A Letter from Udemy Co-Founder, Eren Bali

Oktay and I first started Udemy 4 years ago with a radical idea – to build a marketplace for individuals to share skills and knowledge. Since then, our little idea has grown into a thriving company of tens of thousands of courses and millions of students. I am very proud of where the company is today and the team we have built. As we continue to grow, I am excited to announce a new Udemy chapter with Dennis Yang as our CEO.

Dennis joined Udemy as President and COO in 2012 and has since directed business-related activities, scaling Udemy’s operations domestically and globally. He has helped drive the strategy that propelled us to 300 percent revenue and user growth over the last year. Dennis has the experience to lead us through our next chapter.

Dennis has worked in leadership roles at technology companies since 1999. Prior to joining Udemy, Dennis was the senior vice president of operations at 4INFO, a leading mobile advertising technology company. He completed his undergraduate studies at Northwestern University and received his MBA from Stanford University.

I will remain an integral part of Udemy. I will be doing more of the fun stuff like guiding product direction and strategy as we work to fulfill our mission of enabling anyone, anywhere to learn anything online. I want to thank to everyone who believed in us enough to join us on this journey and help make Udemy a reality.

Never stop learning,
Eren Bali

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How to Print Instagram Photos: Snap Happy!

how to print instagram photosNowadays, it seems like you cannot do anything without Instagramming it first.  Similarly, if you never Instagrammed it, it may have well just never happened.  I have a friend who cannot go one block without taking an Instagram photo and sharing it (and most of them are just selfies).  In a weird way, Instagram helps people validate and authorize their actions in the same way that putting a stamp of approval or obtaining a certification might do.  The popularity of Instagram does not have much to do with the quality of its photos (filter, filter, #nofilter!), but instead, the sociability and community that it creates and the responses that it can solicit.  C’mon, we all like a little approval now and then — it just makes you feel good. [Read more...]

Spoken English Tutorial: How to Speak English Clearly

spokenenglishtutorialCan you speak English? Every year, millions of people learn English as their second language in school or at university. However, many English classes focus on written English and grammar instead of teaching students how to speak English clearly.

In this spoken English tutorial, we’ll cover five great strategies that you can use to quickly enhance your spoken English. From reading aloud to chatting with friends, learn how to quickly and reliably master the art of communicating in English. [Read more...]

Mind Mapping Examples for Teachers, Students and Professionals

mind mapping examplesMind mapping techniques are a powerful way to access the mind’ss ability to learn and to be creative. Mind mapping helped me pass my law exams. One of the best ways to learn is by creating mind maps and mnemonics of the facts you need to learn. Mind maps can be used by students, business professionals and just about anyone to help you assimilate and remember information. If you are interested in learning more about mind maps and mind mapping then sign up for the Mind Maps and Mind Mapping course today. This course includes over twenty seven lectures that will teach you how to effectively use mind maps. It will teach you the art of creating mind maps to improve memory and even includes lessons on how to use mind mapping to make more money.

Mind maps are extremely useful in almost all walks of life. Teachers can use mind maps as a way to teach students a new concept. Students can create their own mind maps to help them prepare for exams. Presenters can use mind maps as a way of presenting their concepts. Managers can use mind maps as a way to brainstorm during meetings or as a way of keeping track of the progress in meetings. Project managers can use mind maps as a way to see the overall project details as well as being able to zero in on certain project aspects.

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Easy Languages To Learn: Choose Your Next Adventure!

Easy Languages To LearnWhen you are considering learning a second language, one of your initial questions might be, “Is it easy?”  The answer to that is simple: not really.  There are no “easy” languages, especially if you are learning a second language.  However, there are some that are easier than others.  In the end, however, it solely depends on the person, their learning style, and their commitment to learning how to speak in a new tongue.

