I liked a girl, the nicer I was to her.

I never wanted to upset her.

I quickly became her friend, trying to always be around her one way or another.

If she needed help to fix her computer, I quickly showed up and helped her.

In case she needed a true friend, I was there for her.

She usually complained to me about some other guy she was in love with. 

And I was standing there, slowly dying on the inside because she didn't see that I was the right choice for her (at least in my mind).

I was a true friend, but I never became her lover.

In my early 20s, girls liked me a lot! 

But not in the way I wanted.

They liked me as a friend. I was the best friend a girl could have!

Nice, kind, trustworthy and sympathetic.

And this was my kryptonite.

Because I was stuck in the Friend Zone. 

If I ever dared to show the slightest romantic interest in a girl who was my friend, she freaked out. 

And she started a long talk, explaining how and why she saw me only as a friend. 

She assured me that I was a good guy, a good person.

And that there's a girl somewhere out there, just for me. 

And I would meet her some day, if I was patient enough.

She quickly put me back to my place. Back into the "just friends" box.

She soon started avoiding me not to hurt my feelings.

She stopped answering my calls.

My fear of losing her had come true. 

I played it safe, I played it nice, but it still happened. 

The girl of my dreams was out of my life.

After going several times through the same type of experience with different girls, I decided I had enough of this.

I threw in the towel. 

And began my personal journey.

I was desperate to find out what was I doing wrong.

Why were the women I dated not interested in me as a lover?

What was my #1 mistake that caused my (non-existent) romantic life?

I was hard pressed to find out, once and for all.

How could I turn it all around and actually become a woman's #1 choice for her love life?

Instead of being her BFF (best friends forever).

It took me a while to figure it out, but I did find out what I was looking for.

When it dawned on me, my jaw dropped.

A woman becomes attracted to a man when he speaks in a very special language. When she hears that language:

she feels illogical and unstoppable attraction towards him
the actual words he's speaking don't actually matter
That language of attraction is so well hidden and so counter-intuitive.

And it's almost impossible for you to discover it on your own unless you know what to look for.

A woman becomes attracted to you when you make her FEEL a certain way.

Upon my personal journey, I had found great dating mentors and learned a lot from them.

Bottom line is if you want a woman to become your lover, you must speak the language that sparks her attraction.

But when you do, you must be:

No gimmicks. No manipulation. No shenanigans.

When you speak that language correctly, the woman you like will unapologetically FEEL ATTRACTED to you. 

You will become like a magnet.

Simple enough, right? Kind of. 

I wish I had this course when starting out.

I wish I had someone to guide me 

I wish I had the right mentor from the start.

I wish I had spent less than hundreds of hours trying to figure out what worked and what not.

You have a choice here. 

Either go on by yourself and hopefully figure this out in 4-5 years of hard work, testing and mistakes. 

You could do that, or… 

You have the choice of not wasting time anymore.

You have the option of taking this course and allowing me to mentor you.

Come along, take the course, learn how to speak the language of attraction and stop being a door mat.

Click on Take This Course and I'll see you inside!

BTW, you get FREE access to all future updates and 30-day money back guaranteed by Udemy.

Seriously, what are you wating for?

Who is the target audience?
  • You are a very intelligent man who wants to learn how to attract women and keep them interested in you
  • You either have few dates or no dates at all
  • You are in your mid 20's up to early 30's
  • Your dates usually lead you nowhere
  • You have low self confidence around the woman you secretly like
  • Women see you as friend-only material and they always teleport you to the dreaded friend-zone
  • You have no clue why women do not want you as a lover
  • You want to understand why the woman you like always choses the jerk instead of you
  • You think a woman feels attracted to you if you are extremely nice to her
  • Your dates end with a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the back, followed by "It's been so nice to meet you! Byeee"
  • You want to avoid or escape the friend zone
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Curriculum For This Course
Give Her The Emotions She Longs To Feel
6 Lectures 12:12

The Introduction shows you who is the ideal student who should take this course. 

Let's give ideal student a name - John.

John is an educated, smart and lovable. But he's a bit nerdy.

He is ashamed to admit that, when it comes to women and dating, he feels clueless.

He doesn't know how to get a girlfriend.

So he defaults to being extremely nice and attentive.

On his first dates, he tries to impress and be a real gentleman.

Unfortunately, this is not what makes a woman genuinely and viscerally attracted.

Fortunately, this course exists for anyone who has the same (temporary) challenges as John and wants to overcome these challenges.

This is your starting point.

Preview 02:00

Your personality is your greatest asset when dating women, it's the #1 tool to create attraction. 

Women are attracted to someone who is confident, fun to be around and playful

Push-Pull is an extremely effective method to sub-communicate to a woman that you are all of that.

In this lecture you will learn the template of the Push-Pull method.

It is required to understand the examples in the next lecture.

Preview 03:01

Start applying the Push-Pull method in your dates right now!


Just have a look at these examples. 

