Amazing magic tricks that are easy to do
4.6 (8 ratings)
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93 students enrolled
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Amazing magic tricks that are easy to do

Learn ten amazing magic tricks with cards that I have been baffling people for over 30 years around the world!
4.6 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
93 students enrolled
Created by Ishantha Lokuge
Last updated 6/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Master amazing magic tricks and learn to perform and impress an audience in just a few minutes!
  • Learn important sleigh-of-hand techniques necessary for card magic
  • Blow away your friends and family and gain a reputation as a really cool awesome magician
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  • Just a deck of cards - I would recommend a popular deck called "Bicycle Cards"

In just a few minutes you can learn to amazing card magic tricks that will impress and shock your friends and family!

I have used to astonish thousands of people for over 30 years! I performed street magic in Harvard Square in Boston and even studied the cognitive principles of magic at MIT Media Lab!

In this course, I will cover 10 of the best card tricks that will amaze your friends and family. They will be blown away by your talent and will ask you to perform at every event! They have will an experience of a life time and you will feel great!

You can learn some of these in just minutes and master them in a few days!

Highlights of the course:

  • Outstanding magic tricks at a rock-bottom affordable price (I really want people to learn magic and the cost NEVER to be an issue)
  • Detailed instructions that reveal EVERYTHING! This does not have complicated sleight-of-hand moves that are hard to learn
  • Teaches you how to perform - STEP by STEP - provides an introduction to principles of magic such as presenting, patter and misdirection. J

Get started today and become an entertainer tomorrow! It's that easy and you too will amazed at the look of surprise and delight in your spectators. Magic helps you make friends easily and builds your self confidence presenting. It's been very helpful for me and I hope you too have great fun!

Good luck and hope you have a magical journey ahead!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to impress their friends and family or want to make friends by showing off an awesome skill! People will think you are highly talented!
  • Anyone interested in learning magic tricks. This is a beginner and intermediate course and NOT for experienced magicians
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Curriculum For This Course
Introduction and welcome to the fun world of magic!
1 Lecture 01:17

Have you ever wanted to do magic and entertain an audience? Now you can do it in just minutes by taking this course on magic. In just a few minutes of practice, you can learn amazing magic tricks and shock your friends and family. You will learn step by step how to perfect each trick no matter if you are 10 or 80! You will simply blow away people's minds with the tricks in this course. I have been performing magic for over 30 years and people love my act. My favorite magic is street magic which happens at a very close distance. Very soon you too will be impressing your audience with really cool magic. So take this course now and get start performing some mind blowing magic tomorrow!

Preview 01:17
Card Tricks that will amaze you and your friends
20 Lectures 40:29

Upside Down Cards is a nice opening trick to start your act. It's very fast and visual and will quickly establish you as someone who can do amazing magic. I have used this as my opening routine with much success.

Preview 01:12

This is the explanation for the upside down cards. This is a relatively easy trick to learn in just a few minutes and requires very little skill. I would recommend learning this trick first as it will help you build your confidence that you can learn and perfect magic!

Preview 01:54

In this trick, you will read the spectators mind through a randomly chosen card. It's very effective and sure to impress your spectators.

Mind Reading | See the trick performed

This trick is all about showmanship. You need to act it out and take the time to do it. I use the black and red patter similar to what's in the video. The more you pretend you are truly reading the spectators the mind the better the illusion.

Mind Reading | Learn how to do it

Great trick with a strong element of surprise at the end! Spectators absolutely love this because they think you made a mistake only to learn at the end that you are truly the awesome magician! You will get a very strong reaction from the audience!

Preview 02:14

This is an amazing trick with a strong element of surprise. Again, this too requires a bit of acting as if you are messing up the trick which adds to the climax at the end. It's a wonderful trick with a very strong finish. It does have a small routine and will take a few minutes to perform but the climax at the end is well worth the time spent.

Preview 04:16

This is one of the best street magic tricks that I have been doing. It mesmerizes the audience as the effect happens right in front of their faces and in their hand. You will love this one!