Take me, for example: a native English speaker who grew up with a hearing Spanish spoken on one side of my family all the time.   Naturally, when high came around I decided on Spanish as a foreign language.  Why not?  It is one of the ten easiest languages to learn!  Plus, I hear it all the time!  Instead, Spanish for me turned out to be the “Mount Everest” of languages.  Sure, I got through it (although I never really started speaking full sentences until college), but it was not easy – not by a long shot.  On the other hand, there were plenty of people in my classes who excelled in Spanish, and this was their third language!  Again, it all depends.  Because the playing field is so varied, we are going to go over some of the easiest languages to learn and how you can go about learning them.  Start exercising your language tongue because you are going to need to use it!

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American English Pronunciation: Basic Vowel and Consonant Rules

american english pronunciation 2Whether you are a native English speaker, or studying English as a second language, there is always room to brush up on your English pronunciation.  Some speakers may find it a little difficult to conquer the correct American English pronunciation, especially if you have been trained in the distinctly different British English.  America is a very large country, and as a result, there are dozens of different dialects across many different areas.  This can lead to some confusion as to which way is the “right” way to pronounce certain words.

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Forensic Photography: Real Life CSI

forensic photographyForensic photography is a field that many people know a little bit about due to the popularity of many crime and law enforcement shows on television today. Most people, however, don’t fully understand the significance of a professional forensic photographer and the implications of not having one. Once that is clear, the reason for the education and training to become a forensic photographer becomes very clear. All it takes to get started is Computer Forensics Fundamentals. Read on for an all-encompassing analysis of forensic photography, the skills and education required, and its evolution in the field of law enforcement.

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Becoming a Paralegal: Pros and Cons

becoming a paralegalBecoming a paralegal or legal assistant doesn’t just happen overnight. You usually begin as a receptionist or some other entry level position and then work your way up.  Paralegals and legal assistants make a lawyer’s life bearable.  Without the support to do the tedious tasks, a lawyer would be bogged down and unable to produce quality work for her client.

The Positive Side of Becoming a Paralegal

Being a paralegal can be rewarding, and many in the field find that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. However, before deciding on a career in the field, one should be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of the job.

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Forensic Investigator: Becoming a CSI

forensic investigatorLet’s face it, we can’t all be Horatio Caine from CSI Miami. David Caruso plays Caine, head of the Miami crime lab, CSI super cop, and all around bad ass! Although we can’t all be Caine, we can strive to become forensic investigators, working side by side with the police to solve crimes from behind the scenes. We’ll learn the ins and outs of forensic investigators- what it takes to become one and all the exciting work you could be doing on the job. An introduction to criminology may be just the start you’re looking for if this field interests you!

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Arabic Words: The Basics of the Arabic Language

KibeThe Arabic language is a lot like a falafel.  Its round shape symbolizes its encompassing nature as the language most commonly used by countries in the Middle East.  It is different, because: fried chickpeas?  Who would’ve thought?  Their green speckled insides are different, just as Arabic script can often times look intimidating and foreign to most people just starting off with the language.  However, once you take a proverbial bite into it, you will come to see how colorful, vibrant, and sacred the Arabic language is.  Just like the Arabic falāfil, which is enticing and deliciously crunchy and oily once its flavor hits your taste buds.  If you are looking to sink your teeth into the Arabic language, we are going to go over some basic words that can be helpful to you in the process.  Let’s start cooking up some basic Arabic words!

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CSS3 Circles: How to Create Circles Using CSS3 Border Radius

css3 circleCSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, are a powerful way to add graphics and effects to your website that are efficient, effective and that make your site user friendly. The new elements available in CSS3 offer even more flexibility for creating great looking graphics. This tutorial will show you how to create CSS3 circles using the border element available in CSS3. The tutorial will also show you how to use gradient fill in your circles.

If you want to learn how to develop great looking websites using CSS3 and HTML5, then sign up for the HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design course today. This course is designed to teach you to build a website using HTML5 and CSS3. The course shows you how to set up a website from scratch and it includes various tips and tricks that will help you make your website more attractive and user friendly. It contains step-by-step lectures on how to format your pages and how to test your site before it goes live.

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