You can then either try them out word by word. 

But the best approach is to get inspired by them and create your own Push-Pull variations.

How To Use Push-Pull: Examples

BONUS: The Push-Pull Cheatsheet

Did you understand what The Push Pull Method should accomplish?

The Push-Pull Quiz
6 questions

This lecture teaches you how to create your own variations of the Push-Pull method, building on the template.

It is very important to start developing your own ideas and examples because they are coming from You!

Authenticity and congruency are crucial when dating. 

In simpler words, what you SAY must match WHO you are.

The Push-Pull Challenge

Sub-Communication Is Everything
Create A Genuine Connection With Her
7 Lectures 21:13

If you ask only canned (standard) questions on your dates, these will not get you very far (where are you from? where do you work? how old are you? etc..)

The best way to connect with a woman is by showing that you are realy interested in who she really is, beyond her good looks.

How to do this? Start asking better, open and more interesting questions.

These questions must show that you are genuinely interested in her and create an emotional response in her.

If you integrate open ended questions in your dates, you will become more interesting.

Preview 03:14

Over 70 questions that will make your dates more interesting. Forget about the questions that bore her to tears. Learn to connect with her and establish genuine rapport.

(CHEATSHEET) Asking Better Questions For Genuine Rapport

One of the biggest issues that nice guys have when dating is that they're afraid of being rejected.

Hence, they play it nice and safe. 

They usually gravitate around a woman, just like a satellite, trying to make their presence known.

This works against them, because a woman might be friendly towards the nice guy, but she will not feel attracted.


Because the nice guy does not take risks. 

And this keeps the emotional flow at a flat line.

Being afraid of taking risks sub-communicates low self-confidence.

No worries, it's quite easy to turn things around with Statements of Intent. 

The question is, do you have the guts to use statements of intent? 

Find out in this lecture.

Communicate Romantic Interest Early With Statements Of Intent (SOI)

If you are headed towards a long term relationship, it's only logical that both you and the woman you like must feel comfortable in each other's presence.

The best way to accelerate the comfort building phase is through KINO (kinesthetics or light touching).

Depending on how she reacts when you touch her, you will know if things are going well or if you need to spend some more time talking with her and building comfort

Preview 02:31

As mentioned before, it's very important to create a genuine, authentic connection with a woman.

The Cube Personalty test will further help you with that.

And it will help her find out new things about herself, that she'll thank you for.

It is something great to try out when you run out of things to say on your dates.

The Cube Test (Reveal Her Personality)

Genuine Attraction Quiz
3 questions

You like her and you believe she likes you too. Thinks are looking great for you!

But does this mean you should make it easy for her and give yourself to her on a silver platter?

No. She will get bored and lose interest fast.

There are a million other men who will do the same thing.

Set yourself apart and flip the script in a fun way for both of you.

Give her a test she must pass if she wants to be your girlfriend.

Remember, it's just for fun!

The Girlfriend Test

ASSIGNMENT: Apply The Cube
Additional Resources
7 Lectures 12:52
(Article) 3 Myths That Keep You Locked In The Friend Zone

(Article) 18 Reasons Why The Nice Guy Never Gets The Girl Of His Dreams

(Article) 10 Things You Might Do That Keep You Locked In The Friend Zone

(Article) Why Are Good Women Attracted To Bad Boys?

A short SMS exchange that lead to a date.

(SMS Flirt) Carrot juice for our next date

Teasing her via SMS

(SMS Flirt) She stole my peanut butter

BONUS Lecture: The Goodie Bag
About the Instructor
Dan Munteanu
4.2 Average rating
99 Reviews
2,308 Students
2 Courses
Online Entrepreneur. Mentor

Hi, I am Dan Munteanu and I am an online entrepreneur.

I started my life's journey with software development. For 10 years, I learned and perfected my software development skills.

For over 7 years, I focused on C++ and Computer Graphics (both 2D and 3D)

I have a degree in Computer Science from a well-known University in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

But in the past years, in my spare time, I learned as much as I could about psychology. And I started applying what I learned in real life. 

I upgraded my dating life and I also helped my friends upgrade their dating life and improve their self esteem. 

My Mission:
I want to help you get the results you seek as soon as possible. 

You see, I have invested thousands of hours into the topics I loved learning. 

Because of this, I have the expertise required to make your learning journey much, much shorter.

That is, if you allow me to become your mentor.

I like to coach people and help them bring out the best in themselves.

I run a personal development blog for the Romanian public and I teach on Udemy since 2016. 

I am constantly improving and upgrading my courses, to meet my students' expectations and help them overcome their challenges.

Fun fact: my youngest student of computer science was only 8 years old! 

My motto is "As long as we're alive, learning never stops"

We should always be renewing and improving our skills and knowledge, to adapt to the ever changing demands of modern day life.

I am eager to help you reach a deep level of understanding of the topics I am an expert in.

Are you ready to start learning?