Breakthrough to Exam Excellence (Free Introduction)

Exam-Preparation Strategies That Will Save You Hours of Study Time And Make You Money While You Study
43 reviews
  • Patrick Sherratt Author, Speaker and Trainer (MEd, BA Psych)

    Patrick Sherratt works as an author, speaker and trainer offering a specialized knowledge in personal leadership, learning, and exam preparation.

    Since 2004, Patrick’s work has become highly sought after. He presents this information in seminars to thousands of students, teachers and parents across the Asia Pacific region every year and he has been a guest presenter at many international educational conferences including the New Zealand Association of Deputy and Assistant Principals Conference (2011), the Australian Council for Educational Leaders Conference(2012) and the International Conference on Thinking (2013).

    His best-selling e-book and CD, How to Pass Exams (, and Passing Exams for Dummies ( and ), have helped thousands of students improve their exam preparation. His multi-media resources for teachers, Inform Mentoring Kit, uses video clips to present academic, pastoral and career information to secondary students in class. go to distributors / Innervate Education.

    Patrick is recognized as an expert in this field and has been interviewed many times in newspapers, radio and television. For more information about Patrick’s work, please visit and

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Breakthrough to Exam Excellence (Free Introduction)

Exam-Preparation Strategies That Will Save You Hours of Study Time And Make You Money While You Study
43 reviews


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This “How to Prepare for Exams -Breakthrough to Exam Excellence “course offers a unique synthesis of metacognitive (learning to learn), knowledge and performance psychology (deliberate thinking strategies) and is set out as a five-step approach to prepare for any exam.

While this is a short free introduction, the complete “How to Prepare for Exams “course provides well-researched time-saving techniques for learning and studying for exams. All the common exam-related challenges will be addressed and if you need some extra advice, simply use the questions tab or inquire about on-line coaching using Skype. I am here to help!

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  • SECTION 1:
    Course Overview
  • 1
    Breakthrough to Exam Excellence
    Patrick Sherratt gives you an insight in this Breakthrough to Exam Excellence course.
  • 2
    Course Overview

    A short overview of the five-steps to Breakthrough to Exam Excellence. This free introductory course is part of the first step of a five-step approach to prepare for exams. 

    In the complete course, you will receive the best we know today on how to prepare in a way that is effective and efficient. This approach will save you hours of study time and give solutions to many common study-related problems. 

    Please spend just a few minutes now looking through this free introduction. If you find it interesting, please leave a review and/or star rating. I really hope you can put these tips to use.


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    Seriously - you can earn while you learn! 

  • SECTION 2:
    Step 1: Releasing Your Potential
  • 3
    Meet Your Amazing Brain
    A brief insight into the latest research of what happens in your brain when you are learning or revising for exams. All learning is about brain  functioning, so understanding this stuff gives you clues to what you can do to improve your learning and ultimately your results!
  • 4
    How Your Brain Learns
    Discover the four key principles that activate your brain-cells to learn and store information quickly. These principles alone will save you hours of study time! 
  • 5
    It's Like Learning to Ride a Bike
    Just for fun: a short explanation of how learning to ride a bike can offer an insight into how you could learn anything, if you practice enough.
  • 6
    Maintaining Your Brain Functioning
    Your brain can get tired very easily. It is called neural system fatigue. There are a lot of useful tips to maintain it - simple things you can do to help improve your concentration and mental alertness, while preparing for exams, which can have a big impact on the time you spend revising and your overall performance!
  • SECTION 3:
  • 7
    Why Buy Part 2?

    If you have taken the free introduction, I hope receiving just a few of these study tips has been useful. You now have a choice to take the free stuff and run... or go on and buy this course where I give you some serious strategies for getting great results. I have personally used many of these and now get paid to teach thousands of people across Australia and New Zealand how to do the same. 

    This video gives you two great reasons why you would benefit from buying the complete course. Apart from receiving a lot of hot tips, this course will: one - save you hours of study preparation time, and two: earn you money by promoting the course to your student friends using Udemy's Affiliate Program.

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  • Natalia Sanabria Forero
    Muy interesante

    Es un curso con tips que pueden ayudar a cualquiera. Lástima que la versión gratuita sea tan corta...

  • Claxton Bragg
    good course

    well worth the time invested. Thank you.

  • Avadhoot Shejwalkar
    Fine but not really great

    The course is fine, it includes a few methods to learn and reason for not learning properly, but all those things can be found on the internet anywhere. I feel that a bit more exclusive content should be added. But, it is worth seeing the videos at least once to get some idea nevertheless.

  • Katherine Orho
    Good presentation

    The presentation was well thought out and convincing. I will buy the second course if I can afford it. My son thought the information in this video was valuable, as well. He is 15 and if it held his interest all the way through, that is saying a lot. Plus, he decided to start juggling oranges towards the end of the fifth or sixth lecture.

  • Renata Sikorska Postol
    Great intro

    Very good intro and despite the fact it's a sales pitch for part 2 it actually has some good info!

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