A Letter from Udemy Co-Founder, Eren Bali

Oktay and I first started Udemy 4 years ago with a radical idea – to build a marketplace for individuals to share skills and knowledge. Since then, our little idea has grown into a thriving company of tens of thousands of courses and millions of students. I am very proud of where the company is today and the team we have built. As we continue to grow, I am excited to announce a new Udemy chapter with Dennis Yang as our CEO.

Dennis joined Udemy as President and COO in 2012 and has since directed business-related activities, scaling Udemy’s operations domestically and globally. He has helped drive the strategy that propelled us to 300 percent revenue and user growth over the last year. Dennis has the experience to lead us through our next chapter.

Dennis has worked in leadership roles at technology companies since 1999. Prior to joining Udemy, Dennis was the senior vice president of operations at 4INFO, a leading mobile advertising technology company. He completed his undergraduate studies at Northwestern University and received his MBA from Stanford University.

I will remain an integral part of Udemy. I will be doing more of the fun stuff like guiding product direction and strategy as we work to fulfill our mission of enabling anyone, anywhere to learn anything online. I want to thank to everyone who believed in us enough to join us on this journey and help make Udemy a reality.

Never stop learning,
Eren Bali

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Adobe Fireworks Tutorial: From UI Design to CSS

adobe fireworks tutorialWhile it may not be as well known as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks is one of the most frequently used apps in any graphic designer’s toolkit. Built specifically to handle the needs of graphic designers, it’s a powerful bitmap and vector editor.

Although Adobe officially announced that Fireworks would be phased out early last year, the software remains immensely popular. In this Adobe Fireworks tutorial, we will look at some of the amazing things you can do using Adobe Fireworks CS6. [Read more...]

Python Else If: Using Conditional Statements

python else if Computers do not understand English or Spanish or any other native human language. To tell a computer to perform specific actions to completing a task reliably, and sometimes even repeatedly, it needs to have instructions; which are somewhat similar in nature to the recipes used in a kitchen for making delicious food, and a scrumptious meal.

These instructions are what we call a programming language. So if you are curious to learn about how to make your computer say your name out loud when you login everyday morning, or have your computer balance your monthly accounts, or pull a file from the Internet comic strip every day, you have come to the right place.

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C Program to Convert Decimal to Binary Format (and Vice Versa)

c program to convert decimal to binaryC is probably the most popular programming language in the world today. Most new programmers study C as a first language when they enter the programming world for the first time. C was developed by Dennis Ritchie in the middle of 1970 at Bell Labs. The language was intended to be a system programming language for UNIX systems and its code was derived from an existing language called Basic Combined Programming Language (B or BPCL). However, the language proved to be ideal for developing applications and firmware. Its code was easy to understand and simple to implement, and the language in general proved to be very reliable. Consequently, C went on to become exceedingly popular and was used to make countless applications and operating systems. Today, the C language is used to make graphics packages, word processors, network drivers, spreadsheet software, operating systems, database systems, assemblers, compilers and network drivers.  [Read more...]

How the Stock Market Works: A Beginner’s Guide

how the stock market worksThe stock market, which is also known as the stock exchange or equity market, is the platform where publicly traded companies sell their stock to attract investors. The main aim of the stock market is to facilitate the buying and selling of shares between buyers/traders and investors. This can be done virtually or from a trading floor. Without the stock market, it would be difficult to trade stocks. Whenever stocks are sold on the stock market buyers and traders are attracted for different reasons; while traders will try to bid higher or lower prices for a share depending on how they feel about the future potential of a company, buyers seek lower prices to guarantee higher return on their investments when they decide to sell.

The course Stock Market For Beginners-Learn to Trade provides over 42 lectures that help beginners to understand the market, use software, check indicators among other areas to trade successfully.

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17 Facts about Asia That Will Blow Your Mind

facts-about-asiaFrom the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the endless steppes of Mongolia, Asia is a vast continent full of incredible wonders, both natural and man-made. It is the birthplace of the world’s oldest civilizations and its biggest religions, its highest peaks and its most populous cities. There are hundreds of things that will surprise, astonish and delight you in this continent; these 17 mind-blowing facts is just one sample.

If you are heading to an Asian country like China? Check out this course on essential Chinese for travelers to make your trip easier! [Read more...]

JavaScript Sleep: Scheduling Tasks Asynchronously

sleep JavaScript If you are new to web programming, it is a whole new world of ideas and concepts in addition to algorithmic ideas, which you may already be familiar. But you have easy ways to catch up, so don’t worry yet!

One key idea in web programming is the separation between the client-side and the server-side code; languages and frameworks like Django, Ruby-on-Rails allow you to serve up content from the server-side. Whereas JavaScript, the new Dart-lang, and in the past VB Script from Microsoft, are techniques used to shape user experience by programming the HTML pages on the client-side browsers.

This blog post focuses on the challenges of client-side programming when you have to delegate events at specified times, without using sleep() like methods usually available in the traditional programming languages. Read on about client-side programming and challenges of writing code asynchronously. [Read more...]

How to Remove a Trojan Virus or Malware From Your Computer

how to remove trojan virusWhen you use a computer you have to run updated antivirus software from time to time or else you will be searching the Internet for “how to remove a Trojan virus” constantly. No sooner than you get one removed, another will take its place infecting all your files. There is no debate about antivirus software, you have to have it. A Trojan virus isn’t as difficult to remove as it once was and this article contains hints and tips on how to best remove it from your computer.

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Get Into A Tasty Pastry Chef Salary

pastry chef salary

Who doesn’t like sweets! Even those that strive to keep their body fat at a minimum or work out like a fiend are tempted to have a tasty treat now and then. The temptations are everywhere – the grocery store, the coffee shop, the office lunchroom and especially in the local bakery, whose aroma can make you crazy for a donut or pastry.

But what if you are the one who makes these delights? Certainly with pasties available at so many businesses, you probably wouldn’t be wanting for a job?

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Organized Living: Clear Your Space and Clear Your Mind

organized livingWho doesn’t want or need more organization in their life? Today’s technology fueled, fast-paced world keeps everyone moving at such a lively pace, there’s little downtime to even ponder ways to bring more organization home. Often it’s the small things that create the most havoc and throw off our balance. Those small things start to add up and pretty soon it’s as if everything feels out of control. Staying organized isn’t just about the space around us, it’s also about time management — those annoyances many can’t say “no” to that take up extra space in our lives. It’s only by addressing physical space and emotional space that true organization can begin to break through, making everything in life easier.

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Participative Leadership: What it Is and When it Works Best

participative leadershipIf you are the leader of an organization or company, you probably have a dominant leadership style. Theories and studies have been done for years on types of leadership styles and what works best within an organization. Some studies have reported participative leadership is the most effective style, while others have shown inconclusive results.

Since leaders often need to change the way they solve problems based on that specific problem, situation or setting, a good leader will need to use a variety of leadership styles. Our students learn how to develop their own leadership style, and the benefits of each, by taking our course Developing Your Leadership Style. Understanding the different types of leadership styles and how each works in a company is important.  You may find that you need to evoke more of an authoritative leadership style in one instance, while participative leadership would actually move the team forward better in another. At times you may have more information or knowledge about a situation than your team; at others, you might find involving your team brings to the table ideas you might not have considered.

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