How to Live a Happy Life: 10 Rules To Live By

how to live a happy lifeHappy wife, happy life? This is probably one of the most annoying phrases tossed around in the English language.  Let’s dissect it for a minute.  As a husband, you don’t want arguments with your wife or else your life will be awful.  Additionally, you keep her happy by perhaps just caving in and saying, “yes, honey” or by keeping your opinions under wraps.  Oh that sounds like an amazing life! Not.

But let’s say it genuinely means to do good things and be a good husband (which isn’t about keeping your mouth shut) and your wife would be happy.  But then if that’s the case doesn’t it mean you have a happy life first and what comes with it is a happy wife? So maybe we’ve gotten it all wrong this entire time.  It should read, “happy life, happy wife!” [Read more...]

Pastry Chef Job Description: Creating Sweet Delicacies!

pastry chef job descriptionHow can you not have a sweet spot for pastries?  Have you ever walked down the street right before the morning rush just so that you can take in all the amazingly delicious smells around you?  If you have, you would probably be able to pick up the fumes of fresh almond butter croissants, fruit tarts, or apple turnovers making their way out of the oven and into the mouths of the day’s early birds.  So, who are the people responsible for these sweet and intricate delicacies?  Have you ever looked at a Napoleon before?  Like, really looked at one?  All of those delicate paper-thin layers of pastry fluffed up inside with whipped cream and glazed with icing.  Its assembly sounds like it could require some scientific precision.  Again, who are the people behind this assembly?  Pastry chefs – that’s who!

While we sit down for our morning Éclair and cup of coffee, let’s dive into the job description of a pastry chef to find out what these amazing food artists are all about.

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5 Evernote Alternatives: Is Evernote Better than Its Competitors?

evernote alternativesThe Evernote software suite, as the name might suggest, is mainly designed to let you write and store notes. So how is Evernote different from a regular text editor? After all, you can use the Notepad application on your PC or the Notes application on your iPhone to do the same thing right? Do you really need to bother downloading an app to store your notes?

While Evernote does let you store regular text notes, just like the Notepad, its function isn’t limited to that. A “note” in Evernote can be different things: regular text, a photograph, a voice note, a handwritten note or even parts of a webpage. [Read more...]

Different Types of Food: How to Keep a Balanced Diet Across Five Food Groups

Different Types of FoodHaving a “good” diet means different things for different folks. People have different body types that require different kinds of eating habits, allergies that make certain foods off limits, tight incomes that prevent them from having access to different types of food, not to mention ethical concerns that might keep some foods off the table by choice.

The first step to figuring out the healthiest diet for you is understanding the different types of food available in the first place. There are five primary food groups, each playing a vital role in most healthy and balanced diets. In this guide, we’ll go over the five major groups, explain what role each plays in your health, and list some examples from each group.

Not only will this guide help out anyone looking to improve their diet, it can also serve as a handy guide for aspiring chefs looking to gain a better understanding of the different types of food they have to work with. For more, check out this course on healthy cooking fundamentals.

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Wix vs. WordPress: Which Should You Choose?

Wix vs. WordPressWordPress is currently the most popular blogging platform on the internet, with over 60 million websites using it at last count. WordPress is also a very popular content management system (CMS) that lets you publish, edit, modify and maintain a website. Several of the top websites on the internet and countless smaller ones use the WordPress CMS system – for example, the Udemy blog itself, uses WordPress. Many people automatically turn to WordPress whenever they want to build a high-quality website, for personal or business needs. However, there are several other website building tools out there that let you do as much as, if not more than, WordPress. Wix is one such toolset that claims to let you build “stunning” websites for free. It also claims to offer everything you need to manage and create your presence on the web. Is Wix really as good as it claims? Can it match or do better than WordPress? And more importantly, which is the right platform for you?

You’re going to be investing hours of your time and your hard earned money into making your website, so it won’t do you any good if you rush into making your decision and have to do everything again later because you chose the wrong toolkit. WordPress and Wix have their own advantages and disadvantages which we’ll be looking at in this article. With the information, we hope that you’ll be able to choose the framework that best fits your needs. Both of these need at least a little technical expertise, however. If you’re a new to website development, we recommend that you take this course to understand the fundamentals of website design, before you actually jump in to create it. A good and well thought out design will carry you a long way.  Once you know clearly know what you want, it’s that much easier to get your website up and running. This course in fact shows you how to create your own website – in just 6 hours.

