Breakthrough: Managing Sexual Thoughts of Children
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Breakthrough: Managing Sexual Thoughts of Children

Therapeutic Help for Minor-Attracted Persons
3.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
6 students enrolled
Last updated 1/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Identify multiple lines of defense in managing and preventing urges, understand the origins of their urges, and recognize their individual worth as a person.
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  • For minor-attracted persons, no prior knowledge or experience is needed for this course. Interested clinicians should have basic psychology background; training in treating problem sexual behavior will be helpful.

To the world you are just a pedophile, pervert, or monster. This course will teach you to see past the label, constructively manage your attractions, and embrace your invaluable human worth.

Break Free and Discover Your Potential Through Insight, Hope, and Change.

  • Origins and kinds of attraction to minors
  • How to deal with and reduce related urges using multiple lines of defense
  • Identity and sexual attraction
  • Basics of living a good life
  • Self-worth, regardless of who you are attracted to or what you may have already done

Learn about your attractions and change your life for the better.

Until now, there hasn’t been much help available if you have sexual interest in children. I designed this course as a frontline for folks who struggle in silence, whether you are simply avoiding feelings toward kids, are thick in the battle to control urges, or have already crossed the line. Knowing about where these feelings came from will help you learn what basic needs you need to fulfill to take control of them. When you do that, you start to feel better about yourself and can plan for a brighter future. That is the gist of this course.

Professionals: Discover Cutting-Edge Therapeutic Techniques for Minor-Attracted Persons.

Grounded in the latest sexuality, sex offender, psychology, and related research and theory, the course also functions as a detailed ‘how to’ introduction to providing therapy to individuals attracted to minors, those who use child pornography, and those convicted of sexual offenses against children. You’ll see how to conceptualize both the problem attraction and the person to provide truly helpful therapeutic support for positive changes.

Course Overview and Content

You’ll learn not only through over 3.5 hours of animated video lectures, but also self-tests, posters, articles, links, and music videos. Most of the material is presented in a nontechnical way that is easy to grasp.

We start with figuring out if you are close to actually doing something to a child, and whether you need more help than this course. Based on what you learn from that self-test, you can also see where you need to focus most of your effort.

We spend a lot of time discussing keeping yourself and others safe, starting with the immediate risky situations and ending with how to live your life so those situations are no longer risky. This part is where you learn multiple lines of defense that include internal and external changes and strategies.

Then we talk at length about where these feelings come from and the different paths to developing attraction to minors. This helps you make sense of the attraction and the various needs involved. Once you know that, you can figure out what to do to meet those needs without the fantasies and thoughts.

We end with a conversation about the good life, the areas that are included in it, and why you deserve it. We also discuss how you can become aware of your self-worth or value as a person. This knowledge is critical to satisfying relationships with others and yourself, and overcomes the ‘label’ you have been living with until now.

Who is This Course For?

  • You, if you are troubled by sexual thoughts and fantasies about people who are too young.
  • Family and loved ones of folks who are attracted to minors.
  • Professionals interested in helping minor-attracted persons. 
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed to help minor-attracted people manage and reduce their urges. If you have sexual thoughts of minors, or are close to someone who is, this course is for you. Clinicians can benefit from learning how to treat minor-attracted persons.
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Curriculum For This Course
22 Lectures
Breakthrough: Managing Sexual Thoughts of Children
22 Lectures 03:42:40

Welcome to the course! Includes an overview.

Preview 09:15

Here we introduce the first self-test, discuss consent, and what to look for if you need to seek counseling.

Triage: How at Risk am I?

This lecture looks at making sense of your results, and how to design strategies based on them. I also describe a bunch of simple strategies for each factor on the test.

Triage: Test Results Explained

Reaching out to those who struggle with depression and hopelessness. 

Preview 07:12

Simple brain science that help you strategize, introducing the concept of lines of defense in dealing with urges and fantasies. We also describe various types of arousal and their effects on the brain.

Lines of Defense

Here I go over managing and preventing high risk situations, triggers, and urges, and describe strategies and examples of each. 

Handling High Risk Situations and Urges

This lecture covers what you can learn from fantasies and memories that help you manage and reduce their impact. We also look at beliefs that might need to change, and using fantasies to support change. 

Handling Fantasies and Memories

We go over the myths and realities of sex with minors, and why it still isn't a good idea for either of you.

Sex with Kids: What's the Big Deal?

A brief history of cultural awareness of sexual abuse, and we give some preliminary answers to 'what exactly is pedophilia?'

Preview 07:07

Here we look at three different 'pathways' to sexual interest in minors, and show how each needs to use different strategies to overcome it.

Three Types of Interest in Minors

Three Types Part II

This lecture covers why we have the attractions we do, and how sexual interest in minors works (or doesn't).

Why am I attracted to THEM?

Here I try to give a balanced view of pornography: how it can help or hurt your efforts.

Pornography: What's the Big Deal?

Now we get to the good parts! Since you can't live your life only avoiding problematic sex, here we look at what positive sexuality is, and how to achieve it.

Positive Sexuality

Before you email me with your 'WTF' questions, watch the lecture that is linked at the end of the video. 

Stickleback Mountain

Here we go into greater detail about what you can learn by exploring your sexual fantasies with a rational head, tough as that may be...We also cover in greater detail the emotional needs that you might be trying to meet. A self-assessment is included.

Mining Fantasies for Clues

Into every life some rain must fall, and this lecture is sort of like your umbrella...

Obstacles, Screwed Up Thinking, and Other Things that Mess Up Your Life

We now go over psychosexual identity development, and how things that go wrong in each stage can show up in your sex life, including interest in minors. There are also worksheets. 

Identity Development and Attraction to Minors

Feeling stuck within your existing identity, and using mindfulness to handle sexual arousal more effectively.

Being Stuck and Mindfulness

Another 'good parts' lecture. Here we use a popular model to describe a good life, some challenges that make it more difficult to realize that life, and we end with looking at your invaluable worth as a human being. 

A Good Life

A short review and I say goodbye.


Not really covered elsewhere in the course, this music video appeals to your selfish side and why it still isn't a good idea to molest a child.

The Shocking Facts: The Top 10 Selfish Reasons Not to Molest a Child
About the Instructor
Dr. Thomas Graves, Ph.D.
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sexuality specialist, counselor

Dr. Graves is a therapist, author, instructor and consultant with more than 20 years' experience helping minor-attracted persons. In addition to private practice, he currently is a contracted provider for the commonwealth of PA, for whom he oversees a program for mentally-ill consumers with problem sexual behavior. He also does sexuality consulting with a center for intellectually disabled persons.