Card Change in Hand | See the trick performed

Take the time to practice this one! It is fully worth it as you will get a lot of respect as being an amazing card magician with this trick. I have used this during my street magic shows as it happens right in front of the spectators eyes! They simply love it and will ask you to repeat it again and again.

Card Change in Hand | Learn how to do it

In this trick a spectator chooses a card and it is replaced in the deck. The magician locates the card and puts it on the table in full view. Afterwards, it is replaced back in the center of the deck. The magician then slams the deck on a book and tells the spectators that the card will show up at the bottom. After 3 failed tries, he astonishes the spectators by showing that the card has actually gone UNDER the book! This is another amazing trick!

Card Under Book | See the trick performed

I have found this to be a great follow-up trick from the Card Change in Hand. They way I present this is to pretend that I am showing the spectators how the trick is done. I don't actually show them, so the trick ends up with a strong climax.

Card Under Book | Learn how to do it

This is one of those gems that are both very effective and very easy! You write the prediction of two cards on a piece of paper ahead of the trick. The spectator cuts the card to a designated location. You mark the cut with the paper which has your prediction. You openly pull out the two cards next to the prediction and to the surprise of the audience your prediction EXACTLY matches the two cards the spectator cut to! Strong effect with no practice needed.

Amazing Prediction | See the trick performed

This is a self-working trick but don't dismiss the power to spell bound the spectators.

Amazing Prediction | Learn how to do it

This is another simple but powerful effect where the audience spells their name to the chosen card! It's very personal because the spectator uses his or her name which adds to the effect!

Spell My Name | See the trick performed

This is a easy to master trick and in just a few minutes you will be able to perform this. No hard sleigh of hand techniques needed. The trick is very effective because the audience spells their name and locates the card.

Spell My Name | Learn how to do it

This is one of the very best magic tricks and will have a hypnotizing effect on your spectators! Two cards teleport and exchange places right in front of their eyes!

Teleporting Cards | See the trick performed

A quick trick to learn and will impress all audiences in every age group!

Teleporting Cards|Learn how to do it

This is another very powerful effect as the audience has no clue how 3 picture cards they just saw turn into blank white cards! Yes, they actually do look blank and it is a standard deck of cards! Very strong effect that makes people wonder if they can believe what they see.

Blank Cards | See the trick performed

Very powerful effect that requires very little practice. I use towards the end of my show and sometimes use it as a finale! It's a great way to end your show and leave a permanent and lasting impact on your audience.

Blank Cards | Learn how to do it

This is another astonishing effect where the card the spectator selects gets burnt. The magician uses the ashes and rubs on the palm to make the card appear. People simply gasp as this one!

Card to Ashes | See the trick performed

This is one of the coolest and hottest tricks! People have no clue how the chosen card appears as an imprint in the magician's hand. The card is truly burnt and the ash from the cards is used to bring the imprint to life! For how strong the effect is the amount of practice you need is not that much. This is another great final act and a great way to end your show with a lasting impression!

Card to Ashes | Learn how to do it
Essential Sleight of Hand techniques used in the tricks
4 Lectures 05:01
Learn to force a card with the Hindu Shuffle

Learn to control a card to the bottom and top with the pass

Learn to Glide a card

Learn the Double Lift
About the Instructor
Ishantha Lokuge
4.6 Average rating
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93 Students
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Magician, Instructor, Entreprenuer

Ishantha has been performing magic for over 30 years around the world. He has mastered the art of close-up magic, which is a branch of magic done at a very close distance from the spectators such as on a street. Similar to famous street magicians, Ishantha performed magic on the streets of boston in Harvard Square with a special permit from the Cambridge Arts Council. Ishantha is also world renowned for formally studying the cognitive principles of magic at the MIT Media Lab in conjunction with the cognitive science department. During his formal study, he also had the privilege of meeting famous magicians like Penn & Teller who were collaborating with the MIT Media Lab on special projects. Ishantha's study of the cognitive principles of magic and its application to user experience design has been published in journals on Computer Human Interaction and at MIT. He enjoys performing both professionally and for friends.