Now let’s start comparing these two website building tools. Both of them have their strong points, as we mentioned earlier. However, WordPress has been around for much longer than Wix, and it has grown exponentially since it was introduced. It is much, much bigger than Wix. Does that make it better? Let’s take a look at what WordPress has to offer you compared to Wix.

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Different Ways to Cook Eggs: Mastering the Techniques

Different Ways to Cook EggsThe art of cooking food such as eggs is easy to master in some ways, but also very difficult in others. Cooking any food requires an understanding of proper temperature and cooking time requirements, though many foods can be cooked with relative ease. Eggs, for example, may be cooked by themselves or they may serve as the main component in other foods such as omelets and crepes. There are also many different ways of cooking eggs, from simple scrambling to boiling, poaching, frying and other techniques.

Basic egg cooking is also probably something that should be learned by every bachelor or bachelorette, and for men it may be wise to check out the Udemy  “cook like a man” course filled with basic techniques that will allow even a novice to quickly prepare many different egg-based as well as other dishes.

Of course, cooking eggs is only one of many skills that anybody who cooks on a regular basis should know. For a primer on even more of these cooking essentials, be sure to check out the Udemy blog for some cooking basics, as well as 10 tips to mastering the kitchen that can be useful to beginners as well as top-level chefs alike. Doing so can be a great way to take your cooking skills to the next level, no matter what you want to make.

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Spanish Imperative: Learn This Useful Tense, Now!

Spanish ImperativeAnyone who’s ever had to deal with rambunctious children, rowdy sports spectators, or professional movers knows that commands, or, more formally, the imperative tense, are incredibly important and very useful. In the English language, this tense is very easy to form, with the verb not changing much from the infinitive form to the imperative form: the command form of the infinitive “to go” is simply “Go!”. In Spanish, there are many more things to consider when telling someone what to do, and a somewhat involved conjugation process is necessary when using commands.

Today we are discussing how to form commands in the Spanish language, covering the different types of regular and irregular verbs, as well as the formal and informal, and affirmative and negative forms of these verbs. They require some time to become familiar with, and won’t just roll off the tongue for the non-native speakers out there, but we’ll do our best to make it clear for you. If you still need to learn the basics of this language, we have a few useful tools to help out: this article on the best ways to learn Spanish, along with this course on Spanish for beginners, should be good places to start.

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4 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Ways to Make Your Hair Grow FasterLong, beautiful hair is a highly sought after attribute in the world of fashion. We see it in commercials, magazines, and advertisements; pretty much everywhere we look, there are photographs of women grinning widely as their extensive, healthy hair falls behind them. However, lengthy locks are not exclusively the right of supermodels and actresses. In fact, with the use of a few household or store-bought items and the will to put in a bit of effort, you can achieve and maintain this look in no time at all! In the sections to follow, we will discuss a variety of different ways you can grow long, beautiful hair with minimal effort.

To learn more about styling tips that can be used once you achieve your desired hair length, take a look at this course on how to elevate your updo.

Now onto the methods:

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5 Cute Ways to Say “I Love You”

cute ways to say i love youYou don’t have to verbally or otherwise directly tell someone you love them in order to express the sentiment. Whether it’s a friend, a love interest, or a significant other, there are plenty of cute ways to say “I love you” that don’t actually involve those exact words. Read below for five ideas, and surprise a special person in your life today!

You can also check out this course on building strong relationships for extra advice.

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Acupressure Points: What They Are and How to Use Them

acupressure pointsAcupressure is an ancient technique very similar to acupuncture, the primary differences between the two being that acupressure uses different points and, of course, no needles are used in acupressure. Instead, these points are stimulated through pressure and massage in order to move energy through the body and to help produce the desired reaction in the body, whatever that reaction may be.

If you are a massage therapist looking to incorporate acupressure into your practice, Udemy offers a great course on acupressure and meridian massage techniques that can be incredibly beneficial to you, as well as to your clients. Be sure to check it out in order to begin harnessing the incredible benefits of this ancient practice. Acupressure is one of many methods that can be used for better self-healing, regardless of what ails you.

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